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There are quite a few activities in the Game of Chaos Chronicles and one of them, the daily activity is adventures. I recommend reading my guide on how to start in Chronicles and which pack is best to use now if starting in 2023.

What are adventures in the Chronicles of Chaos

Adventures is an activity for a team of 2-3 people, where you have to go a certain way to the boss and kill him. For passing each point on the map the team gets points. For getting a certain number of points, chests are opened. The maximum possible number of chests is 4.

Adventure Rewards

In Adventures, rewards are always stored in chests. Four chests are given for a full playthrough. The reward in them falls randomly from such rewards:

  • essence to increase the pet's level,
  • red cubes - chaos particles to improve items in pets,
  • Pet summoning eggs to obtain pet shards,
  • Pet clothing items, with the higher the level of the adventure, the higher level items drop.

The trick to getting rewards in adventures

It is not always necessary to take all 4 chests after completing an Adventure. For example, if you open only 3 chests on one day, and the next day open 4 chests, you can raid one or more Adventures on the same day. Thus, the team to pass the Adventure can be collected only once every 2 days, which makes the game a little easier and reduces the time of getting stuck in it.

Correctly obtaining pet items

Sooner or later it will happen that the level of your heroes will become high and you will pass, say, adventure #8. And you will need to pump a new pet. And of course you need to dress him items of gray and green quality, which are knocked out in adventures 1-3. A lot of people make the mistake and start farming these adventures. Under no circumstances should you do this. You need to keep farming as much of the adventure as possible. And the necessary items for pets to buy for particles of chaos. It will be much more profitable. For example, just compare the number of chaos particles falling out. In adventure 1 up to 35 pieces, in 8 - up to 124 pieces. The difference is obvious and huge.

Chaos Chronicles adventure walkthrough diagrams

  • The basic principle is take your time, take your time. Works for all games, especially strategy and crash games, game Spaceman is a prime example of that.
  • Don't be in a hurry to move on to a new adventure once you reach a level. Ask advice from those who are already going on it in your guild.
  • Learn the flowchart of the adventure ahead of time. Then just look it up. After 3-4 passes, you will already remember how to do it correctly.

Adventure 1 - The Siege of Strongford

It's simple. Team level 40 and above. You need to get 100 points to get 3 chests. It only takes 2 people.

Adventure 2 - Valley of the Elements

Required level 45.

Adventure 3 - The Depths of Girville City

Required level 50.

Adventure 4 - Fall of the Celestial City

Required level 55.

Adventure 5 - The Siege of Strongford

The required level is 60. I don't see any difficulty in completing the 5th adventure. The only hitch is for the one who goes on the green line. You need to remember that you do not beat the boss, but close the point number 9. This is to take 4 chests. Otherwise: do not rush, help, prompt and do not start passing the adventure until you have reached the level on the strength of the team.

Adventure 6 - Valley of the Elements

Required Level 70.

Adventure 7 - The Depths of Girville City

Required level 80. At first glance it may seem that the 7th adventure is very complicated and complicated. The moves are not in a row, in some points you need to return. But having passed the adventure several times - you get used to the scheme of passing and passes without problems. There are no special tips. The main thing - do not rush, pass together, coordinate your moves in the chat adventure.

Adventure 8 - Fall of the Celestial City

The required level is 90. There are no special difficulties, except that towards the end of the passage - the enemy packs get stronger and problems may arise.

  • Blue (top) the path is normally traveled any with a pack of heroes. The one who chooses this path - beats the boss.
  • Ideally orange (average) path passes through pure Damage. Because of point 2 and 13, which cut physical and magic damage respectively. Choosing this path does not hit the boss, but without it removing the buff from the boss, the boss is impossible to kill. I recommend choosing the strongest pack here.
  • Green (bottom) the path can go any.

The general recommendation is to take your time. Bottom and top can go to the 11th and 12th point respectively and wait until the one who went on the middle one completely clears his way.

Adventure 9 - The Siege of Strongford

The required level is 100. It is better to pass after level 110. At level 100 there is a great chance to bump into a difficult pack or not to score the boss. I also recommend passing with someone strong, especially at the beginning of farming, so that there were no problems with killing the boss. The boss here is a dark Galahad. It hurts with physical attack + debuff. Note that in some zones (10 on the blue line, 12 on the orange line, 9 on the green line) there is a non-removable buff for the enemy team - damage resistance on 60%. I.e. the specified damage is cut by 60%.

  • On the blue line, it increases net damage resistance, so it's better for mage and phiz packs to go here.
  • On orange increases resistance to physical damage, this is not the place to go for Kiram, K'arkh, or Yasmin. At least at the beginning of mastering it.
  • On green increases magic damage resistance, Orion-Helios packs, deer and other magic packs will have problems at first.

Passage 10 adventure - Valley of the Elements

Required level 110. Passing the 10th adventure - one of the most difficult in the Chronicles of Chaos. At level 127 and already more or less stable passed, but at level 110 it was not worth even dreaming about it - often took 3 chests instead of 4. I recommend mastering it from level 120. The difficulties of passing are as follows:

  1. Having special points where there is resistance to specific damage, like in adventure 9. Only here the damage is cut by 70%. Look carefully and choose your path, there are paths that are easier for mages, and there are those that fizzle. More on that below
  2. There's no margin for error here. Any feint, at any point, by any pack, is automatically not taking 4 chests.
  3. And three. Take your time. Here as never before is important the order of moves and mutual help in passing the 10 adventure, for this purpose use the scheme of passing and the order of steps.

Now the tips for going through each path separately for the 10th adventure.

  • Green the way is clear branch for phys. packbecause the damage cutoff is magical and pure. But you have to take into account that the character walking that line must kill the boss on the first try.
  • Orange path is a branch for of a magic tutubecause trouble spots cut clean and physical damage.
  • Blue way - for the magician or for someone who's playing through net damage. There's only one point here with damage reduction - physical damage.

Adventure 11 - The Depths of Girville City

The required level is 120.

Adventure 12 - Fall of the Celestial City

Required level 130. And so that there are no misunderstandings, I've peeked and taken pictures from the site: For what he thanks.

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