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Stock Market takes you to the center of trading sessions where every bet can change your financial future.
Discover a galaxy where multipliers grow faster than light, promising explosive winnings with each new round.
Try your luck in an instant crash game where winnings grow right along with your excitement.
An adventure where every second decides whether you will remain a hero of the cosmos or become part of the stardust.
Climb aboard the Aero and head for adventure and big winnings where the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning.
Become the hero of your legend, where only brave hearts can tame the dragon's fiery breath and snatch victory from its clutches.
Pipa Crash is an online game by Caleta Gaming based on the concept of crash games. Players place bets on how high the kite will rise before it falls. The goal is to withdraw the bet before the kite falls, thus multiplying your winnings by a multiplier that grows with the rise of the kite.
Air Jet is your chance to try your luck on an exciting journey where every takeoff can bring up to $10,000
Meta Crash is a virtual adrenaline-fueled flight through the world of gambling betting that will take you to a big win.
An exciting crash game, with which your dreams of big wins will become a reality.

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