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  • There is a progressive jackpot.
  • The refueling bonus increases random bet multipliers.
  • Two bets at a time.
  • Cons
  • RTP is below average.
  • After the success of crash games, many providers and online casinos decided to create their own slots. Such simulators are easy to customize. Graphics are not encumbered with visual objects, and the gameplay is simplified. There are among the proposals and nuggets that offer a real musical atmosphere, pleasant design and some additional features. This was already the case with JetX, made by SmartSoft Gaming in 2019. But it will seem too simple compared to the new crash game F777 Fighter made by provider Onlyplay in 2021. This is a stunning slot from Onlyplay, a well-known provider with a colossal catalog of casino gambling products. The release offers classic crash gameplay, eye-catching graphics and a progressive jackpot. In addition, F777 Fighter allows you to place two separate bets at the same time and is economical.

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    f777 fighter slot

    f777 fighter slot

    What is F777 Fighter gambling?

    This slot was released on 23.12.2020 on mobile gadgets and PCs. The casino game F777 Fighter is a multiplayer online machine, in which you have to control a fighter jet and collect generous payouts. The player's task is to cash out at the right moment, that is, before the plane explodes. At the beginning, the player determines the amount of the bet. If the rocket explodes and the gambler does not withdraw the money in time, the bet is lost. On the other hand, if it is possible to withdraw the money at the right time, the participant will win his bet with a multiplier displayed on the screen at the time of withdrawal.

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    The challenge for the player is to make the right bet, setting the maximum multiplier that is neither too low nor too high. The F777 Fighter slot can be stressful because the airplane often crashes right from the start, i.e. at x1 multiplier. In such a case, no profit is made, and no one bets on x1. On the other hand, the multiplier can be very high and reach x 1000 or more.

    Rules of the game F777 Fighter

    The RTP of the F777 Fighter slot is 95% and the volatility is high. The return percentage is a bit below average, but the player is taking a risk anyway when he launches a fighter jet. That doesn't mean that the gamer will lose on a regular basis, though. But one should play with restraint, because F777 Fighter's wins are really worth it. The game offers unlimited wins from 1x to infinity. The most important thing is to always keep your finger on the eject button to get your reward in time.

    f777 fighter bonus

    f777 fighter bonus

    It is especially pleasing that the crash slot has a progressive jackpot. Its size can be seen above the playing field. The jackpot is played randomly after the multiplier exceeds 3x. Since the process is multiplayer, the progressive amount will be divided between players who stayed in the game and did not take their current winnings. Algorithm of actions of the gambler in the online crash F777 Fighter :

    1. Set the bet size from 1 to 50 €. You can also activate the automatic mode so that each new round starts with the selected amount.
    2. There is an option to include auto payout.
    3. The right window shows the game history of all participants, but you can switch only to your own stats.
    4. Below that, you set the bet size of the round or select the maximum bet at once.
    5. The F777 Fighter game will have 2 prediction windows available where you can adjust 2 different options and set them on auto.
    6. Once the game launches, the gambler will be able to send emojis to the home screen.
    7. Having set all the parameters, wait for the round to start and then find the right moment to withdraw your winnings before the fighter jet explodes.

    Graphics and Sounds

    Activating slot machine F777 Fighter for free or playing for real money, gambler will instantly find himself at a secret military base. In this game perfectly worked out all the details - launchers, landing, folding the chassis, refueling in the air, launching missiles and ejecting the pilot. The end result is a mini pilot simulator, but only with more gambling potential. The soundtrack is nice, but it's easy to turn off if you want.

    How do I start playing F777 Fighter?

    The mechanics in the online casino game F777 Fighter intuitive, which is very pleasing to beginners. For the gambling process you need to determine the size of the bet, set the limit of automatic withdrawal (to minimize risk) and press "Start". Wait for the start of a new round and when the plane takes off, the gambler will start collecting winnings.

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    You need to keep in mind that the spaceship can be shot down at any moment, so you need to choose the right moment to save the pilot and stay with the rewards. Everyone can try the free mode of F777 Fighter using the demo mode. This way, everyone can test the game without any risk. In F777 Fighter, you can bet manually or set auto play. All these features will help you get the most out of the process. Payment Sections:

    1. Prediction. You can set the amounts per round from 1€ to 50€. You can also activate auto bets so that you don't have to return to this section before each new game.
    2. Multiplier. A limit is set on the automatic withdrawal of accumulated credits. For example, if you put 2x, then as soon as the pilot collects this amount, the player will receive a payout and will wait for the start of a new round.
    3. Bet. This tab confirms the investment, and when a new flight starts, the button will turn green and you can use it to collect your winnings.
    4. Double. In the game you can activate a second window, in which you can also duplicate the bet or set other values. Thus, you can make 2 different bets in one session.

    To get real prizes, the player needs to register.


    In order to pass in the application F777 Fighter registration, the gambler needs to follow these steps:

    1. Download the F777 Fighter app on your cell phone through the official app store.
    2. Open the utility and click "Sign in".
    3. If you don't already have an account, click "Register" and fill in all the required fields of the registration form.
    4. After confirmation, log in to your account using the login and password specified during registration.
    5. Refill your game account by selecting one of the available payment methods.
    6. Choose a mode and start betting at F777 Fighter, enjoying the exciting atmosphere and competing with other players from all over the world.

    How do I deposit my account?

    F777 Fighter makes the game automatic, this allows you to play with minimal risk. At the start of each game, the bet can be started in auto mode, but it is still available to cash out at any time. The second option will allow you to withdraw your bet with a specific multiplier. For example, by selecting x1.5, the game will automatically cash out when the rocket reaches this value. To make predictions, after registration, you need to replenish the balance. To do this, you need to go through the following algorithm:

    • Log in to your account.
    • Click on "Deposit to account" or "Balance".
    • Choose one of the available payment methods (e.g. bank card, e-wallet or mobile payment).
    • Enter the required deposit amount and confirm the deposit operation.
    • After a successful deposit, it is available to bet in the F777 Fighter game.
    • Choose a game mode and make an investment to win the battle.
    • Play and win, earning prizes and increasing your ranking in the game.

    There is an opportunity to play with cryptocurrency. Bets for F777 Fighter BTC are available to everyone who has crypto wallets.

    Bonuses and promotions for F777 Fighter players

    The demo version of F777 Fighter has refueling bonuses that are random and can increase the current bet multiplied by 20%, 40% or 60%. There is also a progressive jackpot that pays out at random intervals. The size of the progressive prize is always visible, but only during game rounds in which the bet multiplier has already exceeded the 3.00x threshold.

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    F777 Fighter Bonus. There can be more than one winner in the game at a time, and the prize is split evenly between all participants who have not yet cashed out. Various sites offer special bonuses for players. A promo code allows you to activate additional funds and special offers. Welcome bonus is awarded for deposits - usually, the first few transactions are rewarded with a percentage of the credited amount. A signup bonus is paid to newcomers for creating an account.

    Where to play F777 Fighter for real money

    Online casinos offer their own versions of crash games, but they are often much simpler than F777 Fighter. One can take advantage of exclusive welcome offers to try out express slots at affiliate gambling sites. It is possible to play in practice mode first if the player wants to understand the rules and mechanics. This allows one to understand how the game works and experiment with different methods without risking money. Below is a list of completely safe casinos. All of them are licensed and provide bonuses that can help you make big profits.

    Sportsbet io

    This is a casino that has plenty of slots and generous bonuses. Games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and more are featured here. Sportsbet io has fast payouts, excellent support service and a high level of security. Here you can test F777 Fighter Sportsbet io and win large sums of money.


    This is an online casino that has an extensive catalog of table games and sports betting. It offers fast payouts, excellent support service and guarantees data security. Here everyone can launch their favorite games and test their luck at F777 Fighter Stake casino


    Parimatch is an online bookmaker that offers betting on various sports and events. In addition, it also has casino games and slots. Parimatch has fast payouts, 24/7 support and security of all information entered by gamblers. Include F777 Fighter Parimatch allows you to play for credits in demo as well.


    Blaze is an online casino that is generous to newcomers and offers a wide selection of popular card and table games in its live section. The broadcast quality is of a high standard, allowing players to enjoy the process to the fullest. The site also features crash games, including F777 Fighter Blaze. Overall, Blaze Casino is an interesting option for gambling enthusiasts who appreciate quality and variety.


    Roobet is a gaming site that specializes in crash slots and accepts cryptocurrency. This means that gamblers can play anonymously and safely using their crypto wallets. Roobet offers a large number of crash games that allow you to win prizes in real time. In addition, the casino pays out winnings quickly thanks to the use of cryptocurrency, instant transactions here. F777 Fighter Roobet can run in demo with 1000 credits on your balance.


    Bitcasino is an online casino that accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and many more. The site offers many fast games including F777 Fighter Bitcasino. These allow you to withdraw prize money in real time. The Bitcasino bonus program is generous and gives you extra funds for your balance. In addition, the casino has a good reputation and pays out winnings quickly.

    How to win the game F777 Fighter

    F777 Fighter is a simplified but very interesting crash game thanks to several interesting features. There is a progressive jackpot. Most players are crazy about them, so this feature is a big plus. Moreover, it is available to unlock the secret jackpot when the multiplier reaches 777x. The auto play feature is another big advantage. It allows you to press a button and relax while the action unfolds on its own.

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    The volatility of the game is high, which means that the gamer can expect irregular, significant prizes. Onlyplay, the creator of F777 Fighter, has not announced the maximum winnings. However, the bets range from €0.5 to €2,000. This means that the slot is quite affordable for smaller bankrolls, but also suitable for high rollers. The high volatility of the game means that there are unexpectedly large rewards waiting here, which are easily achieved by using strategies and tactics.

    Most Effective Strategies F777 Fighter

    Enthusiasts have repeatedly tried to come up with different strategies to win at F777 Fighter. However, crash casino products are entirely based on luck. This means that no strategy can guarantee 100 % of success, but increasing the chances of making a profit is realistic.

    • Martingale strategy. It is known to all experienced gamblers. Increase the investment after losing twice to compensate for losses. The disadvantage is the rapid emptying of the bankroll. This strategy is loved by high rollers - they manage to return the spent and increase the prize money.
    • Anti-Martingale is the complete opposite. According to this tactic, you should raise your bets every time a round is in the plus side and lower them after losing. However, it is still a very expensive approach and requires a large bankroll from the gambler.
    • The Fibonacci crash game strategy is somewhat similar to the others. The only difference is that the prediction follows a completely negative progression, requiring you to increase your bet size after each loss. This corresponds to a sequence that starts with zero and one. Each successive number is derived from the two preceding ones.

    Tips and Tactics for F777 Fighter

    To get a win in the game F777 Fighter you need to make a bet, wait for the start of the round and launch the fighter. From the first seconds the multiplier 1x is activated and it grows until the end of the game. It is important to realize that the plane may not even take off. There are no special strategies in F777 Fighter, as the machine is designed for luck. But still there are some tips for different playing styles:

    • If the player prefers regular and small wins, then you can try to take the winnings, for example, after 3x. This multiplier plays a progressive jackpot, so it will be a shame to miss such a chance.
    • It is acceptable to set the desired payout, for example, 5x. Yes, it is a risk, but it is justified if the player wants to get a significant profit from the process. After 5x, payments are automatically credited.
    • If a gambler is a big payout hunter, he will have to take some risks. For example, try to withdraw credits after bonus refueling, as it gives additional +20%, 40% and 60% to multipliers.

    Free demo version of the game F777 Fighter

    F777 Fighter is not a single-player game. And since everyone can see how other competitors are betting, it is possible to analyze how they work. Thus, there is nothing stopping you from copying their tactics. When it comes to placing real bets and exiting the round, it is important to take your time with the paid mode. F777 Fighter demo version is available in almost all online casinos.

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    This can often be the most useful strategy, as you will end up learning from another player who is very successful at crash gameplay. If one decides to play for free, there is an opportunity to experience the storyline and adjustments without risking their own funds, but instead using demo money to play. It will not only be possible to learn how the game is played and thus get used to its actions, but also to try different strategies. Practice for free crypto game F777 Fighter allows all gamblers.

    F777 Fighter mobile app 

    The game is available on all gadgets. It is also available at any time to play the demo version of F777 Fighter or for real money from your mobile in a convenient place. The main thing is that you need a stable internet connection. App slot is not downloaded separately, but it is always available to download it in the collection of gambling casino offers. To download apk you need to click on "Download" on the main page of the selected reliable online casino. Then it will remain only to act according to the prompts of the site.

    F777 Fighter Predictor

    Predictor is a program that analyzes the previous rounds of the F777 Fighter game and suggests possible betting options for certain events. Although this utility cannot be completely trusted, as the crash is based on a random number generator, many players use it to increase their chances of winning. Thanks to F777 Fighter Predictor, gamblers have been able to rip off large payouts. However, it should be remembered that the use of any programs or strategies in online casinos does not guarantee a win and can lead to loss of money. To listen to the recommendations of the program online casinos do not prohibit.

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    Integrity and Legality of the Game F777 Fighter

    The game F777 Fighter is completely fair and legal. The provider that developed the game has all the necessary licenses and certificates. In addition, online casinos use special algorithms and technologies that guarantee the independence of the game. In order to make sure of honesty, casinos with a license conduct regular host verification, which allows you to see the results of the game on an independent site. This means that any player can easily verify that the slot is unbiased.

    Player reviews of F777 Fighter


    I just love the F777 Fighter game! It is not only addictive, but also very generous with refueling bonuses. I have won large sums more than once thanks to bonuses in this game.


    I am very glad that the casino has a demo version of the F777 Fighter game. Thanks to it I can practice and understand all the nuances of the game before I start playing for real money.


    The multipliers in the F777 Fighter game achieve huge results! I have already won large sums of money several times, which exceeded my investment by two or more times.


    Played on casino bonuses and won F777 Fighter! Now all that's left is to wager to get my winnings. But I am not worried, because this game is very interesting and exciting.


    I like the game F777 Fighter for its clear algorithm and honesty. I am always sure that my money and personal data are under reliable protection, and the results of the game are completely honest and legal.


    Crash games are constantly evolving, and the F777 Fighter slot is a perfect example. It is a great choice for anyone who loves aviation, with its beautiful graphics and animations. Crash can be played on desktops and mobile devices, as it was developed using HTML5. This makes F777 Fighter one of the highest quality crash available today. F777 Firefighter is a simple and fun game suitable for all experience levels and budgets. The gameplay is very intriguing thanks to the exciting features, progressive jackpot and the ability to place two simultaneous bets. In addition, the provider has established itself as a reliable company offering safe games.


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