Chaos Chronicles [Hero Wars] - an actual meta of heroes in 2022

Hero Wars game aka Chaos Chronicles, has existed for several years and feels great on gaming platforms: mobile and web. The game develops, new heroes appear, change the old ones and generally change the balance of the game. So the current Chaos Chronicles meta heroes will come in handy if you just started playing Or going to in 2022. This hero dash list will show you the best and worst heroes according to one of the pros in this game (it's not me 🙂 ), which you can use as a guide to build your best pack in Chaos Chronicles.

I should point out that this will be a high-end game in mobile version of the gameWhen the heroes are fully pumped, clothed and have maximum skills.

All characters are divided into several ranges, as is customary from B to SSS. Primarily by criteria of versatility and efficiency.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that in Chaos Chronicles it's not so much the heroes that are important, but their interaction, i.e. their selection into so-called packs. I wrote a separate article about this best packs in the Chaos Chronicles for 2022 year, but for the desktop version of the game. It will also be interesting information about how to go on adventures In the Chronicles.

Actually the whole dash list is on the picture, and you can read more about each character below.

Chaos Chronicles 2022 heroes' teardrop list

Chaos Chronicles [Hero Wars] - an actual meta of heroes in 2022

Tir D - unnecessary characters


Chronicles of Chaos Judge

Mag Supportwhich is very good at the beginning of the game, especially in the Tower, but after a short time it completely loses its relevance. His first ability, which deals only 15% of magic damage, albeit four times, and he also has no defense against magic of his own. His other abilities defy any criticism at all. Their effectiveness is still at the level of 2017, when the game started.


Chronicles of Chaos Mojo

The MagicianHe's only a mage on paper. His first skill does disastrously little damage, and the cure from the second ability is very little, so it's hard to imagine him as the main support hero in the main pack. The third ability, according to player observations, does not work, and spoilage is ineffective due to the fact that it is imposed on a random basis, not on certain heroes. The only option to use it is to pump out a purple rank for Outlands. Spoiling against the boss can be useful, but nothing more than that.

Dash C. Characters are rarely used


Chronicles of Chaos Chubba

Tank With its impressive health and armor, it can successfully hold the first line, but the only ability worth noting is swallowing. All other abilities of this monster are useless for the team and practically useless for himself. Chubba himself and his swallowing are rarely used by players for any curious combinations, due to the fact that no one is ready to put all hope in the outcome of the battle on the tank.


May's Chronicles of Chaos

The Magician HealerA strong ability is not recognized by the players due to its questionable damage and control. It's easy to find someone more effective as a healer hero. Martha or Celeste.

Tir B. Intermediate level heroes


Chronicles of Chaos Phobos

The Magician with the "undead" feature, which has a point long control that works on a random hero. It is the factor that paralysis works on a random hero that stops players from casting it, because this ability won't make much sense if it works on a tank, for example. Plus, this skill is intermittent, which means that no one can guarantee that during the application of this ability, it will not be knocked out.


Heidi's Chronicles of Chaos

Quite a demanding character for her pack. When trying to build synergy between this monkey and the right heroes for her, such as Celeste and Enebola, you rightly wonder if it's worth it to roll out a whole plan for this particular hero for comfortable and consistent wins. Yes, this is one of the few heroes in the game that can do impressive net damage with his skills. But situations where you need pure damage to win are extremely rare, which players are well aware of, and do not attach importance to Heidi, because there are much more interesting heroes for pumping.


Chronicles of Chaos Artemis

Shooter The fourth position, which all players get at the beginning of the game and leave it there. She's hard to collect, hard to play in the campaign, in the arena, and so on. And she starts to reveal herself closer to the central pumping, but players are not willing to tolerate until that point, preferring other, more practical fourth position shooters. But in rare situations it can actually become useful, at the expense of blinding.


Chronicles of Chaos Ginger

Shooter The fourth position, which seems to have everything necessary for the role of a minor demage-dealer. Acceptable physical damage and armor piercing. Three guises with the right characteristics and all the required artifacts with characters. Her problem lies exactly in the abilities. The second and third are quite primitive and not capable of making a fuss. The fourth is really good. The basic first skill, on the other hand, is a letdown. Yes, at medium levels it's probably one of the strongest heroes in the game, but at maximum pumping her leadstorm damage will only recharge the entire enemy team, nothing more.

Astrid and Lucas

Chronicles of Chaos Astrid and Lucas

Special Shooter Fourth position, which has one of the best armor penetration rates in the game. Has the first art on the armor, which is unusual for the shooter, and frankly incomprehensible. Fury instead of energy and pet, which is the focus of all of Astrid's abilities. There are no questions about her skills, as the concept of the hero itself is quite unique, but at the moment she suffers very badly against heroes with mass abilities, as she does not have enough health, and having Fury instead of energy is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. Why? The fact is that when she takes damage, she doesn't gain rage as she could with energy. A possible solution for Astreet would be to give her a health and energy look instead of rage, so that when the beast is released that energy is spent to zero with each second, and with each Lucas hit the energy is replenished a bit, equivalent to Ishmael's first ability. Or just give it the function of accumulating rage on incoming damage.


Chronicles of Chaos Ismail

A real beast among fighters. Once the strongest hero in the game, he single-handedly took out crowds of enemies. He has now become less attractive due to the addition of new characters and changes to old ones. His abilities remained untouched, and now Ismail's skills look morally outdated compared to the rest of the heroes. But under ideal conditions, he's like a steam engine. He's hard to move. But if you move him, it's almost impossible to stop him.


Chronicles of Chaos Ju.

The illustrious warrior The tribe has made a lot of noise in its time due to its huge health reserve as a shooter and shocking damage thanks to its abilities with the specificity of not dying, being very fast and attacking the last ranks. Previously, the last rows of packs were always in a vulnerable position, but at the moment the situation has changed not in favor of Ju. However, if the back positions are left unprotected, he will show his full power.


The Chaos Chronicles of Lilith

Perhaps the most peculiar tank in the game. Her abilities, artifacts, and characters are tied to magical attack, which are supposedly designed to compensate for the lack of armor. This doesn't work, since at this point meth and physics are very quick to force every fight and sweep away any character with a low armor rating. With her first artifact, Lilith gives away the effect of protection against magic, which makes it pointless to put her in the first position for the reason stated above. She simply won't survive a quarter of the battle. The essence of using this hero comes down to protection on the grand arena or mvg, and necessarily on the second position. After all, the more the tank in front of her will win time, the harder it will be to kill her, due to the fourth skill.


Chronicles of Chaos Luther

Spectacular tank with an unusual first skill that provokes the pack to direct its attention to him. At this point it is really hard to find a use for him. And at the same time he is easily countered by a faceless man who throws him back into his own pack, making it difficult to put up a defense with him.

Tier A is the balance standard


Chronicles of Chaos Rufus

Drunkard-tank with a huge amount of health, with excellent abilities against mages and with the first armor art. It would seem that what this tank lacks for complete happiness? That's right, armor. There is no armor at all. And it comes from the first artifact and at the moment when Rufus is already on his last breath. This is especially evident when he fights against the cryptophysicists. And if they give him a look on his armor, this tank will become much more popular the next day. But this will not happen, because each hero can have a maximum of three guises, not counting the standard one. No one has more than three so far, and it is unlikely that there will be any time soon, including Rufus.


Chronicles of Chaos Marcus

The Healer Order. Has three abilities related to healing, armor and temporary resurrection with invulnerability. Do these advantages justify the lack of health at the expense of the main characteristic of intelligence and the presence of the first art with the effect exactly on protection from magic. I don't think it always does. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Right now Marcus is used as a second line tank and he's really in the balance, but he should be better if he at least replaces his main characteristic with strength.


Chronicles of Chaos Cornelius

The Magicianwhich acts as an anti-mage. Grandfather, with his pronounced focus in use, is demanding to pack. In today's realities, he must be reached by a hero with an artifact for armor piercing, so that the monolith deals full physical damage through all of the enemy mage's available armor. Sometimes you can find fancy packs with him, Sebastian and Jett in the defense. With a bit of luck, the monolith will crush and send any mage to the afterlife. It's funny-looking. Still, what separates Cornelius from Dash S is the nuance that the fourth ability triggers on a random target, not a specific target like the first or second abilities.

One more thing. Cornelius, in 99% cases, will be needed to pass the Campaign starting in chapter 14.

Qing Mao

Qing Mao's Chronicles of Chaos

She is known for her high efficiency against tanks, her first armor piercing artifact, and her abilities with repulsion and dazzle. All this allows her to be in the attacking crytophysical packs and successfully squeeze the opponent. It also makes sense to use her in conjunction with other heroes who have repulsive abilities and with some mass control to corner the opponent and keep him there in stun until the last.


Fox's Chronicles of Chaos

In demand due to its knockback, dazzle, five-second control, and first armor-piercing artifact. These inputs make it attractive to use in conjunction with fighters and shooters who lack their native armor piercing. It has enough health but not much damage, including from abilities, which constrains putting it in a pack as the only demage-dealer.


Dante's Chaos Chronicles

With his spears he quickly breaks the formation of the enemy pack. Right now we have only three characters with the first artifact for dodge: Aurora, Heidi, and Dante himself. Immediately after introducing any new hero with the first dodge artifact, Dante's usefulness will immediately go up, because his third ability is also key and is tied to dodge. Yes, quite a few heroes have built-in dodge, as well as dodge from facades, art, and so on. But nothing beats the full-fledged dodge effect from the first artifact. It's also worth noting that the damage from Dante's two abilities deals almost a hundred percent of his physical attack, which makes it attractive to create synergies with him on the basis of physics with a piercing artifact. For example, the same Qing Mao and Fox and Jeto Sebastian so that Dante starts dealing damage on his own.


Chronicles of Chaos Arachne

She is a good defensive hero at the expense of holding back the opponent with two control abilities and with her own plight in the form of a considerable amount of health, armor, the first artifact for armor, eighty percent vampirism and invulnerability during teleportation. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with pile-up abilities from other characters, so that its control works on everyone at once.


Chronicles of Chaos Kai

After Volvanor entered the game, became elves, which made them more in demand. Kai was previously used only together with Karchem, at the expense of tossing from the vortex, which was also combined with the artifact of Faceless on the breakthrough protection from magic and his dopelganger. In an ideal scenario, two of these whirlwinds would toss all heroes ten times and Karchem would instantly charge from that, tossing them three or more times, but now he would be useful in a pack of elves as well as Thea.


I've always liked Thea's abilities, especially the third one, the silencing effect, and the fourth one, which works even after she's dead, speeding up allies by fifty percent when their health drops below thirty percent. Her first artifact for protection against magic, combined with the vow of silence, prevented mages from fighting against the pack where Thea is. But she always lacked something to compete effectively with the other supporting heroes. Now it is safe to say that she has found a new use for herself, where she reveals her full healing potential.


The Morrigan

Chronicles of Chaos Corvus

Introduced a feature division to our game by making Kira, Faceless, and Phobos undead, tying these five heroes together with the advantage of an ability for them. In addition, Corvus' altar is one of the most dangerous skills in the game, in particular it affects heroes who deal a large amount of damage in a small amount of time. And Morrigan is strong with her skeletons, which cause a lot of trouble if there are no heroes with mass abilities against her, plus her first armor piercing artifact is just right for Kira and we can definitely say that almost all undead packs will be tied to Kira, as she is the only undead representative that does the key amount of damage to win at the moment.

The Morrigan Chronicles of Chaos

If you can call Corvus and Morrigan effective and strong heroes, definitely yes, but if you can call them universal heroes that fit into any pack, perhaps not, because they reach their full potential in packs with Kira, just more variability in their use was not enough to get into the range C, the range of strong characters with great potential and a vast field for application.

S dash


Chaos Chronicles Satori

The most dangerous mage against K'arkh, Andvari, Jorgen and Oreon. If you meet any of the above characters against yourself, they have almost no chance to win, as nine additional markings imposed from the fourth skill when receiving bonus energy at maximum pumping will collectively cause more than four hundred thousand magical damage. And that's a completely unbearable number that very few people survive, and that's without taking into account Satori's magical attack, the stolen intelligence from the third ability.

Even against the other heroes when tagging from normal attacks to ulti, accumulate four or more, which is also scary for fragile heroes with little health and protection from magic. In most scenarios, the most important thing for Satori is to live up to his first skill, because it's not applied instantly and Satori unfortunately doesn't have a lot of health.


Chaos Chronicles Orion

He is capable of delivering a cosmic amount of magical damage that no mage can match, his missiles pounding "on the head" so that in the absence of counter peaks, he will not leave a single chance for the opponent to survive, all the time being under not one effect from the first artifact on the breakthrough protection against magic. Oreon completely deprives any hero in the game of this parameter, allowing him to always allow magic damage from his abilities. What separates him from the higher ranking is the fact that he is extremely vulnerable against some heroes, such as Satori, Jorgen and Cornelius.


Chronicles of Chaos Lien

The MagicianShe is always ready to lash out with her magic at her opponents, putting them to sleep for a long time beforehand, which gives allies with point abilities extra time to play the situation to their advantage. She's good at holding the last row, extremely useful against mass-damage heroes, and looks great in many magic packs, and her damage from abilities is unquestionable.


Peppy Chaos Chronicles

Acts as. support magician With the original control, decent damage if you have a bit of luck and a serious magic protection breakthrough rate, she also has the first artifact that deals the effect on magic protection, which allows you to use her productively against mages as well. However, Peppi's true power lies in her shield and in her bond with Tesak, both of which activate simultaneously, and Tesak deals damage to himself at minimal intervals due to rot, causing damage from courage, which is triggered by any damage he takes, including himself.

The cleaver

Chaos Chronicles Tesak

The cleaver itself luxury tankIf you're not a bad guy, you'll be lucky to have him, and those who hunted hard for him, opening chests for emeralds, will be just as happy to get him. His health, armor, and protection against magic are encouraging, and his vampirism, combined with his fourth skill, add even more to the fatness of an already unkillable butcher.

Tesak's hook is an extremely strong skill, as it breaks packs and allows you to pull in the first row of a hero, which will be weaker than a tank a priori, which will allow your pack to pick him up quickly, control from the third ability to the closest rows goes as a nice addition.



Chaos Chronicles Jet


Chaos Chronicles Sebastian

A revolutionary bundle for everyone physicists. Jet existing in the game for a long time, once did not enjoy special popularity, because to make it absolute, you had to sell your soul to the devil, do a triple somersault while breathing underwater, view all the ads from boxy and in the cinema, and also all this had to be done on the day when the server will give you tickets, after viewing once. So in short, it definitely wasn't worth the time and resources before, but with the introduction of Sebastian, the situation changed fundamentally. Jet became a great matchup with Boyarsky, as both have terrific armor reduction skills and impressive cret upgrade that allowed them to squeeze through packs of opponents as quickly as possible. Sebastian has given a second wind to even those physicists that you wouldn't have thought they were capable of before.


Elmir Chronicles of Chaos

Is the best physicist-fighter In the attack, due to its excellent combat characteristics, enormous physical damage when using the first skill, and the creation of turmoil on the battlefield due to the large number of clones. His strengths in both attack and defense are his vast versatility in choosing additional physics or any other heroes that need the armor piercing effect to reach their potential, such as Dante, Carnelius, and so on. His only significant drawback is the low amount of health, but this stunt-illusionist is very effective, very, and super unicums will do incredible things on him. Daredevil is definitely the most vicious shooter of the fourth position and its attacking parameters are at a decent level, and in conjunction with the hero having the first artifact to pierce armor at a suitable rate it leaves no chance for anyone to survive. And the longer Daredevil lives, the more damage she deals per Crypt, thanks to her fourth skill. That's why she's extremely effective with Jett and Sebastian, as well as the rest of her abilities are really destructive. And this factor allows you to use her even with not a particularly strong pump.


The Chronicles of Chaos Dorian

Outstanding support herowhich is inimitable in accomplishing the task of keeping heroes in the back lines as long as possible by spreading a vampirism aura that works even after his death. Only one of the vampire's four abilities depends on his magic attack, and this subtlety in his skill allows him not to accentuate his pumping. Dorian is also good because he will be equally useful for both physicists and mages, even despite the fact that his first artifact gives away the effect on physical attack, because his main advantage is something else.


Chronicles of Chaos by Yasmin

She is the most dexterous and skillful killerShe is a very nasty character against heroes with little health and armor, right after the first use she often has no time to do anything, dying within seconds, which makes Yasmin the most cunning and fastest fighter in the game. However, there are clear counterpicks against her that constrain her movements and prevent her from executing her venomous intentions. For example Helius, Anvari, Corvus and some others Yasmin dislikes very much.


This is the only tank In the game, which contributes noticeable damage from his skills in what and should be used, exposing his attacking pack with physicists and Jett, Sebastian, in this case he himself becomes, if so can be said full, able to fight back even in difficult situations. Forty-five percent vampirism adds to his toughness, and the first artifact on the physical attack will be glad any fighters and shooters who are with them in the pack, but it makes little sense to use it with mages.


The Andvari Chronicles of Chaos

Role-matching benchmark Tank, controls и fighterIn addition to the fact that he has five hundred thousand health, he can be the only tank in a pack, but it is important to remember that his armor is very low, and this factor implies that he can be used to his full potential in the second position. With more than five hundred thousand health he can be one tank in the pack, but it should be remembered that his armor is very small and this factor implies the possibility of his full use in the second position, also Andvari completely protects from Tesk hook and Karh's tossing, but he is vulnerable to Sartori because of the bonus energy accumulation with the fourth ability, be careful.


Ziri Chaos Chronicles

Strongest tank Ziri has a unique defensive skill, and her health, armor, and magic defenses are respectable. Ziri can be rightfully called the best tank against physicists, due to the large armor boost from the first ability, the first artifact on armor and reflection of physical damage from the second ability, which significantly discomfort attackers with a temporary burrow, is able to win enough time, restoring its health and tanking under the enabled second skill and digging back up. The main thing is to have a character in the second row who will be able to survive an attack on him while Ziri recovers. Her main disadvantage, vulnerable to a large amount of damage in a short period of time.


Alvanor Chronicles of Chaos

Introduced a new feature to the game called elves, which includes Kai, Thea, himself, Ororo and Dark Star. Alvanor multiplies all the healing of elves by two and constantly protects their runes, which lowers their damage from the opponent's base attacks, such an ability, something completely new in our game, something that has never been before, not even with elves, runes land activated after only a few seconds at the beginning of battle and this time is enough to keep the pack as long as possible. Speaking of elves in general, it's thanks to Alvanor that these five heroes are one of the best packs in defense, which is really not easy to penetrate and the only thing he lacks is damage from ability, but with it he would definitely be inbalanced.

SS Tir - the most versatile and best heroes


Chronicles of Chaos Aurora

It is now rightly considered to be the most ultimatum tankI can't help but wonder who she's fighting against, whether it's physicists or mages. Aurora is clear, stable, cool, youthful, and has no complaints either way. When fighting mages, she is bailed out by Halo, and when fighting physicists, she is bailed out by Uvaroth. Aurora can be put in almost any pack and with her you will experience the highest comfort both in attack and defense. She can be used with Dante thanks to her first dodge artifact, with Peppy against the same packs, with Tesak to set off fireworks from courage, with elves since she is also an elf, and also with many other classic packs. Aurora is very good, just as good as Gadfly, if Aurora can be called a warrior against anything and everything, then


Acts as his own personal angel in any pack in which he does his best to keep his team alive as long as possible and carrying the physical damage portion as well as resurrection, the most useful abilities encapsulated in one hero, it's like pouring honey in your ears, it's awesome. Astaroth's defensive characteristics, allow him to live long enough to live for his team.

Lars and Krista are twins or reindeer

Chronicles of Chaos Lars


Chronicles of Chaos Krista

For a long time they hold the place of the most excellent and multifaceted magicians in the game, I think it is not necessary to analyze the damage they are able to do together, it's flawless, that's the word that fits, it's flawless. It's impossible to count the number of packs on the Deer base, the variations along with them are so different and all of them are so effective, that before every attack when you see Krist and Lars, along with other mages you have to think, that's why you can often see them in the arena or in guild wars.


Chronicles of Chaos Jørgen

A Phenomenon Among Heroes support his skills are strikingly different from those of most support heroes, because three of them are focused on energy manipulation, and damage transfer is something so extraordinary that it forces you to reckon with it, putting a tough hero on the back row. Jorgen seriously slows down the battle process by burning energy to the tank and imposing the effect of the first ability on the entire enemy pack, temporarily barring everyone from gaining energy. Due to his massive health (over 600,000 on max level) he can be placed on the front row in some cases, so when he gets damage he gains energy faster and applies "helplessness torture", thus stopping the enemy pack from gaining energy before they all use their first skills. The list of heroes that get behind him is on your screen. Try it yourself, I personally sometimes use a pack with him, Orion, Dorian, Peppy, and Helios. But there's a lot more to come up with besides this variation.


Chronicles of Chaos K'arkh

Without exaggeration it can be ruthless against packs without Andvari. His tossup damage is so frantic that it's impossible to put it into words. It has to be felt. It's worth noting that K'arch has been in the game for quite some time, but they've only released one appearance for him in all that time. It's possible he'll get a Dark Depths look later, but this nuance vividly reflects that with three skins, such as Ju has now, K'arh will tear and thrash, so the developers artificially slow down the release of new skins for him. Yes, he is vulnerable to dazzle, control, Satori, and other certain heroes, but in some cases where none of your packs can handle it, K'arh can, and will, very easily.


The Chronicles of Chaos Kira

The wielder of the jeweled cannon, a powerful hero who destroys everything in her path, and her 290% acceleration and ricochet shear contribute to a prohibitive amount of damage, which can still be increased with, for example, Nebula, Jet, Sebastian or Corvus and Morrigan, since she has the undead feature. All of these variations will allow you to defeat an infinite number of encountered packs. In one of my videos, which will now appear in the hints, where I tried to get from the thousandth place of the arena to the first without defeat, I used Kira packs most often and was very successful. Her drawbacks include her vulnerability to Lien and low health, but that's nothing compared to the impact she brings to the pack.


Chronicles of Chaos Nebula

A true universal soldier. Like Astaroth in the world of tanks and Nebula in the world of heroes support - is as versatile as possible. Energy burning, healing, removal of negative effects, and the only skill in the game that converts basic attacks into buffs to increase physical or magical damage on the hero standing in front of or behind her. All of this makes Nebula precious to the vast majority of physicists and mages. Also very important is her placement among all heroes. She is almost perfectly sharpened for the distribution of this buff. More often than not, these are the characters that players boost with Nebula's orbs. Their number is impressive. With it, many heroes reveal themselves from a whole new and better side.


Chronicles of Chaos Celeste

One of the most popular healers Among all mage packs. Her basic magic attacks, half artifact, healing, and healing blocking will always be relevant, since few heroes use their first skill that often. The worthwhile amount of healing and its blocking are very worthy features that allow the pack to live longer or fight more effectively against packs with healers, and the basic magic attacks will help to pierce the tank faster.


Chaos Chronicles Faceless

A great hero that has great mass control with discard and ability copying from almost any hero, but copying not just the first skill, but a level 240 skill. That is: damage, healing, acceleration, or any other effects will be mathematically improved 120 levels ahead, even though such a high level is not in the game. "Force roll" is one of the most versatile control abilities in the game. For example, it creates synergy between Faceless and Karh. It's also useful when paired with Tezak and Peppy, so the shield damage can be applied to two or even three heroes at once. And also "Force throw" will be basically strong in a pack with any physicist, which can pick up a weakly defended hero on the second position with one poke, for example from a cricket. By the way, the first artifact of the faceless gives out an effect on the breakthrough protection from magic, which makes it attractive for use with other mages who lack this parameter. It also has the undead feature, so Kira, Corvus, Morrigan, and Phobos expect to have it in their pack.


Martha's Chronicles of Chaos

One of the best heroes support In-Game. Mass healing from Tea, speeding up the entire pack by 240%, and healing from your own base attacks is the set of the perfect sapport to fit into any pack. This is the same hero who wiped out Ju when he showed up, becoming the most impenetrable character of the last position. Martha is welcome in the vast majority of packs, as long as the last position is not taken for some counterpick. For example, for Helios, the magnificent child, child of the sun.


Chronicles of Chaos Helios

Any cricket, when faced with Helios, will no doubt suffer and die)

In the mobile Chaos Chronicles, there are only seven Screamers, but when you consider that Jet turns any hero into a Screamer, there are many more physicists enchanted by the opportunity to become a Screamer.

Helios is not limited to fighting against cretors, for example, he is used in a classic pack with Orion and Dorian. Dorian extends an aura to Orion and Helios, allowing them to live much longer. Orion's first artifact with the effect on piercing defense against magic allows him to deal full magical damage to Helios' abilities. It has no magic protection piercing of its own, but it is famous for its amount of health, built-in magic attack with two guises, and magic protection.

Also, Helios is a classic of the genre in a pack along with the reindeer. If you coincide in time with Lars Storm and Helios applies his first ability, the moment the entire enemy stack is stacked in one spot, the spheres will deal brutal damage to all of them at once. And that's not all scenarios for using Helios. There are many more. In addition, it's often used in defense, and it's been very successful.

Dark Star

Chaos Chronicles Dark Star

She has undoubtedly become the new star among all the fourth position shooters. All of her skills are truly amazing. The first ability prohibits enemies from using boosted skills. Their list is on your screen. And the second skill pushes away the nearest enemy, forcing him to fight on his side. This control pushes back so far that it breaks the entire pack formation. How it works and all its new features can be seen in the highlighted video in the hints. Dark Star's third skill reveals its uses with either Jet Sebastian or Nebula, and the fourth skill is tied in application with elves. Physical attack and armor piercing are also up to standard, so we end up with a fully versatile elf shooter with admirable abilities and powerful attacking parameters.

What do you think of this rating? Write in the comments. I read and respond to all comments.

And the video itself, which became the basis for this publication:

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I do not agree about some of the characters, but more struck by the fact that Maya was listed as trash, she gives a good hill and in a package with faceless she is indispensable, and with Martha just top, in my opinion, I would have swapped her places with Thea, on the water Artemis, Fox and Heidi, this is ridiculous, their place at the bottom, as well as a bunch of errors in the text and some characters wrong spelled, but that's the little things


You just can't play with a monkey, he(s) is in the gauntlet right now.


Is Daredevil on the list at all?


I have a bizarre main pack: Luthor, Astaroth, Marcus, Maya, Phobos. It's not easy to find salvation against this mess. Celeste isn't here yet, Martha's on the pump. That's how we live. And you say Maya is nothing.)