Hero Wars - Beginner's Tips and Guide on How to Start Right in 2021

The game Chronicles of Chaos (aka Hero Wars) came out quite a long time ago, but immediately and surely gained popularity among fans of mobile games. I have long hesitated to approach it, but a friend invited me to "run" together, agreed, and now useful tips to do with you. I dug through a lot of material to properly start playing and wrote this guide for the beginner on a new server. 

Rah every month or two I go to this guide and update it. It happened, and today's guide for 27.09.2021 is fully up to date and corresponds to the entire meta in the game.

For those who are too lazy to read much, it is enough to read only the chapter Rules for a proper startwhere I will literally tell you in one line what is better to do or not to do at the start of the game. And the details will be below, so.

Rules for the right start - short tips

  1. I have an idea, I sound it. If you confirm it, post it in the comments. The game gets gifts every day, and on the 28th of every month they give a chest to any (of your choice) heroes in the amount of 50 shards. The gist of the idea is to start playing on the 28th and immediately get some right hero (for example: Martha, Karh or other characters you can't farm).
  2. You have to understand that this is a game for years. People have been playing it for years. It's quite slow, measured. That said, everyone can have their own pace. If you want to play fast, this is definitely not the place, even with donation. It takes about 4-5 months of active play to reach level 130.
  3. If you start with 0, always start with a new server. Literally, which opened today or tomorrow. You need to ponitory.
  4. Up to level 50 play, literally, 5 characters. Next will be 10, until level 80-90. I know it's hard to make up your mind, but try your best. I'll help.
  5. Get Arachne for 6 stars in the first week. She will be with you until level 100. Or even beyond, she will definitely play on VG.
  6. To play comfortably and with interest, you have to donate, but you can without just without the comfort:
    1. Buying a Valkyrie,
    2. The occasional purchase of an emerald.
  7. Your pack should consist of 1 Tank, 1 Damager, 1 Healer and 2 Sappers. Everything else is playable only at first, you have to think ahead. And of course, everything is variable. But in the pack surely should not be more than 1 tank. And sometimes there is no tank at all. For example, sometimes the same Andvari or Elmir can act as "tanks".
  8. Character progression is not about increasing the level and skills of the hero, but about pumping up guises, symbols, gifts of the elements and artifacts. This is what makes the hero stronger.
  9. If you get it, then do not take the reward for the daily tasks, where there is experience without the gold, and sometimes with gold. You'll get more than enough of it from the campaign and the farming of equipment. But you always need a balance.
  10. Find a guild. Do a daily drop of resources. If the guild is weak - leave and move to another guild, do not wait. The guild will speed up your development.
  11. A good guild is a 50% guild leader. So look at him, if he's active, smart, you can stay.
  12. Naturally, you should aim for a guild that plays in the Gold.
  13. Do not open the city chest for emeralds, by any means. But there are exceptions - when the task requires it, for example on astral season. But still, it is a very bad waste of raisins.
  14. About the seasons. I recommend that you donate. It's a very good account booster. And relatively inexpensive. But you have to do all the tasks.
  15. Decide on your main pack as early as possible. It's understandable that it can change, but you need to get the basics right.
  16. Regardless of the pack, you can buy in stores:
    1. Faceless in a friendship store.
    2. Jørgen in the store of the Outlander.
    3. The rest are situational and depend on who you decide to play.
    4. Eventually Cornelius will be needed to get through chapter 14.
  17. Buy Celeste, she's top support and will help a lot with heal in the beginning. She costs $1. With the right approach, she can play until late in the game and be a major character.
  18. If you want to buy Raisin - aka Emerald, then wait for the 4x sale. There is no point in buying at any other price.
  19. You have to go through the tower completely every day - it's your gold.
  20. In the Arena and Grand Arena, play so that you have 5 wins every day. Five wins = 50 arena coins, for which you can buy something good.
  21. Do not buy anything in the stores except the above characters and in the city shop: 5 and 6 positions, and a little later 4. Everything. Save resources for events, passing events, seasonal tasks.
  22. The whole game is. resource accumulation under the event, and in the event - a strong boost and growth and the transition to the next level of pumping characters.
  23. Energy must always accumulate. That is, there shouldn't be a moment when it "doesn't drip. Before going to bed, the energy should be less than 10.
  24. I recommend buying Valkyrie - it helps. Even though it's a donat, I understand, but it boosts.
  25. Titans are the most important part of the late game. Especially the active guilds and the wars between them. Go through the Dungeon of Titans every day and as deep as possible - it's the key to strong titans.
  26. It's important to know that the sooner you make any titan a full star, the sooner you can exchange its shards for gold, power sparks, or titan potions, which are sorely lacking!
  27. Watch tutorial videos on YouTube. There are some good authors.
  28. Check in every day and get free gifts from Discord. Or from this site: https://www.smartones.solfors.com/
  29. Try to go all the way through the events. Clearly, not where you need to spend or buy raisins.
  30. On pumping. First we pump the main damager (I mean symbols, gifts of the elements, artifacts and guises), then the tank, then the healer, and only then support. A little later you learn to look what is missing. For example, if the tank "lie down" faster than the main damager, then he obviously need to pump armor and health. Or sometimes it happens that all is well, but not enough damage. Then you need to pump the main damager.
  31. I recommend a pet to boost the attack your pack has, either magician or physical damage. Though I did it differently myself, so I pumped it up to blue Oliver. On the whole, so ok, but further still either magician or physical damage pet. Also not a bad pet is Penguin, but he does not go in every pack, as well as Axel.

Hero Wars Guide

Here I will collect recommendations that are not included in the tips, but which are sure to help in the passing of the game. 

First of all, you should know that the game has two versions: 

  • Mobile
  • desktop (web)

At the same time, they are different servers and slightly different clients for the game. So if you want to play together with your friends, be sure to agree where you will play - on the mobile version or on the web. 

You need to figure out if you're going to donate. If yes, go to the next point. 

If yes, you choose a comfort pack, click it. And ... do not pay, refuse to pay for the package with emeralds. The game will immediately trigger and give you an offer of 6 times the amount for the same money. This applies to any purchase until you make it, after that - the freebie is over).

And the first move is NOT to buy a tank of heroes x10 from the hero chest. I would recommend making another donation, the smallest one, for which you will be offered the hero Celeste, a very good one. 

In the game, it is possible to quickly get the hero Arachne 6 stars. It's not the best character, but it will be very useful to start with. 

How do I get an Arachne quickly? 

We reach the last point of Chapter 1 and do not pass it. If we do, we start the mission to get Arachne. But early. 

It takes energy to get enough shards of this hero and get it to 6* at once. 

To do this, we save energy. I.e. Perform only those tasks in the dailies, which do not require the use of energy. Buy energy if you can, while need to keep in mind that if you buy energy directly, you get 120 energy for 100 raisins (emerald), and if the store, then for 300 raisins we get only 200 energy, where the logic? And there is none, an attempt to earn a sucker. Do not be fooled. 

More energy will be given en masse as a new player for:

  • special events, for login on day 3
  • for the Masters Squad in special events, for achievements at the team level
  • spent raisins, there, in special events
  • naturally three times a day to take energy for free
  • I recommend reading discord, there are interesting opportunities to get free energy, such as this: https://community.hero-wars.com/post/126 or so https://community.hero-wars.com/post/119.
  • If you link the game to email or FB, you get energy
  • Well, it is worth recognizing that it does need a little bit of donation, otherwise you can collect energy, but a long time.

To get an Arachne you need to gather energy of about 3,800. And the gold is about 3 million. 


After that pass the last quest or point in Chapter 1. Starts the quest for Arachne - at all points in Chapter 1, as prizes for passing, will appear shards of Arachne. Everyone, let's collect them. We go through everything all over again and several times at a time. It takes 634 soulstones to build a 6-star hero. Oh yeah, you also need gold to upgrade the hero for souls - that's about 3 million more gold. 

Next, let's go over the tips. And of course the guide is constantly being updated.

Start on the newest server

It all makes sense here. The older the server, the earlier other players started playing on it, the further they have gone in their development, the harder it will be to catch up with them. 

So start playing on the newest server that is only available. 

Don't rock all the heroes at once

Pumping all the heroes in a row is one of the most common mistakes of beginners. Don't do that. It is necessary to define with heroes, which you swing and swing only them, to forget about the rest. Because the resources in the game for all the heroes, especially at first just not enough. 

The question arises - what heroes to swing in the first place?

Good starting characters to start with


One of the best tanks in the game, not to mention the beginning of the game.



Can be collected starting from chapter 3. One of the best shooters in the game. 



A controversial mage hero, but a good place to start. 



One of the best supporting characters in the game,  can be collected from the Outlander store, which appears quite early. 



In the robber's store, which will be available quite early. 


Heroes you'd rather not rock

The point is that these heroes can be a little useful in the beginning, but then there will be stronger heroes that may not have enough resources, precisely because of the lack of resources. 

  • Galahad - on the whole, you can. He's not as versatile as Astaroth, but I often see him in packs. Even with old-timers, at level 130.
  • Ginger - not the coolest shooter. 
  • Thea - as a healer, given at the very beginning of the game. Can help a little in the early stages of the game. 

Manage the team level

The strength of the opponents in Tower depends on the level of the team. This is the first thing you need to understand. And it is for this reason you should not swing all heroes at the same time, because then your team level will grow, and with them the opponents in the Tower. 

To view Team level - Click on your avatar in the upper left corner and you will see it. The maximum is level 120.

I recommend that your pack of heroes match the level of the team. 

Join the Guild

The guild is available from 30 team level. 

It is desirable that the guild be good 🙂 , strong. 

And with it you need to get into the Gold League. 

No interruptions in the game

The game does not involve pauses. You can't skip days-weeks. Just kidding. Days you can, but you can't skip weeks, much less months, in the game!

Otherwise, it affects the promotion in the ranking, and immediately on the bonuses from the ranking, awards, and so on. 

You can catch up with a donation, but we would play for free)

The game is like Groundhog Day

Every day you have to go into the game and do the same actions, but it all pays off a hundredfold. 

Childbirth is a marathon.

Choose your own pack of heroes

Pick those 5 heroes and swing only them. Understandably, there may be variations in the late game, or when you donate, but don't spread your resources thin. Don't rush to get all heroes to the same level. Build a cool, high-level pack so it's relevant in the arena or guild wars. 

A 2-pack is enough for the grand arena, but it's not immediate. Far from immediately. 

Good starter packs

  1. Astaroth - Kira - Jorgen - Faceless - Celeste under dog or olive. Later on, it transforms into Astaroth - Kira - Nebula - Sebastien - Martha.
  2. Astaroth - Karh - Faceless - Jorgen - Martha.
  3. Aurora - Arachne - Orion - Celeste - Faceless under Merilin.
  4. (unusual pack) Maya - Arachne - Celeste - Jorgen - Martha under Axel. The pack seems completely useless, but at the expense of a very pumped Maya - it really works. In the leyte of course it will not work, but in the early and middle stages - quite.

Learn, watch, read useful information about the game

It's about the fact that the game is constantly evolving. Some characters change and become imbues, others vice versa. Or there are innovations in the game that need to be mastered in order to play better. 

Feel free to ask the experienced players in your Guild. 

There are quite a few videos on YouTube on the game. Subscribe to those who make actual videos, they usually have a lot of useful information.

Video tips for those who are just starting to play

Event The Great Storm

The Great Storm Event is coming to an end. Pretty good event, and the result exceeded all my expectations, even though I didn't kill the main boss.

I managed to collect 37170 burea coins!
And I opened 323 chests on them!!!

How was it? Watch the video:

I recommend buying ONLY the Legacy of the Storm Chest for the Storm Coins!

The video above is the main proof of that!

In the end, I got it:

  • About 5.5 million gold
  • 11k potions to raise the level of pets
  • 5 Pet Appeal Eggs
  • 1,500 Chaos particles to increase the level of pet items.

Not bad, huh? And how did your event go?

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