the best packs of heroes in 2023 in the Chaos Chronicles

The best hero builds for the game Chronicles of Chaos

Relatively recently I wrote Beginning Guide for the Chaos ChroniclesI've played a little Chronicles, and now, based on my own experience, I can tell you about cool packs or builds of heroes in 2023. It's interesting that the meta of the game, i.e. the best characters in the Chronicles Not much changes. But new heroes are being added that don't really imbalance the game. And when picking a build or picking the best pack to play Chaos Chronicles, you should always be aware that any, I emphasize, any pack can be breached in Arena or VG. For every hero or series of heroes there is always a counter-hero or counter-assembly. So, which heroes do you need to cast to build imba packs in 2023?

And two more words. The suggested tutus are a guide for beginners.

If you have anything to say, correct, or suggest your own version of the tutu, feel free to comment.

Best pack to start the game in 2023

I hadn't planned on this paragraph or this piece of article in general, but I was discussing the game with friends yesterday and came up with the following.

If we were starting the game now, with 0, we'd each start with packs, based on: Dante, Heidi, or Yasmin. But this strategy would not bring success, but only some kind of fun or new feelings about the game.

The right start would be to start with compulsory with an eye to Asgard. That is, start directly with those heroes who are methinks in Asgard. Why? Very simple. Further you pass in Asgard - more rewards, faster you grow. What's the best pack for Asgard right now? This one.

The best pack for Asgard

Based on this, the initial pack has Ju and Isaac as its masthead, they do most of the work.

Next we need a tank. Here at will, Aurora or Astaroth. And then just get the necessary heroes, the result is about this pack for battles in the Arena and the passage of the campaign:

The best hero builds for the game Chronicles of Chaos

Situationally, you can connect there Nebula or other heroes.

Of course, such a pack is not a dogma. But it does give you an advantage over others:

  • Asgard will go well.
  • All heroes are methinks or close to them
  • They will still need some more:
    • Nebula,
    • Helios
    • another tank,
    • the rest of the characters situationally and to the best of their ability.
  • They all have different colors of appearance medals: Ju and Tank are red, Martha and Celeste are purple, and Isaac and Seba are blue.

Obviously, getting a pack like this early in the game requires some donation. But it's worth it if you're determined to play long and efficiently.

Packs to start the game

Here I will talk about packs of heroes to start with, especially if you play without, or with minimal donation. These packs are only for the beginning and for the average game, if not specified more. With these heroes and builds you can safely move up to level 100 and slightly higher, but constantly keep in mind that you need more strong methane heroes of the Chaos Chronicles.

What else is important to understand when picking up a pack for the game. It's really important, but very few people talk about it - it's the compatibility of the gems of appearance, and now the pumping of Asgard. What do I mean by that?

By guises - it's very important that you swing heroes with different guise stones. I.e. you should have heroes for strength, dexterity, and magic in your pack. For example, why is a stag pack very expensive to build? Because practically all heroes in the pack are wizards, so you need a lot of shape stones for magic, and who do you use stones for dexterity and strength on? Toto.

It's the same story with Asgard. Ascension stones on Asgard drop randomly, so it's important to pump 3 different characters on 3 different parameters: strength, dexterity, and magic. For example, it could be Astaroth (strength), Kira (dexterity) and Martha (mage).

A pack without a tank based on Maya

The best hero builds for the game Chronicles of Chaos

This pack was really getting on my nerves in the Arena, and I couldn't do anything against it. And I did not understand how it kills me, but well pumped Maya works wonders in the beginning and middle of the game. It works due to the fact that Maya quite early begins to gain ult, launches its flower and then it is quite difficult to kill her because of the large number of healers in the pack, as well as the control in the form of Jorgen and Arachne.

Collect this pack is easy, True, the same Celeste and Martha have to either buy or knocked out in the heroic chest, but the rest is simply collected: Maya from the store Arena, Jorgen from Outland, and Arachne is going full star at all at the very beginning.

This pack can be countered through the pet Penguin, which reduces hit, Sebastien, which levels all of Jorgen's abilities, and of course damage. Such a pack doesn't play in the late game.

Classic Kira-pack

classic kira-pack

Playable through Kira. Kira is collected through daily campaign farming, and in about 2.5-3 months you can close her on the absolute star. Tank - we prefer Astaroth, because sometimes because of the thinness of the health of the Kira very important will be his skill Resurrection, which in turn is countered by Celeste. Obligatory in the pack is Nebula with her "ball", which enhances the damage of Kira quite significantly, as well as Sebastian, aka Boyarsky, which increases the chance of a hit and removes the negative effects. Babka, aka Martha, heals.

It is important to pump Kira the strongest in the pack. In general, the order of pumping should be as follows: Kira, Astaroth, Nebula and Sebastian at about the same level, and Martha last. Emphasis on Kira, and very noticeable. The tank should not die first. If it does, swing it until it's more stable. The others will be much further away, but also pump it up.

A pet is always a variation. Need more damage - Fenris, need to "smear" the damage - Axel, need to "prohibit" the treatment of the opposing team - Penguin.

This pac can easily be turned into a krito kira.


Swap "babka" for Jet. We get a pack that will hit with crits, which is very painful.

Such a pack is made with Helios.

Kira vs.

In the classic version, with the same pumping, Kira would most likely be knocked out. But put Andvari instead of Astroth, and the pack with Kira plays with new colors. Karchs, even higher level ones, with the proper leveling, can be taken out at once.

Kira vs. Yasmin

One of Kira's worst enemies. Also one-to-one will always defeat Yasmin. But against her, too, you can find an antidote - Helios.

Thus, Kira is a pretty good meta choice in the current meta of 2023. The final option, where you could control Karh and Yasmin, looks like this:

The best hero builds for the game Chronicles of Chaos

Classic K'archo-pack

The classic Carhopack looks very similar to the Kira Pack, see for yourself:

classic carhopack

The basic idea is to control the enemy team. Where Jorgen strips the energy, Astaroth burns it, Faceless duplicates (hopefully) the right skills + throws the tank back, and Karh destroys it all with his tentacles.

The only problem with this build is Karh himself. It's a donated character to start the game. Then, he can be bought for scrolls, but it's unreasonably expensive. Therefore, if you decided to play Karh, I recommend vdonatit at the beginning of the game for him, any number of stars, the rest will raise through scrolls or through the opening of chests.

Of course playing such a pack all the time is murder, because the same Andvari controls Karh, and Sebastian Jorgen, so always need to pump up other useful characters, such as the same Yasmin, against Kira, Sebastian - as opposed to the other.

Classic Yasmin Pack

snake pack, yasmin pack

A pack that is loved for its simplicity. There are no special requirements for it, just know yourself - pump Yasmin, she will kill everyone.

But it's just as easy to kill him when you have a hero like Helios. Clearly, it is commensurate in level and pumping. Otherwise, it is an imba-hero, which is nice to play and will be relevant in the beginning and in the middle of the game. And slightly weaker in the late game, due to the fact that the good half of the server will already have time to pump Helios.

The Stag Pack or the couple Lars and Krista

reindeer pack

One of the interesting builds. And they can be assembled through a campaign, too. These campaigns open only in chapters 11, 12 and 13 and you need someone to get there. You can do that, though. Lars and Krista always work in tandem when both heroes cast Water Marks, after which Lars ults and mega damage and stan to the enemy occurs.

Nebula can change depending on the situation to Jorgen, Sebastien, Isaac, or even Faceless.

It is better to prefer Lars as a character that deals damage. Slightly smaller than Krista and further a tank, it may well be Astaroth instead of Aurora, and the rest of the support for this pack.

The best hero builds for the game Chronicles of Chaos

There is also such a good defensive combination. Instead of Jorgen, the support changes differently depending on the situation.

Puck on the Orion-Helios bond

Why is this a good place to start the game?  

 Orion - Mage in the game with a huge amount of damage. Thanks to the 1 skill is able to trigger every couple of seconds.  6 powerful missiles - wiping out opponents. Thanks to the 4th, passive skill, is able to quickly gain additional energy - to ululate  and turn on the 1st artifact. And the 1st artifact he has is an artifact to break through the defense against magic - thus increasing the attack of all mages in his pack.

And first of all Helios. Helios - Also a very powerful mage - able to deal a lot of damage and thanks to the 2 health guises and 1 artifact on the armor  - able to rigidly cover the back line of the pack and withstand and Jorgen's carry and Ismil's strikes, shows excellent survivability against physic packs. Thanks to the 4th and 2nd skill for 10 seconds calls an invulnerable sphere able to fight back every foe in the enemy pack, Who deals critical blows to Gilios' allies - Krito Kira, Yasmin, Dante, Ismail.

Minus Helios - he does not have his own piercing mage defense - so he needs an ally with art to increase piercing mage defense (Orion, Arachne, Faceless).  

 Cheap Orion souls - collected from the store, naturally in-game 

Helios is more expensive to assemble, options for obtaining soulstones: buy, get for monthly chests, get from the campaign at later stages, starting from 10, get from the heroic chest.

The base of the pack

1 Tank: Aurora or Astaroth 

Astaroth / Aurora, Celeste, Nebula, Orion, Helios - Nebula gives a mega increase in mag attack to both Orion and Celeste, Celeste - as a healer and as a mage dmmager with 1 art to increase mag attack.

Astaroth / Aurora, Jorgen, Orion, Faceless, Helios 

Astaroth / Aurora Arachne, Celeste, Orion, Helios 

Astaroth / Aurora, Arachne, Orion, Dorian, Helios  - a very viable combination under Dorian's aura. 

Pack variation and what other heroes are needed

  • Astaroth is a versatile tank with resurrection.
  • Celeste - as a healer and as a mage damager with the 1st art to enhance the mage attack -  by constantly using the 1st skill, + removes negative effects on allies with the 3rd skill.
  • Faceless - 1 artifact to pierce the mag defense + copying Orion + control and knocking the enemy pack into one pile  - which the Arachne can bang on and Orion's charges can fly in.
  • Arachne - 1 artifact to pierce the mag defense + finishing heroes after Orion volleys + mass control 
  • Jørgen -  Both Orion and Helik work mass damage - as a consequence they can charge the enemy, disabling the energy is often very useful 
  • Dorian is an excellent healer for this bundle, capable of maintaining the vitality and as a result the fighting power of the bundle with his 4th skill. 
  • Aurora -  The best tank for this team is  provides 1st line defense against magical attacks thanks to the 4th skill  and from physical attacks due to the large number of dodges + large mage damage from the aurora itself - which is amplified by artifacts on the mage attack of allies 

Situationally you can use Sebastian, Andvari 

Pros and cons of an Orion and Helios pack

Good against physical packs, due to the presence of Helios in the pack is excellent against teams with crit damage (Yasmin - Ismail packs, packs with Sebastian, Jet) 

Due to the presence of Orin - well parses Corvus' altar, removes Sebastian's "lard".

It's hard to get Dorian, and Helios  

Who is her counterpart

Satori The 4th skill counters - every time Orion/Gelik gets bonus energy, Satori applies additional marks.

Leanne Orion's contrite The 4th passive skill - Helik and Orion because of the mass damage of the pack - gets a charm for 4 seconds from Lien.

Isaac. No comment)

Rufus tank packs - require Morrigan in the lineup and manual combat control.

Cornelius can kill Orion with a monolith - if Helik doesn't have more intelligence.

Heidi-pack on pure damage

The best hero builds for the game Chronicles of Chaos

Quite a popular pack of old-timers of the game, who, as they say, have learned life and the Chronicles 🙂

The core of the pack is Heidi, who does pure damage. Remember, there's no way to avoid pure damage, it just stabs at the enemy and bites off as much as it should. Heidi's only problem is low health, but here, at the expense of Celeste and Martha, we try to heal the monkey. Another problem is weak damage as a cor. hero. For this we need Nebula, she will increase the damage from Heidi by one and a half times, if not more.

Lien-based control pack

packet on the master lien - control

What is remarkable about this build? First of all, as you can see, she has two healers at once, which means that she will be very, very good at defense. Plus Celeste does pretty good damage. Leanne is a pretty good character, rather unappreciated, simply because she's either a damager or a support. Nevertheless, a pumped up Leanne can work wonders. Nebula here enhances Celeste's attack and Leanne's attack.

Contreras Sebastien.

Of course I haven't reviewed all the best packs in Chaos Chronicles 2023. Of course I don't know and understand everything about the game, so if you want to share your knowledge or expertise - write your opinion in the comments or write to me personally (there are details in Contacts) and we can publish you on this site.

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