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Crash Games are a new popular trend in online gambling. They attract attention with bright images, interesting themes, animation effects, as well as dynamics and winning potential. Round lasts only a few seconds, so not every player has time to assess the level of risk and make the right decision.

As a result - rush, erroneous actions, loss and bad mood. Gambling should give joy, a sense of excitement and bring pleasure. Therefore, the right approach is very important in Crash Games.

winning crash game strategy

winning crash game strategy

The first thing a casino player must understand is that there is always an element of luck in Crash Games. The result depends on the GCH. Therefore, no one can guarantee you 100% winnings. The user can only increase the chance of winning by using the strategies of experienced players and following their recommendations. The choice of strategy for Crash Games depends on the style of play, goals, slot, bankroll. With the right tactics chosen, it is possible to:

  • to systematize and organize the game;
  • minimize errors;
  • to learn to control your emotions;
  • increase the odds of winning.

For beginners, it is recommended to spend time on learning. For this purpose, online casinos offer to use the demo mode. The purpose of training is to learn to focus, test the chosen strategy, gain experience. Demo mode is activated without registration and deposit. It is enough to open the game and select demo. For bets are credited chips. If they run out, refresh the page and their number will return to the original value. The time of the game in demo mode is not limited.

A brief overview of crash gambling

Crash Games is a simple and fun game. It is based on a growing line, which entails a multiplier rise. At any moment a crash can occur and the object disappears from the screen. Taking the money is allowed at any moment up to the moment of the crash. Crash Games are powered by the Provably Fair technology. It allows you to create a unique hash, which is based on the server sid as well as the first three bets of the user. The honesty of the result can be checked after each round.

crash crypto game

Crash Crypto Game

Also, the use of a third-party checker is not prohibited. The probability that the RTP of the tweaked machine is much lower than in other slot machines. Crash Games is an absolute freedom of action. Players can take their money at any time, which creates a feeling of influence on the gameplay. Another plus is socialization. Hundreds of people participate in one round at a time. Communication is available in the in-game chat. The main advantages of Crash games:

  • excitement;
  • social aspect;
  • a sense of risk;
  • guaranteed honesty;
  • simplicity;
  • the fast flow of the round;
  • high rate of return.

All of this is presented in a colorful package, complete with an interesting storyline. Favorites in the industry Crash Games are Aviator, JetX, LuckyJet.

The importance and role of strategies in crash gambling

Before you start gambling, you need to understand that gambling is a risk. The user can both win and lose his money. Slot machines work on the GSC, the influence on the functioning of which is impossible. To increase the chance of winning developed strategies. Clearly following the pre-selected tactics, you can reduce the risk of loss and make gambling more enjoyable. Recommendations of experienced users:

  • Gain experience playing in demo mode. Free rounds will allow you to understand the mechanics and rules of the game.
  • Adhere to bankroll management, which will allow you to use your budget wisely.
  • Select the optimal strategy. You can test the methodology in demo mode.
  • Recognize the risk of possible loss.
  • Managing Emotions.
  • Play responsibly.

Crash Games - is entertainment. You should not put more money into the game than you can afford to lose. You need to remember about financial security and most importantly, enjoy the gameplay. The strategy is designed to make the entertainment profitable and more enjoyable.

Understanding the Crash Gambling

Crash games allow users to bet on a multiplier that continuously increases to the point of crashing. The goal is to cash out the bet before the object disappears. If the player manages to collect the bet, he will get the winnings, if not, forfeit the invested amount.

how to play crash gambling

How to play crash gambling games

The main thing is to control emotions and not to give in to excitement. It is difficult to refuse fantastic multipliers, to which an airplane or other apparatus tends. Adrenaline makes the heart beat harder, vigilance is reduced. Player Tips:

  • choose a trusted online casino;
  • to diversify your bets;
  • to take breaks;
  • set a time limit for the game;
  • set stop losses.

Internal discipline is the key to successful gambling and a growing bankroll.

How Crash Gambling Works

At the beginning of the game, you need to place a bet. For example, you bet 2 bitcoins before the curve starts to rise. The minimum multiplier is x1. As the object rises, it grows. The spike occurs at the beginning of the round. The timer can be stopped at any moment. To ensure that the bet is not burned, it must be picked up in time. If you stop the game when the multiplier reaches x7.03, the winnings will be 16.06 BTC.

how crash gambling works

how crash gambling works

Key Terminologies in Crash Gambling

In online chat players use specific terms. It is difficult for a newcomer to understand their meaning, so it is better to familiarize yourself with the main ones in advance.

  1. Affiliate is a reward for attracting new players. By using an invitation code, users get a share of the newcomers' investment.
  2. Autobet is an automatic bet that is set up before the round starts.
  3. Balance - the money in the user's account.
  4. Bankroll - the amount of funds in a particular game.
  5. Bet - how much the player invests in each round. The optimal figure is 5% of the bank.
  6. A bit is a unit of bitcoin. 1 BTC is 1,000,000 bits. 1 bit is 0, 00000100 BTC. It's like cents for dollars.
  7. Bust is the multiplier point at which the crash occurred.
  8. Cashback - return of the bet amount.
  9. Deposit - replenishment of the game account.
  10. The hash is a check on the integrity of the game.
  11. Casino advantage - for example, if the RTP of a slot is 97%, the casino advantage in this case is only 3%.
  12. Investments - stakes.
  13. Predictor - return to money at a specific time, which is achieved by using a special program.
  14. Rain - free bets that can be received randomly in chat. They are added by other users.
  15. A Satoshi is a smaller unit of bitcoin.
  16. Script - commands that are executed by a certain program. They are used to automate the game process.
  17. Strip - separating slots into hot and cold slots.
  18. Type - in other words a tip that players transfer to each other.
  19. Wager - bonus wagering conditions.

Risks and rewards in crash gambling

All players at Crash Games are at risk of losing their bet. This will happen if the user fails to collect the invested amount in time. Most often this happens as a result of the pursuit of big winnings. It is difficult to resist excitement and greed, when the multiplier on the screen is steadily increasing. However, controlling emotions can be on the distance to achieve impressive success.

Fundamental Strategies in Crash Gambling

At the heart of successful gambling is the use of strategies. The most popular are Martingale, Fibonacci, D'Alembert, anti-Martingale.

Martingale Strategy

Using this tactic gives 63% a chance to win. The principle is to increase the bet twice after each defeat. As a result, after a loss you will get back all the invested funds plus profit. After winning the bet returns to the original value. The principle of the strategy is very simple. To use it, you do not need to be a mathematician or an academic. The only requirement is a sufficient bankroll as the strategy brings results at a distance.

martingale strategy

martingale strategy

Anti-Martingale strategy

The principle of tactics is similar to the previous method. The difference is that you should double the bet not after losing, but after winning.

Pros Minuses
Allows for higher profits during a win Winning streaks are short, so profits may be limited
Minimizes large losses during a losing streak A losing streak risks depleting the bankroll

D'Alembert's strategy

d'alambert betting strategy

D'Alembert's strategy

D'Alembert is a simple and effective methodology, which resembles the Martingale tactics. After losing, the player must increase the bet by one unit, and after winning reduce by the same value. The strategy helps to balance wins and losses.

Pros Minuses
Effective bankroll management Effective at short distances
Minimal aggression Does not allow for quick recovery of losses

Fibonacci strategy

Fibonacci strategy in crash games

Fibonacci strategy in crash games

It is safer compared to the Martingale strategy. It is a great solution for use in crash games. The bets start with one. After two numbers are added together to get the next number in the sequence. Each subsequent number, the sum of the previous two - 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. After winning you need to make a step forward, after losing back. The strategy is not suitable for beginners and those who have a small bankroll.

Advanced Strategies in Crypto Crash Gambling

There are more exotic techniques that are recommended primarily for experienced users.

Labouchere's strategy

It's a neat tactic where the numbers add up nicely if the player doesn't mess anything up. It is well organized and gives a sense of satisfaction. Strictly following the strategy on the distance can come to a steady plus. It does not work if the player is haunted by a losing streak. Optimal in games with 50x50 odds. To begin with, you should create a template and write down a system of numbers. For example, the step is 50 dollars. Then a one is $50, a two is $100, and a five is $250. Next, the player determines the target. For example - $1,000. The amount is divided by the starting bet - $20 and this number is divided into a sequence - 1-1-1-2-2-2-2-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1. At the beginning of the game the user takes two extreme numbers and makes an investment - $100. In case of victory the numbers of the first sequence are removed and the next ones are taken. After losing, new numbers are added to the sequence and the chain will look like this - 1-1-2-2-2-2-3-3-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-2. The goal of the game according to Laboucher's strategy is to pass all numbers in the chain.

Pros Minuses
It is enough to win 1/3 of all bets to make a profit No 100% result guarantee
Calculations are made in advance and written down. There is no need to keep anything in your head Gradually increasing risk of loss
Low dispersion The higher the target, the longer the chain
The bankroll is enough for a long gaming session

Strategy Passwords

Unlike the Martingale strategy, the Password requires you to increase your bet after winning. Large starting capital is not required. It is understandable for beginners. The methodology allows you to minimize risks and get to the plus side.

Proportional Betting System

There are two categories of betting systems.

  • Positive. After winning, the size of the investment increases. As a result, in case of a loss, the bet decreases. Examples - Labouchere, Paroli, inverse Dalembert.
  • Negative. Increasing the bet in case of a loss. Not recommended for users with a limited budget. Example - Martingale.

Proportional betting system is aimed at rapid growth of income. In accordance with bankroll management, the size of the investment is recalculated after each win.

A responsible approach to gambling

responsible gambling

If you just want to spend your free time well and carefree, use the demo mode. Playing for free, you can give yourself over to excitement, enjoy emotions, make impulsive bets and wait for risky big multipliers. Playing for money, you need to take the bets responsibly and seriously. On the eve of gambling you need to:

  • Choose a casino to play at.
  • Decide on a slot and study its features, rules and subtleties.
  • Try playing in demo mode.
  • Pick a bet and a strategy.


The simplest and best strategies will be the automatic cashout tactics. It is necessary to determine the size of the investment in accordance with the bankroll and set the multiplier at which the game will be automatically interrupted. The multiplier is set based on one of the three tactics:

  • of minimal risk - up to x1.4;
  • of moderate risk - x2-x3;
  • of maximum risk is x100.

The optimal option is moderate risk. Having set the settings you need to enable automatic keshout. This is a guarantee that you will always have time to take your money when you reach the right odds. Another recommendation is to use online casino bonuses. After registration, newcomers receive welcome gifts that can be invested in bets, saving their own money. It is also suggested to use the "Rain" feature. These are freebets that are randomly provided by other users. To get them, you need to follow the in-game chat.

Setting betting limits

strategies for mastering crash gambling

crash gambling strategies

The betting limit is based on bankroll management. Competent budget management is the key to a successful game. The amount on the game account should be divided into equal parts to reduce the impact of variance. The optimal value of the bet - 3-5% of the bank. The determination of the bet size is influenced by:

  • deposit size - the larger the amount, the larger the bet;
  • the faster the game, the lower the attachment - in crash games, rounds last up to 20 seconds;
  • volatility - the higher it is, the rarer the prizes and higher the reward, therefore, the bankroll will be enough for a greater number of rounds.

The bet size is also affected by the period of play. There is a difference in how many rounds the user counts on - not a few runs or for a long term.


In crash games, the ability to control emotions is of great importance. It is a very emotional game, during which players feel the adrenaline rush and excitement. Watching the flight of the object and growing multipliers is very easy to lose your head and forget about reality. As a result, you can lose your bankroll for a few bets. To play the game brought profit, not disappointment and empty wallet, you need to keep your emotions under control. Strategies will help you in this. By following clear methods and staying within the rules, you will be able to spend your budget rationally and achieve success.

The influence of psychology in crash gambling

Why people love crash games and why they visit online casinos:

  • a chance to make a quick profit;
  • the prospect of distraction and entertainment;
  • adrenaline rush;
  • fighting loneliness and boredom;
  • to let go of negative emotions;
  • to meet new people.

According to research, the maximum influence on the human psyche is money. The player's psychology is organized in such a way that he is always sure of victory. This is taken advantage of by online casino operators, promising large payouts and offering generous gifts for an easy start. The main psychological types of players:

Type Characteristics
Thrill seekers They are only interested in emotions and feelings from the game. They don't care about profit
Bonus-hunters Looking for casinos with lucrative giveaways
Budgeters Choose the least risky games with low volatility. Place minimum bets
High rollers The most losers players. Don't think about profit, play at maximum stakes
Superstitious They believe in omens, horoscopes.
Strategists Analyze settings, carefully select techniques

For some players crash games are fun, for others maximum excitement, and for others - a path to self-destruction. The main mistakes of players:

  • Chasing profit - online casinos offer a way to have a good time and only then earn;
  • it's not a bankroll game;
  • borrowing rates - you should use only your own funds, not those borrowed on credit or from acquaintances;
  • a compulsive attempt to get even.

The role of emotions

strategies for winning

winning strategies

Emotional state can bring both positive and negative feelings. As a result of winning, the user experiences joy, euphoria, the mood rises. After losing on the contrary, the player is depressed, upset, angry at himself and the online casino for failure. A player who takes gambling as entertainment, adequately responds to a streak of failures and wins. They are not able to shake his emotional balance. If the user is emotionally unstable, he becomes aggressive, inadequate, tries to win back and loses even more money. Psychology of a player - how to cope with a series of failures:

  • not to get even;
  • to organize your thoughts and regain control of your emotions;
  • Accepting the fact - that in gambling, losing is inevitable;
  • you don't have to blame yourself;
  • to rest and refocus more often;
  • In case of serious problems, you should consult a specialist.

Crash games - this is an interesting gambling entertainment, which is designed for an interesting way to spend free time, enjoy adrenaline. The side effect is an opportunity to win.

Do not treat the game as a source of income. By investing in betting free money, which is not sorry to lose, and responsible approach to gambling, you can get a lot of pleasure from visiting online casinos.


Crash games are the most exciting gambling entertainment. The player experiences excitement, a surge of adrenaline, tension in anticipation of large multipliers.To increase the chances of success is recommended to use strategies developed and tested by experienced players. Before applying them in practice, it is recommended to choose the optimal one in demo mode.No strategy will give 100% guarantee of victory. The speed of flight and the height to which the object will rise cannot be controlled. Identify patterns will not work either, since the slot works on the HSC. Strategy is only a chance to organize the game and slightly increase the probability of winning.


How does the Martingale strategy work and what are its main advantages and risks?

The Martingale strategy involves doubling the bet after each loss. Its advantage is the ability to compensate for losses, but the risk is the rapid depletion of the bankroll in a series of losses.

What is the difference between the Martingale and Anti-Martingale strategy? Which one is more effective?

The Martingale strategy doubles the bet after a loss, and the anti-Martingale strategy doubles the bet after a win. The riskiness of Martingale is higher, but the right choice depends on the player's preferences.

What is the Fibonacci strategy and what type of player is it best suited for?

The Fibonacci strategy is based on a sequence of Fibonacci numbers to determine the bet size. It is suitable for experienced players with a sufficient bankroll.

How can D'Alember's strategy help manage risk and budget?

D'Alembert's strategy suggests increasing or decreasing the bet by a fixed amount after each game. This helps to control risks and budget.


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