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Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Stake provides betting services, online casino, virtual games. The section with author's games Stake Originals deserves special attention of gamblers.

Although this company gained its popularity mainly because of its excellent sports betting section, we would like to pay special attention to the unique online casino Stake. Become a visitor of this casino and get at your disposal:

  • an impressive collection of gambling entertainment;
  • a live casino with exclusive games;
  • slots with extensive gaming features;
  • a quality mobile version of the website;
  • A secure gaming space thanks to advanced encryption and firewall technologies.

The developers of the site have made tremendous efforts to ensure a positive gaming experience for their guests.

What is Stake Casino

If you are interested in gambling entertainment, you have probably heard about online casino Stake. Its untarnished reputation and perfectly selected game collection attracts a large number of connoisseurs of quality gaming establishments. Another advantage of Stake casino is the ability to deposit and withdraw funds using cryptocurrency. This makes financial transactions Stake:

  • safe;
  • fast;
  • confidential.

As mentioned above, in addition to the many advantages of Stake online casino, the presence of the Stake Originals section stands out in particular. The games presented in this block are developed by Stake and have already gained trust and popularity among gamblers.

What is Stake Originals

To understand all the intricacies of the games Stake Originals create an account at the casino and go to the section of the same name. Here you will be able to play your favorite gambling games developed by the experts of online casino Stake.

stake originals games

Original games Stake

The Stake Originals collection will delight you with these popular representatives:

  • Dice - Roll the dice and guess what numbers will fall out. A simple but very exciting game.
  • Plinko - rapidly descending balls, which are repelled by obstacles in the form of pegs and thus constantly change their trajectory of fall. Each ball in the final round falls into one of the holes, which has its own multiplier. This determines the player's winnings.
  • Mines - on a 5x5 playing field the player should bet on the number of mines and not to run into one of them in search of crystals. The more mines, the higher will be the amount of winnings, but also the risk of getting blown up is higher.
  • Crash - the player must manage to withdraw the bet before the rocket explodes. The interest lies in the fact that while it flies, the win multiplier increases. That is, the longer the flight, the larger the size of the win. The risk is that the explosion can happen at any moment and then the gambler loses everything.
  • Limbo - offers to guess the number of the multiplier. If the multiplier round will fall out more than the number specified by the gambler, then the player will gain profit, if lower - lose the bet.
  • Blackjack - the player needs to score more points than the croupier, but no more than 21.
  • HiLo - guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card.
  • Dragon Tower - climb up the tower and collect dragon eggs. The more eggs you manage to uncover, the more money you will get.
  • Keno - select random numbers from the keno card that you think will be drawn. The winnings will be the equivalent amount of the guessed numbers.
  • Wheel - choose the game mode, sector color and start the wheel. If your bet matches the result of the spin, you have won.
  • Scarab Spin is a classic slot with 5 reels in an Egyptian theme. It has Scatter, Freespins and Wild symbols that make the game even more exciting and profitable.
  • Diamonds - Identify the diamonds with the highest multiplier you think and spin the board. The longer you play, the more chances you have to find these multipliers.
  • Roulette - Stake have taken the European version of roulette as their base, which means that there is only one zero sector on the wheel. Place your bet and watch the ball move across the spinning roulette wheel. The sector where the ball stops is the winning sector.
  • Blue Samurai is a slot exclusively for Stake customers. Place your bet and start spinning.
  • Slide - assign a target multiplier and compare it with the multiplier given by the machine. In case of luck, multiply your bet by this multiplier.
  • Video Poker - the player gets his 5 cards and can change them as much as he wants to cards from the deck, which is lying face up. The win depends on the sum of the card denominations that will remain in the gamble player's hand.
  • Baccarat is a classic card game where you can bet on a player's hand, banker's hand, or a draw.

This list is not definitive and is updated periodically with new developments. Follow the updates of the Stake Originals game library by subscribing to the operator's newsletter.

Games Stake Originals

For the basis of new game products, the developers of Stake Originals took the classic, beloved by gamblers around the world crash games, arcade games and other fast games, only adapted them to cryptocurrency and added some features. You can evaluate the result by registering at Stake Casino and visiting this section. In the meantime, we offer you to familiarize yourself with a brief description of the games presented in it.


Playing the exclusive Dice from Stake is an exciting experience in one of the most famous gambling games. Many gamblers around the world love to tickle their nerves and feel the unique storm of emotions during the dice drop on the gaming table. Stake gave its visitors a simple and at the same time insanely gambling board game. The player "rolls" a die, which has 100 faces. Calculate the result is impossible, but guess the chance is. Here you can only count on luck.


Playing space Plinko from Stake represents a field in the form of a pyramid, on which pins are located. On it rolls the ball, which hitting the obstacles, changes the trajectory of movement and continues to roll to the holes, which are located at the bottom of the playing field. Each hole has its own multiplier value, which determines the amount of winnings. It all seems too simple, but Stake has added the functions of selecting the risk level and the number of rows.


When creating the Mines, the developers were inspired by the popular Sapper game. On a 5x5 playing field the player must find crystals. At the same time, to get a win, you should set the bet and the number of mines. They can be from 1 to 24. The more mines, the higher the multiplier of winning when finding a crystal.


Stake, as a developer, could not pass by the exciting game Crash and created its own version. This slot visually resembles the stock market. The goal is to withdraw your bet before the market crashes. During the market rise, the value of the winning multiplier continuously increases. The more you risk, the more you can win.


The graphics of the Limbo from the Stake are very simple. The guest sees a large playing field with a multiplier number in the middle. The bet amount is placed in the box to the left of the main playing area. And underneath it should be set the multiplier that you think should fall in the next round. The target multiplier in Limbo Stake can be from 1.01 to 1,000,000x. And there are no limits on the amount of winnings. The game allows several automatic betting options:

  • to determine the number of bets in advance;
  • automatic increase of the bet amount by a certain percentage, depending on the outcome of the round;
  • take advantage of stop loss, when losing a certain amount of money, i.e. stop betting;
  • set a "profit stop."

The randomness of the rounds results can be easily verified with the integrity provability technology implemented in the game.


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games for money. Stake has created a visually simplified version, keeping all the features of the classic game. Its essence is to score more points than the croupier, but no more than 21 points. The game is played between the player and the casino, there are no outside participants. Blackjack game is available in the arsenal of almost all online casinos, each of which seeks to interest players and incline them to active cooperation. Crypto-casino Stake is no exception and tried to create excellent conditions for Blackjack lovers:

  • a unique version of a game of our own design;
  • application of provably fair play technology;
  • generous incentive program and welcome bonus.

There are many strategies for playing Blackjack. You can read them on the vastness of the Internet and make the game process more systematized and orderly. But always remember that no strategy does not guarantee a winning result on 100%. Enjoy the game and control your bankroll.


If you're tired of complicated games and brightly colored flickering slot machines, you'll be perfectly suited to the retro game HiLo. Opening the game in the section Stake Originals you will see a card face up on the screen. Your task is to bet on the value of the next card, whether it will be higher or lower. The series of the game will end when the player makes a mistake or clicks on the "Payout" button. The more open cards, the higher the payout multiplier. The rules are elementary and the game tends to fascinate visitors who stop thinking straight and can cross the boundary of the allowable amount of loss, hoping to recoup losses with a big win. Do not allow this and then you can get real pleasure from the game.

Dragon Tower

The game Dragon Tower developed by Stake is a screen on which there is a tower with a dragon on top. The tower consists of boxes in which the dragon eggs are hidden. The number of crates depends on the level chosen by the player. Place your bet and click on the crates in the hope of guessing which one has an egg hidden in it. The RTP of the game is 98%. The volatility level is high, which means that you should not expect frequent wins, but if luck is on your side and you can stay in the game for a long time, the amount of winnings can be impressive. Despite the simple plot, the game keeps you in suspense during the whole gaming session. Always keep an eye on your bankroll, even if you are using one of the many betting systems.


The Keno version of the popular Stake game is characterized by its concise and clear interface. Entering the game, the gambler receives a card with numbers from 1 to 80. Place bets using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, trying to guess from 1 to 10 numbers that will fall out as a result of the drawing. To simplify the task you can use the Auto-Pick function. To start the game you should press the "Play" button. The volatility of the game is quite high. This means that although the chances of winning are low, but the amount of winnings can be dizzyingly large. The winning numbers will be determined by a random number generator, so you can't calculate them. Trust your luck and take your winnings depending on the number of numbers you guess.


This slot resembles the "Wheel of Fortune". The player's task is to bet on a certain sector and spin the wheel. Like many other crypto games Whee is quite simple and straightforward. You don't need to be an experienced gambler to make money in this slot. It is enough to possess luck and a small bankroll. Players of Whee Stake can set the risk level and the number of sections on the wheel. And only after that make a bet and start spinning the wheel. The minimum bet is 0.00000001 BTC. If you don't want to waste time waiting for the result of the spin, you can set "Instant Bet" and get the result immediately. RTP of the slot is 99%.

Scarab Spin

Scarab Spin is a game with a long-term perspective. It consists of 5 reels, 4 rows and an impressive 75 paylines. The interesting features of the machine will make your game interesting and even more profitable. These include:

  • free spins;
  • multipliers;
  • stacked symbols;
  • incentive rounds.

This slot is different in that the player will not see the symbols until it reaches 10 spins. That is, the game reel must make 10 spins and reveal 11 symbols. You don't have to keep a close eye on the cycles and count them, there is a counter above the reels that shows the current spin number. Get ready for a long gaming session, which will pay off with a big win. The Scarab Spin machine has an RTP of 93% to 96%, and the volatility level is low to medium. This means that there can be a lot of wins, but for small amounts. If you don't like high risk games, Scarab Spin is perfect for you.


One of the first children of the company Stake entertaining cryptocurrency game Diamonds. The player needs to bet on diamonds and spin the board. The goal of the game is to calculate the stones with the highest multiplier. The chances of impressive winnings increase with the time spent in the game. Gain gaming experience and will be able to appreciate all the possibilities of this slot. This will help you promo codes that offers casino Stake and bonus free spins. Follow the promotional offers from the gaming establishment and stay afloat as long as possible, even without a large bankroll.


Roulette from Stake is an analog of the world-famous and popular gambling game. The gambler needs to make bets on the playing field and start the roulette wheel with a ball in it. The number of cells in which the ball stops, becomes a winning. The game involves only you and the casino. The authenticity of the results can be verified with a hash code. Roulette offers many betting options, which are divided into internal and external bets. Internal bets include:

  • straight one number;
  • split - two neighboring numbers;
  • line - three numbers in a row on one vertical line;
  • angle - for the numbers in the neighboring square;
  • Six Line - two adjacent lines of 6 numbers;
  • trio - bet on three numbers, including 0;
  • first four - bet on 0, 1, 2, 3
  • basket - bet on the first four numbers plus double 0.

Outside betting in roulette:

  • Low/High - bet on numbers 1 through 18 or 19 through 36;
  • red/black - rate of numbers in red or black cells;
  • even/odd - rate the corresponding numbers;
  • dozen - bet on the first, second or third field of 12 numbers;
  • column to one of the three 12-digit columns;
  • snake - bet on the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34.

This variety of stakes was one of the reasons for the crazy popularity of this iconic game.

Blue Samurai

Slot machine Blue Samurai is available only for players registered in the casino. This is a slot with traditional mechanics. You make a bet and start the reel. If your bet is played - withdraw your funds. Familiarize yourself with additional features and payout options, their use will bring even more excitement and winnings. This game has a lot of positive reviews, so do not deny yourself the opportunity to get a pleasant gaming experience with the opportunity to earn.


The essence of the exciting game Slide from Stake is very simple and resembles roulette. The player needs to make a bet and designate the target multiplier. Then the machine will give a random multiplier from 0 to infinity. If it is greater than the target multiplier, the player's bet should be multiplied by it. The basic rules of the game in Slide:

  • rate of not less than 0.00000001 BTC;
  • the minimum target multiplier is 1.01;
  • The maximum target multiplier is 4,294,967,000;
  • it is possible to make several bets with different amounts for different multipliers;
  • maximum winnings - 5 VTS.

The slot machine has these additional features:

  • auto mode;
  • hotkeys;
  • real-time statistics;
  • Viewing the game in theater mode.

The maximum payout in this slot can be 10,000 times the bet. This gives a chance to the guests of the game to rip off a big score.

Video Poker

Online casino Stake, like all first-class gaming establishments could not fail to get in its collection one of the most popular and favorite money games Video Poker. And to provide their customers with a guarantee of honesty and adapt it to cryptocurrency developed their own version of the legendary game. The rules have remained unchanged. The player sees on the screen 5 cards turned upside down and can drop any of them, and in return get an unknown card from the closed deck. When the new layout appears in your hand, the winnings will be according to the pay table data. So study it carefully to know which card combinations are worth how much. Supported card combinations:

  • Jackie or better;
  • two pairs;
  • three of a kind;
  • straight;
  • flush;
  • full house;
  • B;
  • straight flush;
  • flush royale.

Video Poker Stake has a low risk level and RTP about 99,5%. This game is available to players with bankrolls of different sizes and will give a lot of pleasant emotions, both professional and new player.


Baccarat is a simple and straightforward game that can be played without the need for complicated strategies. The objective is to guess whose hand, the player's or the dealer's, will be closer to 9. You can also bet on a draw. The value of the cards:

  • from 1 to 9 - corresponding to their denominations;
  • 10, jack, queen and king - 0;
  • Ace - 1.

If one of the hands draws 2 cards, the sum of which exceeds 9, you should subtract 10 from the initial sum. The rules are simple, just try it and you will understand everything at once, especially Stake Origins offers the game with a simplified and intuitive interface.

Differences between traditional games and Stake Originals games

The games developed by Stake are characterized by simple mechanics and clear game lobbies. Although Stake Origins features the traditional online casino cash games, gamblers of all levels appreciate the quality of graphics and thoughtful features of the original slots and table games. Register at Stake Casino and see for yourself the first-class nature of the copies presented. Such a delightful gaming experience you will not get anywhere else.

Benefits of Stake Originals games

The first and most significant advantage of Stake Originals games is their fairness. This can be checked by any user, as Provably Fair technology is implemented in every game. This makes a big difference because the games are designed by the casino itself, which benefits from being in favor. But thanks to the algorithms used by Provably Fair in particular, players can be sure that the results of the games are random. An important advantage of gambling entertainment section Stake Origins is the adaptability of games for betting in fiat and in cryptocurrency. The player can use the currency that suits him best.

Stake casino banking options

Casino Stake offers its visitors to perform financial transactions on the site with the help of cryptocurrencies of all popular types. All the payment methods used are extremely reliable and tested by many customers. You can easily convert cash to crypto right on the casino website.

Having opted for debit cards, you can have no doubts about the safety of payments. The money will arrive to your game account instantly and is not subject to commission from Stake. Do not choose a payment method without making sure that the payment service provider also does not charge any fees for using the card, as it will bring to unnecessary expenses.

When entering card details, make sure that they match the specified information in the casino account. Their mismatch can bring difficulties when withdrawing funds. All information about your card will be stored on your gaming account under the reliable protection of SSL encryption. If you still prefer to use one of the e-wallets for money transactions, also consider the need to match the information entered during registration with the wallet data. This method allows you to perform transactions quickly and anonymously.

Casino policy prohibits the use of credit cards and credit card funded e-wallets for deposits. This is done as part of the responsible gaming terms and conditions. When wishing to withdraw funds, choose the same method as when depositing. The maximum term for processing a withdrawal request, regardless of the payment method, is 5 working days, but in most cases the funds will reach your account much faster.

How to deposit and withdraw funds in Stake Originals

You can deposit funds to your account only after registering on the official casino site, as only after that in the main lobby of the game profile you will have a section that allows you to perform this operation. Create an account, and then:

  • log in;
  • click the "Deposit" section;
  • select your preferred deposit method;
  • if necessary, confirm your income, place of residence and other data to continue using the site without hindrance.

You can only use the same payment method for withdrawals as for deposits. The account to which you want to transfer your winnings must be opened in the same name as your Stake account. To apply for a withdrawal:

  • click the "Withdraw Funds" button;
  • specify the amount requested;
  • specify the method of withdrawal.

The operator reserves the right to ask you for proof of identity:

  • the identity of the player;
  • source of income;
  • place of residence and other.

In case you have any difficulties when withdrawing money, contact customer support immediately and a team of experienced specialists will definitely find a way to eliminate them.

Games Stake Originals - Strategies to Win

As in other gambling games, in Stake Originals the most effective advice is to be able to stop in time. Before you start playing, set yourself limits, that is, determine the amount you can afford to spend, and it will not bring you problems. Do not, under any circumstances, go beyond this line. If you don't want to rely only on luck and like a more thoughtful and systematized game, familiarize yourself with the numerous gambling strategies and try to put them into practice. No matter how much you want to earn at the casino, don't forget that it is first and foremost entertainment.


Crypto casino Stake is one of the best in the industry. The Stake Originals games will bring its visitors not only a great gaming experience, but also an opportunity to increase their starting capital. Already familiar games, but with a more improved interface, as well as the ability to pay only with cryptocurrency, which for many gamblers has become a huge plus, make the games Stake Originals increasingly popular and attractive in the world of gambling.


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