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  • Simple and accessible: The game is easily understood by new players without requiring learning complex rules.
  • Verifiably Fair Play: The use of blockchain technology guarantees fair play and eliminates manipulation.
  • High RTP (Return to Player): The percentage of return to player is around 97%, which is above average compared to many other games.
  • Suitable for all devices: The game is available on smartphones, tablets and computers with no download required.
  • Wide range of bets: Suitable for both beginners and experienced players with different budgets.
  • Innovative features: Includes live chat and other modern interface elements to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Limited choice of strategies: Due to its simplicity, the game does not offer in-depth strategic options, which may limit the interest of experienced players.
  • Volatility: As in any game of chance, there is a risk of losing money due to bad bets.
  • Lack of music and sound: The game lacks background music and special sound effects to create atmosphere.

The Chicken game is one of the most popular gambling games at MyStake Casino along with famous simulators such as HiLo, Dice, Icefield, Keno and Dino. The casino is valued for its wide range of gambling products including slots, poker, roulette and more.

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The game is very easy to understand, no complicated rules or symbol combinations to memorize. It is perfect for rest and relaxation between more intense online casino games. You can choose the difficulty level yourself and determine your chances of winning by specifying the number of dice (from 1 to 24) that will be hidden randomly.

mystake chicken to play

Also, thanks to the Provably fair algorithm, players can personally control the outcome of the game and make sure it is fair. Chicken can be played exclusively at MyStake Casino. It cannot be found on other online casino sites. It is available in the "Mini Games" section.

To start playing, you need to create an account at MyStake Casino, which only takes a couple of minutes. Chicken, like most other slots at MyStake Casino, is available on smartphones, tablets and computers, requires no download and works on all mobile browsers.

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How does Chicken MyStake work?

The exciting and addictive Chicken Mystake game developed by Upgaming has won the hearts of players thanks to its simple but attractive design. The main goal is to open the plates and find out what they contain: a fried chicken or a losing bone. Each chicken increases your multiplier, while the presence of a bone immediately resets your progress to zero. With a variety of bets ranging from €0.2 to €1,000, the game provides an enjoyable and long-lasting gaming experience for all participants.

Chicken is one of Mystake Casino's most safe and secure online gambling platforms. The game utilizes the innovative "Proof Fair" technology within the game. This is a system based on the principles of "Blockchain", the same technology used in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The use of this encryption guarantees absolute honesty during the game and excludes the possibility of manipulation by the operators or any other persons. Moreover, thanks to the cryptographic basis, you can check the fairness of each round you have participated in at any time you like.

RTP and Volatility of Chicken MyStake

The RTP, or "Return to Player", represents the probability of winning a given mini-game and for MyStake Chicken it is 97%. Typically, the RTP of most slot machines is between 95% and 97%. This suggests that the Chicken game offers a fairly high payout percentage and is incredibly generous.

How to play the game Mystake at Mystake Casino?

As mentioned earlier, the game has a very simple gameplay. When you start a round, a 5×5 grid with covered plates opens up in front of you. Under each of them is either a chicken or a bone. Your task is to avoid revealing the bone, otherwise the game will end and you will lose your original bet. So, you need to be careful when you open the plates and try to find at least one chicken to get the winnings.

chicken game mystake casino

How to play Chicken MyStake

To start the game, perform registration. After logging in, go to the "Mini Games" section of the menu. Choose a game named Chicken from the available options and click the "Play" button, then place your bet. Then open the plates to see what's inside, whether it's fried chicken or a bone. When you want to stop, press the "Cash Out" button.

Game interface

Unlike many other mini-games that can be found on the market nowadays, Chicken has an excellent level of graphics. The game has crisp visuals with images designed with great attention to detail. The only thing it lacks to create the perfect atmosphere is pleasant background music, special sound and visual effects. Chicken has an extremely simple and minimalistic design as it falls under the category of minigames.

the game of chicken to play in the casino

The interface of the slot is user-friendly and has all the necessary fields with game settings and information placed in front of the player:

  • Bet - allows you to select a bet;
  • Bones - the difficulty level or win rate of the game;
  • Cash Out - withdrawal of funds;
  • Next Tile Win - displays the multiplier;
  • Total - displays the total winnings.
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On the right side there is a panel with sections "My bets" and "High rollers". There you will see the 20 most profitable odds of all users for the last 24 hours. In the bottom right corner of the interface there is access to chat, and in the upper right corner - to the timer of the time spent in the game. Regarding the music and soundtrack, this game only features the sound of your heartbeat speeding up as you open the lids to find out which symbol is underneath.

Game Odds MyStake Chiskin

In order to find out what is under the closed dishes, just click on them. If you manage to find a chicken, you will be rewarded with a prize in the form of money. At the same time, the winnings will grow depending on the number of chickens you manage to find. And if, by chance, you manage to find all the hidden chickens, avoiding the bone, a special "Jackpot" is waiting for you, which will apply a huge multiplier and bring you a significant win. However, it is worth noting that the value of the winnings also depends on the number of dice with which the player starts the game.

chicken mystery strategy

Before you start playing, you can set the number of dice that will participate in the game (from 1 to 24). The more dice are involved in the game, the higher will be the multiplier that will be applied to your bet in case you find a plate with chicken.

Live Chat

Chicken live chat is a convenient and efficient feature provided by MyStake Casino, which allows players to communicate in real-time with experienced professionals and get answers to their questions or assistance. Whether it's information about the rules of the game, or about bonuses and promotions, live chat provides a direct link to the support team, which contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Bonuses for players in MyStake Chisken

The chicken game is available exclusively on the MyStake platform, allowing players to take advantage of all current casino bonuses and promotions to build up their bankroll and participate in this mini-game. When you register and make your first deposit, you will automatically receive a welcome bonus from MyStake Casino. At the same time, you can choose the most appropriate reward from two options:

  • A 150% bonus is available for deposits between €20 and €200.
  • A 100% bonus is available for deposits from €201 to €1,000.

In addition, a special mini-game reward is added to the welcome deposit bonus package: 100% up to €500, minimum deposit €20. MyStake Casino rewards its players with a variety of bonuses that are not limited to just for registration. For example, there is a bonus on the second deposit: from €20 to €500 are rewarded with a 100% bonus.

mystake chicken how to play

However, it is worth remembering that almost all bonuses have wagering requirements that need to be met before the winnings can be withdrawn. The bonuses mentioned above require wagering 30 times of the deposit and bonus balance, and you have 30 days to do so. You must also activate the bonus in your account.

What it takes to start playing MyStake Chiskin

First create your account, then make your first deposit. After that, go to the "Mini Games" section and select Chicken. You'll see a 5×5 grid with 25 metal dome plates that feature bones and fried chicken. You will be shown a section with information on how much you will earn if you choose correctly and your total winnings. Customize your bet size and number of dice (from 1 to 24).

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The registration process is a simple procedure and will only take a minute of your time. You need to fill in a few mandatory fields such as first name, last name, e-mail address and specify your region of residence. It is important to choose the correct country and currency, as this will determine the available deposit and withdrawal methods for you. The promo code, which is an optional field, can be used if you have it on hand. At the end, simply check the box to agree to the Terms/Terms and registration is complete.

How to Fund MyStake Casino Account with Cryptocurrency

MyStake casino offers a real money play feature. A variety of deposit methods are offered such as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Netteller, Pix, Boleto, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, SEPA, Bank Wire and others. Choose a suitable deposit method on MyStake and make your first deposit.

mystake chicken play online

No account verification is required to deposit on MyStake, and you can deposit funds in just a few seconds without wasting time on verification. We recommend using cryptocurrencies for deposits, including bitcoin, as it is fast and commission-free.

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To fund your account at MyStake Casino using cryptocurrency, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your profile on the MyStake casino site or register if you haven't already done so.
  • Go to the "Fund your account" section where you will be able to choose the method and currency.
  • Find the "Cryptocurrency" option and select the appropriate one from the list of available deposit methods.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and follow the instructions to complete the payment.
  • MyStake Casino will provide you with a unique wallet address to send your cryptocurrency. Copy this address and send the cryptocurrency using your crypto wallet.
  • Once the cryptocurrency transaction is successfully confirmed, the funds will be credited to your MyStake casino account.

MyStake Chiskin Strategies

If you are wondering about possible strategies for winning at Mystake Chicken, you should keep in mind that this is a game of chance where success is based on the randomness of the dice. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can increase your chances of success.

  • Choose 5 dice and set the bet from 0.2 to 1. Play 4 or 5 rounds. Then make a big bet, for example 20% of your balance. Open the plates 3 times and cash out your winnings. Sometimes you can try opening a fourth plate if you are confident. This approach usually yields good results, but if a bone appears, try the same amount a second time. Continue this pattern several times, and you can make a nice profit. Important to note: if a lot of dice and unsuccessful rounds appear, it is better to stop, take a break and come back later.
  • If you choose more bones, e.g. more than 10, the chances of catching a chicken are greatly reduced. In this case, open only 1 or 2 plates, maximum 3, to reduce the risk. If only 3 bones are selected, you can open no more than 5 plates. In risky modes, do not open more than 7 plates. Also pay attention to the multiplier and try to reach the level twice or more. This will help to secure a win on your next bet.
  • Another strategy is to pick 5 dice and open the domes 1-3 times. If you win, reduce the bet and continue like that. As needed, increase the bet step by step based on your balance (but no more than 20% of your remaining balance). There is an element of luck involved in this too, and it doesn't always work, so be careful.

It is important to remember that there is no guarantee of winning, as the game is still gambling. If you win enough money, learn how to stop skillfully and withdraw some of the funds, leaving the desired amount for further play.

mystake chicken hack

It is also possible to adapt the Martingale strategy for this mini-game. To do this, you need to define fixed parameters that will not change throughout the game session, such as the bet, the number of hidden dice and the number of covers to open. Then on each game, open a certain number of lids and once you get a winnings, take it away. If a bone is rolled and you lose, double your bet and start again. This way, the next time you win, you will get your bet back and make a profit.

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Below are a few more strategies that you can use when playing this game. One of them is called "One Dome." When you choose one dice during the game, it makes it more predictable, but the multiplier will be low. At the same time, the probability of winning is almost guaranteed, allowing you to place larger bets. For example, if you bet €100 and the multiplier is 1.03, you get an extra €3. Repeating this strategy over several rounds will result in profits.

Another strategy is the "24 dice" strategy. When you choose 24 dice, you are looking for 1 chicken. If you find it with a multiplier of 24.75, it will result in a huge profit.

Double bet

The 2:1 strategy in the game Chicken involves placing two bets for each round of the game, where the first will be twice the size of the second.For example, if you decide to make a total bet of 300 conventional monetary units, the first will be 200 and the second will be 100.

When using the "2:1" strategy, it is recommended to cash out the first bet when the multiplier reaches x1.5. The second bet allows you to continue the game and has the potential to increase your winnings if you find additional chickens with higher multipliers.

Automatic game

The Chicken MyStake game comes with a handy "Autoplay" feature that allows players to enjoy the gameplay without having to select the plates themselves. With this feature, you can set the number of automatic moves and set certain parameters for bets so that the game is played according to your preferences.

Place your bet now

Instant fundraiser

Every player who wants to try their luck at an online casino wants to win as much as possible. However, getting the jackpot can be difficult. To make this process easier, Mystake provides the option to stop the game after winning so that you can cash out your profits at your convenience. You can withdraw your money and end the game after just one chicken found.

Chiskin MyStake download on mobile

You can enjoy playing chicken through the mobile version of the MyStake website. All your user information such as balance and bonuses will be displayed on your phone or tablet via your browser. Once the casino develops an app for portable devices, it will be downloadable via an apk file for Android, and via the App store for Apple.

mystake chicken apk

Benefits of playing chicken in the mobile version:

  • no country restrictions;
  • no VPN required;
  • is provided with great graphics and a comfortable user experience.

All modern mobile gadgets on the market are compatible with the Chicken game. Whether you have an iPhone or a Android device, you will be able to enjoy this simulator while playing for real money.

Chicken Mystake Demo: Play Free Online

Not every player is ready to put large sums of money on the line at once. If you doubt the validity of reviews and feedback from other players, we suggest you try out the Chiskin MyStake demo for free. The main advantage of the test version is that there are no financial risks. During the game rounds, you will use virtual coins instead of real cryptocurrency. This is an ideal option for those who prefer to familiarize themselves with the product before depositing real money.

MyStake Chiskin Promo Code

Chicken MyStake promo codes provide players with a unique opportunity to get additional bonuses and improve their gaming experience. Using promo codes, users can activate special offers including deposit bonuses, free bets or increased win odds. These codes are especially useful for beginners looking to maximize their exploration of the game, as well as experienced players looking to increase their bankroll. Promo codes are easy to find on specialized platforms or through MyStake casino affiliate programs.

Chicken Mystake - game hack

Information about hacking Chicken MyStake, using bots in Telegram and cheats circulate on the Internet, but users should approach such information critically. Using dishonest methods can lead to rule violations and subsequent blocking of accounts. Instead of seeking questionable ways to circumvent the system, players are encouraged to utilize rules-based strategies and tips to improve their gaming experience within acceptable norms.


Whether you are an experienced player or new to online gaming, this mini-game is definitely worth a look. With a beautiful design, engaging gameplay and the possibility of big wins, Chicken Mystake provides an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

The game offers many benefits including generous bonuses, a safe and secure platform, and constant updates and improvements. Mystake is the best place to play chicken, as this particular crypto casino offers many promotions, free bets, and extra features for this game.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I start playing MyStake Chicken?

To start playing, you need to register on the casino website MyStake, fund your gaming account and select the Chicken game in the Mini Games section.

What are the strategies to win at the game?

Basic strategies include controlling the size of bets, limiting the number of dice to reduce risk, and using the auto play feature to stabilize gameplay.

Can I play MyStake Chicken for free?

Yes, the MyStake platform provides the option to play in the Chicken demo version, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the game without real bets.

What is the return percentage (RTP) of the game Chicken?

The RTP (Return to Player) of the Chicken game is around 97%, indicating a high chance of winning compared to other gambling games.

What deposit methods are available in MyStake to play Chicken?

MyStake offers a variety of deposit methods including credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

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