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  • The game is accessible from any browser, no need to download separate clients on Android or iOS devices
  • There is a special system of automatic predictions and bonus coins that can be used to create winning tactics and scenarios
  • It is also possible to see the results of other players who are currently active
  • Bustabit prides itself on its high RTP and maximum winnings
  • The game is entirely dependent on luck and chance

The Bustabit was developed in 2014. The interface is beautifully styled. There is a small number of illustrations. On mobile devices the minimalistic design only wins - you don't need to spend a lot of time loading gameplay.

It is the gadgets that are currently the preferred device to play the game. However, downloading separate clients to the Android or iOS devices is not required. Bustabit can be played successfully from any browser - both desktop and mobile. The gaming site offers two themes - classic and dark. The platform provides a special system of automatic predictions. It and bonus coins will even manage to use it to create winning tactics and scenarios.

How does the bitcoin game Bustabit work?

The bitcoin game in Bustabit is simple, both in rules and interface. The screen displays a number, which increases until the inscription Busted appears. The crash of the aircraft at the end of the round is inevitable - this is the basis of the process.

The essence of crypto games is that not real money, but digital coins are used for betting. Transaction options for depositing on bustabit com are diverse - everyone can find a suitable cryptocurrency.


Design and gameplay

There are almost no graphics or illustrations on the website, and the animations are simplistic. Bustabit is certainly the least restrained in design of all the crash games. But the developers didn't claim to have the best graphics. The benefits of the process are elsewhere. This game prides itself on its high RTP and maximum winnings.

As in all other crashes, the screen displays a history of past rounds. In Bustabit, you can view past results over a longer period of time than other games. There is a scrollable list of rounds. It is possible to see the results of other players who are currently active as well. There is also a chat screen where it is suggested to communicate with the players involved.

It is available to set the bet manually or make an automatic investment to cash out without participating. Although it must be said that Bustabit is hired slower than other crash games, so it is better to play it with manual withdrawal.

Game mechanics

Bustabit is the creator of the crash game genre. Later other slots had visual elements corresponding to the theme, such as airplanes or rockets, but Bustabit had nothing like that.

It's really simple here. There is an X-axis, a Y-axis, and a line that grows exponentially. At some point it will collapse. Then all players who haven't cashed out will lose their bets and forfeit any potential winnings. The only way to get the prize is to end the round with a certain win multiplier before the collapse.

Bustabit gameplay

How to play Bustabit?

Even beginners can bet on Bustabit. The preferred bet amount for each particular round is determined and a prediction is made. Then press the start button. This is how the multiplier increase is started. While the multiplier is growing, you need to closely monitor the line and try to cash out before the flight. The bustabit statistics is displayed here, to the left of the main field.

The odds shown during the crash are the highest multiplier a player could achieve. The winnings are determined by the multiplier shown during the withdrawal.

It's important to note that Bustabit enjoys a multiplier range of 1.00x to 2.30x, as that's where most game rounds end. Other crashes are not necessarily set up this way and have much higher multipliers despite generally having a lower RTP.

Chasing big win odds will not work. It is better to find out how to get bustabit bits at your chosen casino This game was designed for gamblers who want to bet 0.5 BTC to win 1 BTC.

How to win the crypto game Bustabit - the best strategy

Most players who run a crash slot invest quite a lot of cryptocurrency in betting. The risks are related to the withdrawal odds. The range for the most part is from 1.5x to 2x. Of course, some want to get their hands on a 3x multiplier right away, and then the risk is much higher.

For higher stakes, it is recommended to use the Autobet feature. A failure in the internet connection can cost a precious second, during which players would like to cash out but are unable to.

In the beginning, players get impatient and withdraw early to avoid losing profits, but this can cost more winnings. Experienced users suggest waiting and watching the chart. There are Bustabit strategies that help to bring the chances of success closer.

  1. Understand the game mechanism and develop a plan for your gameplay. A crash means the loss of all the profits earned. Therefore, it is very important to set a reasonable and realistic goal for each round. Understanding the movement of the chart is crucial. It is recommended to watch a few games before betting and analyze the chart pattern.
  2. Plan in advance the bet amount, cashout point and profit percentage. It is important to control the impulsive desire to make a prediction. Always start with the smallest amount and gradually increase it as you learn the scheme.
  3. Manage withdrawal times. In order to win at Bustabits, you need to predict the correct time to complete the round. It is best to keep two things in mind: market risk and profit percentage. To make more profit, you need to focus on less risky bets and cash out repeatedly at lower odds. This will help maximize your potential returns.
  4. Utilize the power of statistics. This can be a great way to win at Bustabit. You need to track the yield of cashout points at different levels of bet amount. Recorded previous crash multipliers give you the opportunity to analyze the data to develop a suitable strategy. This will help to identify patterns of frequent payouts, and it will be possible to apply these strategic methods for future gameplay.
  5. Learning from the experts. There are many gamers who have been playing Bustabit for years, and you can learn from them to improve your skills. There are also online tutorials and subscriptions to Bustabit forums where you can easily get information, tips and advice.

Flat betting strategy

Bustabit is a social gambling online slot that is becoming increasingly popular among gamers around the world. The game consists of a graph that rises and falls. But it is also a strategic process that needs a little luck and a lot of experience.

The Flat tactic consists in the fact that the player decides for himself what size of the amount will be set for all rounds without exception. Whatever the result of the end of the previous session the next forecast amount will be equal to the same value. Stability is the slogan of this strategy.

Sniper Strategy or Auto Cashout

What some might call a sniper strategy is not really a sniper strategy. In this tactic, the player withdraws his winnings after a big multiplier. The strategy follows the principle that smaller prizes come after the big ones.

Some Bustabit sniper scripts available on the vastness of the internet do nothing but withdraw the bet after a large multiple crash. The challenge is only one - to maintain a fixed wager for a large number of rounds.

The bet is selected one, activates the automatic termination of the session when a certain multiplier is reached on the screen. This is a popular way to quickly get to the plus side and increase your bankroll.

Play Bustabit

Martingale strategy

It is very much liked by gamblers and is often used in high stakes gambling games. After each loss, players increase their bet, and after winning, they return to the original amount. The idea is that by making higher bets, losses are compensated for.

Experienced players usually avoid this strategy in crash games. They believe that this way does not increase the chances of winning in the short term at all, purely because the more bets are placed, the lower the profit. They believe that this strategy offers few long-term benefits.

For players with a large cache, this tactic is ideal. This is because further losses will not affect the balance much, giving enough time to accumulate the desired wins.

Nyan Strategy

The point of the tactic is to catch the cute kitty in the game. He appears after the chart grows to 1000x. As soon as the gambler sees a cute creature on the screen - he immediately needs to withdraw his bet from the round. The meaning of the strategy is that the game further on the risks are many times higher than the possible prize.

Sniper Strategy (aka Sniping Bustabit)

The idea of the tactic was proposed by Pavel Dmitriev about 10 years ago. It is another modernized version of such trading strategies as Meat, Meat 2 and Alive System.

To attract novice traders, brokers and so-called business coaches offered the strategy training course for free or at a significant discount, which increased interest in it and created excitement. The usual trading on important levels was hidden so intricately that it was quite difficult to understand it. It was later that questions about its expediency began to be asked. And they found the answer in a professional marketing campaign.

Rules for entering a trade. The Sniper trading system offers to focus on the extreme values of the previous session's ratios, identified on longer time-frame. In essence, it is a prediction in the form of an average value based on previous lows and highs.

Where can I play the bitcoin game Bustabit?

There are several casinos that offer the crypto game Crash:

  1. The BC.Game boasts an exciting proprietary game with awesome social features.
  2. Stake Casino is known for its low house advantage and high RTP for the gambler.
  3. The Thunderpick offers a colorful variation with a unique theme.
  4. The Roobet is a polished, player-friendly product.

Stake Crash

How to register

The registration process is now very fast and takes no more than 10 seconds if the casino has a one-click account creation feature. Registration at Bustabit only requires a username, and the password is already generated and tied to the gamer's IP address. Providing an email is also not required, although it is recommended for the recovery options. Keep in mind that casinos often require player verification to withdraw prize money. Also for cashout you need to fund your account to link the payment system.

How to replenish your account in Bustabit

Ethereum, Litecoin, Bytecoin or Dogecoin will first have to be exchanged for bitcoins. This is the only accepted currency in Bustabit. Players with fiat money will have to do the same. Despite the casino's growing popularity and high rating, the gambling site does not support Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and other standard payment methods.

Gamblers will be able to fund their accounts using bitcoin wallets. For each coin, the casino sets deposit and withdrawal limits. For bitcoins, the minimum deposit is 0.00015BTC, and for Ethereum - 0.005ETH. And the withdrawal limits reach 0.00005BTC, 0.005ETH and 25USDT. It is also worth noting that the site does not limit the maximum deposit or withdrawal amount.

Bustabit login 

The first thing you need to do to start playing is to create an account. To do this, click on "Register" on the main page. The action will lead to the registration page, where you need to enter your username, password and email address. After registration, you will be able to log in to bustabit and start playing.

Bustabit Apk Download

Bustabit mobile app

The website is optimized in such a way that it is fully functional even when accessed from a smartphone. The same applies to other portable devices. One obstacle for modern users will be the lack of a special program for Android or iOS. For playing the Bustabit, there is no app to download. Although, this would make access to the game much easier.

As it stands now, the lack of a dedicated app requires the user to enter through a browser. However, Bustabit also offers instructions on how to add the website to the home screen of a mobile device, and this will significantly reduce the time required to access the game. Instead of a dedicated mobile page, the game relies on an adaptive design language to allow mobile access without a bustabit app.

Predictor Bustabit (Predictor)

Bustabit Predictor was launched in January 2021. Currently Crash Predictor is the #1 failure prediction program with 300 active users and a success rate of 99% for 60,000+ rounds. Bustabit predictor download is available on the casino floor, just like any other application or utility.

Still, it is important to remember that the whole game is built on the fact that you cannot predict the next draw. Bustabit Predictor 2023 uses an algorithm to analyze the previous sessions of the game.

Roobet Predictor

Bustabit hacks

If those offering Bustabit hacks worked, the provider would go bankrupt. And many top players would have guessed the same or similar multiplier in a large number of games. It would have become obvious to other gamblers that other participants had either bought or developed their own algorithm. And such a situation would definitely alienate skeptical experienced players, leading to a losing situation for the house either way.

These arguments, of course, do not prove that Bustabit does not have some sort of bias that certain gamblers take advantage of. There are paid variants of the alleged hack, but all versions of the game are hosted on developer websites that maintain strong encryption of information. The casino is only an intermediary.

There are tips for those who are not sure about the security of the sites. Do not send large amounts of BTC to the balance of Bustabit at once. The same advice applies to any new bitcoin address, not just this game. Since the game has been hacked in the past, you should take the same precautions as you would anywhere else. The main thing to remember is the first law of cryptocurrency: if there are no keys, there are no coins.

To be safe, you should periodically withdraw your Bustabit profit and store BTC in your local wallet. You can always check for bustabit free bits that are offered by third-party sites. These are the ones that can help in predicting bets for the next rounds.

Bustabit script

Bustabit script simulator is an HTML library. It is bug free and has no vulnerabilities. Bustabit scripts are based on basic gambling theory such as searching and using some session algorithms.

There are many reasons to be skeptical of scripts. The most common ones are as follows:

  1. Most gambling has more to do with psychology than with solid mathematical theory.
  2. The odds of the session ending successfully are low.
  3. The process is based on a psychological fallacy associated with gambling slots called "Oscar play"

A major misconception states that it is more likely to win after a long losing streak. This is clearly wrong. Most players leave the casino completely broke. There is no consolation in a winning streak after heavy defeats.

The Bustabit script keeps track of previous attempts and will try to predict future results. But it doesn't work against random results. The crash is activated by a random number generator.

Most algorithms for Bustabit are based on the false assumption that there is some causal effect between the sequences of draws. Something like: if the first 7 rounds ended with a high multiplier, then the 8th round is likely to be a low multiplier. This is completely false. The probability that the 8th, 9th, and 10th rounds will have a high multiplier is exactly the same as the first round.

It is worth understanding that each draw does not carry anything over to the next and does not borrow anything from the previous ones. You should beware of specially designed scripts to swindle money from the gambler. One particular type of malware targets a player's entire bankroll. It is a long script that supposedly applies some strategies and can even win a few rounds. And even when it somehow triggers, it transfers the player's entire balance to the attacker's account.

Bustabit Script

Simulator Bustabit

Since Bustabit is a browser-based game. There are several software projects that have borrowed and adapted some of the Javascript code to create similar interfaces. Here are some of the Bustabit simulator scripts:

- Mtihc Bustabit;

- Mtihc source code;

- BaBSS Bustabit;

- JsFiddle by Aquiffer.

They can be fun to gamble with. But the player is probably here to learn how to win real bitcoin on real Bustabit.

All these simulators are not suitable for teaching scenarios to win in a real game. The Bustabit emulator cannot simulate the real process. The main reason is related to the unpredictability of the crash. The whole process depends on true randomness. Just like bitcoin block hashes are completely random, so are the multipliers of Bustabit.

If Bustabit games could be predicted, some clever gambler would write a script predicting outcomes with a high degree of certainty, beating the casino and earning a large stash of bitcoins.


Crash game, which set the rhythm of fast gambling processes, definitely deserves attention. Especially since a cute kitty on a multiplier of 1000x is waiting for successful participants. And here it is quite realistic to win a significant amount of money. Bitcoin game is suitable for those who want to bet with crypto coins. Registration and authorization of time and actions on the part of the gamer are reduced to a minimum. It is possible to start playing immediately after depositing or receiving bonuses in the casino.


Is Bustabit legal?

Bustabit is a legitimate online slot for those who are looking for an understandable bitcoin betting game. The creators do not interfere with the gambling process, most transactions are automated and the parameters are easy to customize.

Can I play Bustabit from the United States?

It is illegal to play Bustabit from the United States. U.S. citizens or residents cannot play for legal reasons.

What bonuses are there in the game?

There may be various bonuses available for playing at Bustabit, such as first deposit rewards, daily rewards, loyalty program, etc. More information about bonuses can be found on the official Bustabit website or by contacting the casino support team.

How does Bustabit work?

You need to determine your preferred bet for each particular round. Next, you need to carefully follow the progress of the increasing line and try to cash out before the flight. And the winnings are determined by the multiplier shown during the withdrawal. When you play Bustabit, expect to see information about any other participants on the screen as well as their results.

What bitcoin gambling sites are similar to Bustabit Trust Dice?

Some gambling sites that can be compared to Bustabit Trust Dice include Stake, Roobet and PrimeDice. They also offer various cryptocurrency games with similar mechanics and the ability to bet on the rise or fall of the multiplier.

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