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  • attractive dessert-themed design;
  • high rate of return;
  • availability of the lucrative "Tumble" function;
  • The bet multiplier can reach x100, which gives the potential winnings a special significance;
  • the opportunity to purchase bonus spins.
  • Not all players accustomed to playing classic slot machines, will appreciate the mechanics of scattered payouts;
  • betting limits may not be suitable for gamblers who prefer to bet big.

Stunning, bright slot machine Sweet Bonanza with an uncomplicated plot will not only help you have an interesting time, but also increase the amount on the game account. Developer Pragmatic Play did a great job and provided the slot with spectacular graphics and impressive bonus features. Players can not only hope for fate, but without waiting for the smile of fate, buy a bonus in the slot Sweet Bonanza, thereby significantly increase their chances of winning.

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Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play): Characteristics

Sweet Bonanza is at the top of the range of world-renowned online casinos, and for good reason. The game works on the basis of the cascading reels feature. This makes the gameplay more dynamic and intriguing. It also allows you to create several winning combinations in one spin.

sweet bonanza win

Main features Sweet Bonanza

🛠Developer Pragmatic Play
🕓 Game release date 06/27/2019.
👀Topics Desserts, fruit
✔ Type of slot machine Video slot
🔥RTP 96,51%, 96,48%, 96,45%
🎈Volatility Above average
💣 Payout lines. No, cluster mechanics are used
💻Frispins in the game Yes
⌛ Autoplay Yes
💥 Playing field 6х5
🎉 Jackpot No
💲 Minimum rate 0.2 euros
💲Maximum rate 100 euros

Graphics and interface

The aesthetics of the Sweet Bonanza's main screen cannot be overemphasized:

  • A mesmerizing background of mouth-watering ice cream cones and gourmet desserts;
  • pleasant color scheme in blue, pink and lilac tones;
  • colorful symbols of fruits and candies on the playing field.

The sugary atmosphere is perfectly complemented by unobtrusive background music. The melody is both relaxing and creates a playful mood.

sweet bonanza slot review

At first glance, Sweet Bonanza does not differ much from many similar slots, but the gameplay will show you how much the specialists of the company Pragmatic Play responsibly approached the development of the slot and provided it with excellent graphics and user-friendly interface. In addition, you will certainly appreciate the smooth and smooth play of the machine.

RTP and Volatility

Slot machine Sweet Bonanza attracts visitors not only with its colorful graphics, but also with a decent winning potential. The slot's RTP is 96.51%, that is, above the industry average. What is noteworthy, the lowest game setting is 95.45%, which is also quite high.

Play Sween Bonanza slot at online casino

If we talk about the volatility of Sweet Bonanza, it is above average. This means that the level of risk in the game is moderate and that is why it is so popular among gamblers. After all, such conditions are perfect for players with a small bankroll, but the desire to get at least a small but regular winnings.

Slot mechanics

There are no stereotypical lines in Sweet Bonanza. To get a payout it is enough to have at least 8 identical symbols on the playing field at the same time. Their location does not matter. At first glance it may seem that it takes too many identical pictures, but it is not so, because the playing field has a size of 6x5, that is, as many as 30 cells. From the player is required:

  • select the amount of the bet;
  • press the "Rotate" button;
  • to wait for the result of the round.

To set the amount of the bet use the buttons on either side of the key to start the rotation. It is located at the bottom of the game screen. For gamblers who are already familiar with the products Pragmatic Play, get used to Sweet Bonanza will not be a problem, as the slot has a standard layout. If you decide to visit such a slot for the first time, click the "Information" icon. A guide on how to operate the machine will appear in front of you.

sweet bonanza how to play

The gameplay is based on the principle of cascade, that is, winning combinations of symbols disappear, and in their place fall new figures, which can also turn out to be winning and hide. This process will last until the succession of prize combinations of symbols ends.

Special Symbols

In addition to the exciting gameplay, the developers of Sweet Bonanza have provided their visitors with additional bright emotions by adding special symbols and bonus features.

sweet bonanza special symbols

In addition to the standard symbols with multipliers, the game has bonus images that give you even more chances for big wins:

  • Lollipop on a stick. In the case of a simultaneous fallout of 4 pieces your bet will increase by 3 times, 5 lollipops multiply the bet by 5, and if the playing field will appear on the playing field at once 6 bonus lollipops, you will be enriched, as your bet will increase by 100 times. At the same time, the combination of these symbols triggers a bonus round with freespins.
  • Candy Bomb. The symbol appears exclusively in the bonus round and contains multipliers from x2 to x100.

Try playing the demo version of Sweet Bonanza and see how these symbols act on the intensity of the game. Also, you will definitely appreciate their positive impact on your game account.

Take the Bonus

Bonus features of the Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza has some interesting bonus features:

  • cluster payments;
  • to the Ante Bet;
  • free spins;
  • option to purchase a bonus.

As for cluster payouts, it is much more pleasant to have income from the presence of symbols on the playing field regardless of their location than catching them on a line. Sweet Bonanza will pay you if more than 8 identical symbols appear on the screen at the same time.

how to win sweet bonanza

From the type of icon depends on the amount of payout. Another interesting feature of the slot is that when a winning combination of symbols, it disappears, and in its place appear other icons that can also be formed into combinations that bring income. This chain will be interrupted only if the playing field runs out of prize combinations.

To make the game more intriguing, the developers added a unique Ante Bet feature. That is, you are given the opportunity to choose the bet multiplier. You can activate this feature by clicking on the big green "Double chance to win features" button on the left side of the screen. When the feature is activated, the bet multiplier changes from 20x to 25x.

Free spins

To the question of how to get free spins on Sweet Bonanza for free, there is one answer - to hope for Scatter to fall out. In this case, it is the image of lollipops on a stick. In addition to its ability to multiply bets, it still carries an important mission in the game - the launch of the bonus round with freespins, which can bring the highest winnings.

In order for the bonus to open, it is necessary to have 4, 5 or 6 Scatter on the playing field. In this case, a lollipop on a stick also brings a payout, the size of which can be seen in the table.

sweet bonanza buy free spins

A nice feature of free spins is the appearance on the game reels of rainbow bombs with multipliers that can reach values of x100.

The Sweet Bonanza slot gives another great opportunity to get free spins - the appearance of 3 or more lollipops on the field during the bonus round. This will bring the player 5 freespins. At the same time, the number of spins that can fall out repeatedly is not limited.

Buy bonus in Sweet Bonanza

If a player wants to increase their chances of winning, the Sweet Bonanza machine, like many Pragmatic Play developments, offers a unique opportunity to buy freespins. Simply click on the Bonus Buy button and pay between 20x and 100x your stake to get 10 free spins. This is a great opportunity to win big, as during these rounds a random multiplier can fall out and increase your winnings by up to 100x.

sweet bonanza bonus buy

And so, if we talk more about the Sweet Bonansa buy bonus option, you should understand that playing with a multiplier of x20 (0,2 - 100 euros per spin), the player has the opportunity to buy the bonus round at a price of 100 times the bet. If you activate the "Double chance to win features" feature and move the multiplier to x25(0.25 - 125 euros per spin), the Bonus Buy option becomes unavailable, but this is compensated by the increased probability of falling symbols that allow you to trigger the free game with multipliers.

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Try running buy feature in demo mode and see how the game changes using this feature. This will give you an idea whether it is worth using it in real money games or not.

Game Sweet Bonanza for real money

Since the main goal of gamblers is to win, Sweet Bonanza is a great slot for a profitable game. To maximize your enjoyment and income, you need to carefully choose the online casino on the basis of which you will play Sweet Bonanza.

Best Casinos to Play Sweet Bonanza Slot
No bonus
3.5 rating
100% up to $700
1 game
3.5 rating
100% up to €800 + 100 free spins
3.8 rating
100% up to €800
4.0 rating
100% up to €300
5.0 rating

Of the huge number of gaming platforms, it is worth paying attention only to licensed casinos with good reviews from customers. And to immediately get the opportunity to play at Sweet Bonanza for money, but without investing funds, opt for an operator with a favorable bonus program, including a welcome bonus.

After deciding on the choice of a gaming resource is necessary:

  • go to his official website;
  • click the "Registration" button and fill in the questionnaire with accurate information about yourself;
  • familiarize yourself with the casino's terms and conditions and its bonus requirements;
  • replenish the game account with the preferred payment method;
  • find Sweet Bonanza in the operator's library;
  • to embark on an exciting game.

Note that the minimum bet in slot machine Sweet Bonanza - 0.20 euros, and the maximum - 125 euros. The coin value can be set in the range from 0.01 to 0.50 euros.

Payouts in game Sweet Bonanza

Players are particularly motivated by the opportunity to win an impressive maximum payout of up to 21,100 times their bet. This is made possible by playing with the Ante Bet feature activated and a x100 multiplier.

sweet bonanza free spins

To make the process of paying your winnings was trouble-free, cooperate only with a reliable online casino, and for financial transactions use proven payment systems.

Play Sweet Bonanza demo mode for free

Since the demo mode plays more than just an entertainment mission. It helps new players:

  • understand the mechanics of the slot;
  • to learn the rules of the game;
  • Explore available functions;
  • to get your hands on it;
  • Figure out if you want to try your luck in this wonderful dessert slot.

For gamblers who have already played Sweet Bonanza, the demo version will also be useful, because even without the thrill of multipliers, the game cannot be called boring. With the help of the demo mode you can test all sorts of tactical approaches to the game, as well as simply enjoy the sweet extravaganza in the moments when you have a temporarily empty account.

sweet bonanza demo

Playing Sweet Bonanza demo, you will plunge headfirst into the world of cotton candy and ice cream, but without the opportunity to profit from it and the euphoria of victories.

How to win at Sweet Bonanza

Since Sweet Bonanza is a fair game based on a random number generator, it is almost impossible to predict it. To increase the chances of winning in it, it remains to follow the general advice for money games and apply popular strategies that are used for most gambling entertainment.

Tips and tactics

If you prefer organized play, we suggest applying proven gaming strategies such as:

  • Martingale system - doubling the bet after each loss and returning it to its original size after a win;
  • Anti-Martingale tactics - increase the bet after a successful spin and return to the original amount after a loss;
  • Umbrella strategy - changing the bet in one or another direction after a predetermined number of rounds;
  • Pyramid" betting system - increase the bet by one unit after each unsuccessful round.

Start playing and winning today!

Apart from clear gambling systems, you should always follow the general rules of responsible online casino gaming:

  • Before you start, you need to determine the limit for your budget and the time you are willing to spend on the game;
  • play only with free money that you can spend on entertainment;
  • never try to get even, but stop in time;
  • Take breaks from the game to clear your head and make informed decisions;
  • don't borrow money to play casino games;
  • sit down at the gaming table with a clear mind.

It is always worth remembering that gambling is created for entertainment and vivid emotions. Games for money can not be considered as the main form of income!

Winning combinations

Each combination on the playing field of 8 to 12 certain symbols has its own value. The high-paying ones include all varieties of candy:

  • red hearts - increase the bet by 10-50 times;
  • purple lollipops - 2.5 to 25 times;
  • green ones by a factor of 2 to 15;
  • blue caramels - 1.5 to 12 times.

Lower multipliers own combinations with fruit images:

  • apples - x1-10;
  • plums - x0.8-8;
  • watermelons - x0.5-5;
  • grapes - x0.4-4;
  • bananas - x0.25-2.

If you want to gain experience and understand the rules, you need to activate in the apparatus several rounds. And to avoid spending money - gain experience in the demo mode of the slot.

Play Sweet Bonanza on mobile

Most online casinos allow you to play Sweet Bonanza using their platforms' mobile apps. The slot is perfectly adapted for mobile devices running on iOS and Android operating systems. Its graphics and controls are optimized for comfortable play on touch screens.

sweet bonanza mobile app

But there is still an option for playing Sweet Bonanza on a mobile device - to run the online casino through your usual browser. In this case, there is no need to download a special application and take up space in the device's memory. For quick access to the gaming platform, add its icon to the home screen of your gadget and enjoy the game at any convenient moment for you, the main thing is to have a quality internet connection.

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Player Reviews


I really like the design of the game) All those yummy backgrounds and gorgeous graphics make me keep coming back to this slot.


You don't see that many bonus features anywhere else. It's cool, but I didn't understand all the nuances of the game right away. Good thing there's a demo version. A few free rounds, and it's fine. And my first experience immediately brought my first income!

Artem Nesterenko

The theme of the game, of course, will appeal more to girls, but the bonus features make Sweet Bonanza a very profitable game, and I like such games, because I play in online casinos for money, not for fun. In short, I visit Sweet Bonanza often and make good money.


I used to play only classic online machines, so the first time I did not go Sweet Bonanza and in general the slot is very reminiscent of popular mobile games, which I do not like. But the features of this slot attracted my attention and now I regularly play it.

Gorik Ass

I don't like too simple slots, so Sweet Bonanza interested me. Additional functions diversified the machine and made it more profitable.


Slot machine Sweet Bonanza is a dynamic slot with unique mechanics and intriguing bonus features. The machine will perfectly satisfy players who appreciate the aesthetics of the game space and entertaining story. And the opportunity to receive large payouts attract visitors who prefer not only to have an interesting time, but also to earn.

To Sweet Bonanza slot brings only positive emotions, treat the game responsibly - play only with free personal money and set limits on the time you spend in the game.


How can I buy a bonus at Sweet Bonanza?

To double your chances of getting into the bonus round you can use the ante bet, paying an additional 25% of the amount.

How to buy freespins in Sweet Bonanza?

Playing in x20 multiplier mode, hit the Bonus Buy button and pay between 20x and 100x your stake to get 10 free spins.

Where to play Sweet Bonanza slot?

You can play in demo mode or for money at any trusted site with slot machines or at an online casino that has Sweet Bonanza in its player library. As for playing for money, choose only a licensed casino with a good reputation and reliable payment systems.

What is the maximum winnings in the slot?

If you make the maximum allowed bet in Sweet Bonanza, you can win 2,637,500 EUR, which is 21,100 times the amount bet.

How do I buy a feature on sweet bonanza?

Click on the "Bonus Buy" button on the left side of the screen.

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