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  • The multiplier and crash mechanics create an exciting and gambling experience.
  • The ability to play with other players, which makes the game more social and intriguing.
  • Simple and clear gameplay that does not require special skills or knowledge.
  • Availability of the game on different platforms and devices.
  • The game is completely dependent on luck and chance, which can be unappealing to players looking for more strategic elements.
  • The simplicity of the graphics may not appeal to players who prefer a more visually intense game.

With the advent of crash casino players were able to assess the prospects of the gambling industry. Experimenters with alternative betting methods have already appreciated crash slots and popularized gambling opportunities. Previously, crash games were synonymous with weak operators who didn't care too much about things like KYC. Now, thanks to Pragmatic Play, fast play resolution slots are on the cusp of moving into the mainstream. The game in question is called Spaceman and it provides all the possible thrills that crash entertainment is known for. The gambling mode is presented with a special respectability marked by a recognized licensed software brand.

Spaceman slot game

Playing Spaceman slot

Pragmatic Play Spaceman Game Review

Spaceman is an online multiplayer game developed by Pragmatic Play and released in March 2022. During the game, the multiplier, which increases the bet, goes up. In order to withdraw their winnings, the crash casino customer must cash out the investment before the rising line collapses. This development occurs suddenly and at any moment. All the player needs to get the payout is a bit of luck. The game has rather simple graphics, but is still attractive for gambling leisure.

The plot is as follows: a little astronaut flies through space. A crash occurs when the hero stops flying higher to the stars. Halfway through the round, the astronaut waits to fly while players make their predictions before taking off during the cash game. However, the game provides no betting paths, no leeway, no variance, and no hit rate.

In a multiplayer game, the betting process is done together with other online casino visitors, but it does not affect the investment of a particular player. However, communication with other gamblers makes what is happening on the screen more intriguing and gambling.

How to play the Spaceman game

How to play the Spaceman game

The most important features of this video slot are the multiplier, decent RTP and the explosion/crash mechanics. Spaceman has an RTP of 96.5%, which is slightly below the industry average, but it's still enough to snap a payout. One of the great features is that the customer sets the volatility himself using the auto-cashout feature. The user can adjust this option to a low value for smaller but more frequent payouts or a higher value for larger and less frequent payouts.

Spaceman Game Key Features and Benefits

One of the differences between Spaceman and online slots is that it is not an individual mode for a specific casino game. Multiple players can join and simultaneously participate at a table with a live dealer in the casino. There is even a chat window where participants can chat with each other.

Customers who have previously tried The Incredible Balloon Machine or Golden Hook slots from innovative American developer Crazy Tooth Studio will have a good idea of how the Spaceman slot works. After the gambler sets the amount per turn by clicking "Confirm Bet", he will move on to the next stage. When the gambling round has started, two new buttons appear - Cashout and Cashout 50%. Each of them displays the increasing value of payments. If the gambler decides to click on any of them before the astronaut crashes, he will get the corresponding prize.

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The difference between the two buttons is that Cashout completely takes the casino guest out of the game along with his winnings. Cashout 50% means that half of the prize money from the bet is credited, but the gambler stays in the process with the other half of the amount. Therefore, there is a chance to cash out later with a higher multiplier. If Spaceman crashes before the bet is withdrawn, the customer will lose the investment.

Game Spaceman Pragmatic Play

Game Spaceman Pragmatic Play

It is important to note that when the multiplier is x1, all players lose. The overall goal or trick is to hold down the button as long as possible, thereby accumulating a larger reward before the multiplier is reset. This doesn't require any special skills or knowledge, just the random luck of the draw. Automatic cashout options can be useful here. By setting these, players don't have to press the Cashout button.

Spaceman will appeal to those who appreciate good gameplay, which has both traditional and innovative elements. Despite the fact that the PragmaticPlay offering is a brand new game, the real-time gambling has already managed to gain an excellent reputation. This has happened thanks to the special features and exciting potential. Spaceman is now available for all operators offering Pragmatic Play live casino games on all devices - mobile and desktop.

Automatic withdrawal of winnings

If the player does not want to click the withdrawal button himself, he can use automatic payouts. When the multiplier value reaches a certain amount, the bet will be cashed in auto mode, if these features are activated. It is available to the client to choose this amount independently, and if the multiplier reaches the specified value without crashing, the winning amount is credited to the balance.

spaceman auto cashout

spaceman auto cashout

There are no special bonus features like in other slots. The same can be said about the bonus rounds. However, the closest to the special bonus option is the 50% cashout button, because there is no such option in any similar slot. The option in 50% will reduce the risks and help you cash out half of your bet before collapsing. But the game does not stop and thus increases volatility. The gambler continues to play with the rest of his investment and still has the opportunity to withdraw the prizes later, already increased by the multiplier.

Game mechanics: How to play?

Interestingly, the rounds in Spaceman Bet start even when players haven't placed any bets. Sessions start every ten seconds. If the customer wants to play, he has to press the green bet confirmation button at the bottom of the screen. Above the game sign, there is a betting section with hundreds of options. Casino guests will be able to make investments from 1 to 100 euros per round. In addition, players will be able to find several buttons in the upper right corner. Their functions are as follows:

  • chat activation;
  • real-time support for the helpdesk;
  • history and help display;
  • The sound control, settings, animation speed, and screen size.

Also displayed on the screen are statistics, a cancellation sign, autoplay, and double bet icons. To be honest, at first the main field may seem overwhelming with its functionality. However, as practice proves, playing this version is easy and it does not require much practice.

The game begins with the protagonist standing in the middle of the panel and preparing to launch into the sky. The gambler in this pause needs to make a prediction on the event. To help the Cashout option, there are additional options such as auto-cashout limit, automatic 50% and regular 50% withdrawals. In the auto-cashout limit, the player manually sets the amount he wishes to cash out, while the Cashout 50% provides at least some winnings.

One thing that all gamblers should always keep in mind - the round can stop at any time. Therefore, it is advisable to develop your own tactics or use strategies so as not to get lost in the process, but to follow your plan.

The maximum possible winnings for Spaceman slot is 500 000$. The longer the player waits to press the withdrawal button, the higher are the chances to win larger prizes. Temptation of gamblers decides the outcome of the game. For example, once they reach a high level of 2000x, it is hard to decide to stop. And constantly in your head there is a question: is it worth cashing out or to continue playing.

Special Symbols

There is only one symbol in this game: the cute astronaut. Unlike in slots, this hero does not give prizes by himself. The main purpose of the online draw is to watch the multiplier grow after the player makes a bet and the correct choice of winning withdrawal. The figure is well animated and drawn, although the impression of many is that it is similar to 8-bit games. The movements of the main character are smooth and pleasing to the eye. The color palette of the astronaut is chosen in accordance with the theme.

Graphics and Sounds

As the name suggests, the plot of the process is related to space and astronauts. When the betting round begins, the protagonist waves a flag with a heart and then flies through galactic space. When a crash occurs, he stops flying and the betting round ends. Spaceman has fairly simple graphics, which is usual for Crash Casino video slots, but the game theme is bright and appealing.

Thanks to its "simple" visuals, the game is 3.8 MB in size and is built using web technologies such as Javascript and HTML5. This means that the game works in any browser without the need for additional add-ons. Slot Crash Casino features a relatively simple design combined with artistic and vivid graphics. There is an option to remove the 3D graphics and just show the multiplier accumulation in real time. This can be useful if a player runs a gambling process on an outdated PC or just does not want to be distracted by bright animation.

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How do I start playing Spaceman?

The essence of the slot Saracen is quite simple. To start playing, select the bet amount and wait for the start of the round. When the countdown reaches 0, the astronaut will fly into space and the game multiplier will begin to accumulate. When you decide to withdraw, you will be offered two options. There is the option to cash out the entire bet or choose the 50% feature. It allows you to place the remaining funds from the investment in the round, or withdraw half after the end of the round.

Spaceman demo

Spaceman demo


To register and start playing Crash slot Spaceman on the platform of online casinos, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the official website vіbrannogo online casino and click on "Registration".
  2. Fill out the registration form with the information you need to create your account.
  3. Think of a strong password and confirm it.
  4. Get verified by providing the necessary documents.
  5. Refill your game balance using the available payment methods.
  6. Choose a Spaceman game in the Crash Slots category and enjoy playing.

Online platforms must ensure the security and privacy of player data, as well as offer a wide range of payment methods and professional user support. Registration on platforms is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Some platforms sometimes suggest using social media accounts to create a profile.

Online casino registration

How do I deposit my account?

In order to deposit your game balance and start playing crash slot Spaceman on the platform of any online casino, you need to go through this algorithm:

  1. Log in to your account on the official website of the casino.
  2. Click the "Top Up" button at the top of the screen in your profile.
  3. Choose your preferred method of payment from the available options, such as bank cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and others.
  4. Enter the required amount and confirm the transaction.
  5. After successful completion of the transaction funds will be credited to the game balance, and you can start playing crash slot Spaceman.

Online platforms offer a wide range of transaction options and ensure data security and confidentiality. All deposit operations are as fast and convenient as possible.

How do I bet at Spaceman?

Single line betting strategy is very effective for single prize slots and games where there are no fixed lanes to collect combinations. Sraseman works completely differently than traditional slots, with only one cumulative multiplier and no lines. This makes it clear that the strategy of betting on a single strip or other techniques for online slots are not applicable. Bets can be placed in different currencies, such as dollars, pounds, euros, as well as in crypto.

The minimum investment in the process is $, €, £1 or the equivalent in cryptocurrency, the maximum is 100. The largest payout is 5000 times the bet.

There are some steps a player can take to reduce their losses and improve the gaming experience as a whole. Gamblers should set a withdrawal limit when they decide how much of their money will be used in a crash game. Experienced casino guests set a monthly and weekly sending limit for themselves and never exceed it.

Bonuses and promotions in Spaceman slot for players

Crash games are still very new to the market. Not many major studios have worked on such gambling offerings, and Spaceman is the first experience in the genre from software producer Pragmatic Play. The game is completely unlike traditional machines, as are its features.

Spaceman bonus

Spaceman bonus

At online casinos that offer Spaceman, players can get various bonuses and participate in promotions.

  • Some casinos provide promo codes that can be used at registration to get additional funds for betting.
  • The welcome bonus is also a popular way to attract new customers to online casinos. This package can include free Spaceman moves or extra credit to your account.
  • A sign-up bonus is available for newcomers. This can be a fixed amount for betting or a percentage of the first deposit.
  • Online casinos offer various promotions and tournaments for newcomers who have already registered. These include weekly bonuses, contests with prizes or special promotions on certain dates.

Each site has its own rules and conditions for receiving bonus funds. Players should study them carefully in order not to break the rules and get the maximum benefit from the coins given out.

Spaceman slot bonuses are an attractive way to increase winnings and extend the gambling experience. Customers can choose from a variety of offers entertainment that suits their gambling style and budget. It is important to remember that promotional offers are active only for registered users, so casino guests cannot take advantage of them.

Where to play Spaceman for real money

Spaceman for real money is available at various online casinos, including cryptocurrency casinos. The latter offer convenient methods of deposit and withdrawal of winnings, using different crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. The casinos provide secure and anonymous transactions, which is especially appealing to those who prefer to remain anonymous. Players can choose from a wide range of online casinos and enjoy an exciting gaming experience with the possibility of colossal prizes. Below are the reliable gambling sites that offer crash gaming.

F12 Bet

F12 Bet Casino is one of the leaders in the world of online gambling, offering a wide range of machines and bonuses for its players. On the site, guests can easily find Crash Spaceman, which is known for its exciting gameplay and the opportunity to win large cash prizes. To start playing Spaceman F12, you need to register on the site, then top up your balance and select the crash slot. F12 Bet Casino also offers many safe and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money, including bank cards, e-wallets and bank transfers.


Pix Bet Casino is a modern gaming platform that offers its customers a wide range of machines and profitable bonuses. On the portal, even beginners can easily find a crash game Spaceman Pixbet. To start the gambling process, you will need to take a quick registration and replenish your balance. Pixbet Casino offers many convenient methods of transactions and withdrawal of prizes.


Stake is an innovative online gambling platform, offering a unique and exciting gambling experience. Within the wide range of games, users can find the exciting crash game Spaceman. It is located in the section Crash on the main page. With its exciting gameplay and space theme, Spaceman will send online casino players on an inter-galactic adventure filled with tension and the chance to win big sums. The casino promises unforgettable excitement, and Spaceman is one of the main chances for a big score.


spaceman 1win slot

spaceman 1win slot

Casino 1Win - is a place where every player will find something to his liking. Here are the best machines from leading software manufacturers, as well as generous bonuses and promotions. If visitors want to try their luck in the crash game Spaseman, then just go to the section "Games" and select the appropriate category. There will also get to run online slot for crypto.


Estrela online casino is a virtual gambling establishment that offers exciting excitement and unique entertainment. On their website, one can easily find the Spaceman Estrela Bet crash game. Visitors should go to the "Slots" section, on the open tab it is easy to see a separate title section Crash. There, players can enjoy the space journey and exciting gameplay. Estrela Casino invites everyone to experience unforgettable emotions and try to win big prizes in a crash plot.


Casino Betano - A leading online casino offering a wide range of gambling games and entertainment. Among the many slots available on the site, finding the unique Spaceman Betano will not be difficult. Visitors noted in the reviews that they enjoyed hitting the launch button and watching the astronaut's flight altitude grow and the winnings balance increase. Crash Game Spaceman is one of the most popular attractions at F12 Bet, and everyone can immerse themselves in a space adventure even in the demo version.

Online casino registration

Bets in the game Spaceman: RTP and volatility

Spaceman slot has low volatility and an RTR percentage of 96.5%. This makes the process ideal for casual players who like to make smaller bets and have more winnings overall. Gamblers appreciate the opportunity to get their winnings at a maximum payout of 5000x. At the bottom of the game screen there are betting values, starting with a minimum of 1 euro. Available to change this value to 5, 10 or 25 euros per round. Players will be able to combine several different values to create different investment amounts, but the maximum per turn is 100 euros.

How to win at Spaceman

The win here is in the correct timing of the cash. It is impossible to predict with 100% certainty when the Sraseman will crash. Players need nerves of steel to pick up big prizes. Sometimes the hero stops flying a few seconds after takeoff, other times it is possible to achieve crazy multipliers multiple times when cashing out at 5x 1.5x. The trick is to refrain from cashing out with the minimum multiplier. The game rewards courage and steely confidence in your abilities, as the biggest winnings go to those who possess these very traits.

Spaceman Strategy Game

Spaceman Strategy Game

Spaceman's most effective strategies

Below are three of the most effective strategies for the Spaceman crash game:

  1. Progressive bet: You need to increase the amount of investment as the game progresses. Predictions start with a small amount, then it increases in each round. This allows you to increase potential prizes when payouts are in the "hot" phase, and to reduce losses during "cold" phases.
  2. Fixed rate: it is suggested to make a permanent investment for each round. It is necessary to choose the amount that the player is ready to spend for one turn. Then it is necessary to stick to this value, regardless of how events develop. This helps to manage the bankroll and avoid excessive losses.
  3. Time Intervals: Determine the intervals in which bets are placed. For example, you can choose every third round or play only at certain intervals of the day. This helps to manage both time and emotions, and to avoid losing too much money.

The Spaceman game always involves an element of chance, and no betting system guarantees winning. It is important to be responsible and set limits for yourself, so as not to exceed your own bankroll.

Tips and Tactics for Spaceman

Crash game Spaceman is a process on luck, and there are no certain tactics or strategies that can guarantee 100% winning. However, experienced online casino guests use different approaches to increase the chances of winning.

Here are a few tactics that gamblers use:

  1. Set limits on bets and winnings. This will help control costs and avoid losses.
  2. Play with moderate stakes. Do not make too high predictions, which can lead to large losses.
  3. Use the Martingale strategy. It involves doubling the bet after each loss and returning to the original bet after receiving the prize money.
  4. Withdraw prizes when the multiplier is low. This can increase the chances of winning a prize.
  5. Don't play for too long. Crash can be a very time-consuming pastime; it is important to be aware of the time spent playing Spaceman.

Free demo version of the game Spaceman

Gamblers are always happy to see slot machines with a full demo mode. This is by far the best way to get used to the mechanics and learn the various functions of any simulator. In the case of crash games like Sraseman, it is even more important to give casino guests enough time to learn how an astronaut's takeoff works. Every visitor to the online site can play for free. With fairly balanced mathematics and the possibility of large swings the slot is exciting. To make predictions, credits are issued, which will be updated simply by reloading the browser tab.

Spaceman mobile app

The game has full mobile accessibility, as do most slot machines. Now it is extremely important for online casinos and software developers to make sure that their products are fully compliant with the requirements of devices.

The list of devices on which Crash can run: PC, IOS and Android-gadgets. The game was developed using HTML5 technology, thanks to which it is visually displayed equally excellent, both on the PC and on the phone or tablet. You can download the apk utility only from the official portal.

How to download the game Spaceman?

Below are general instructions to help you download and install Spaceman:

  1. Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements for Spaceman. These are listed on the developers' official website and on the game's download page.
  2. Instructions for downloading the game can be found at the official site.
  3. Download the apk. First, you will need to create an account on the site, select the method of payment for bets.
  4. Save files: choose a place with enough free space.
  5. Install the game: Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Run arr: Click on the shortcut to activate the utility.

Spaceman Predictor

Spaceman Predictor is a program designed to predict game results. It uses algorithms and statistical models to analyze data and provide predictions about what outcomes may occur. The main features and description of the Predictor functions:

  1. Data Analysis: The utility can use data from Spaceman's score history to identify patterns and trends. It can examine previous results, win/loss statistics, and other factors to identify possible patterns.
  2. Modeling and prediction: Based on data analysis, Predictor creates statistical models and algorithms to predict different outcomes. It can predict the probability of winning and losing, as well as give recommendations for optimal strategies.
  3. Predictor provides a dashboard where everyone can see recommendations for specific situations.
  4. Custom Settings: The utility allows you to customize some settings to account for their individual preferences and strategies based on budget or other factors.
  5. Spaceman Predictor regularly updates its data and models to account for new game results and changes made.
  6. Intuitive interface: The utility has a user-friendly gameplay that allows users to easily activate all functions. Easy access to forecasts, settings and other information needed to make informed decisions.
spaceman predictor

Spaceman Predictor

It is important to note that Spaceman Predictor provides its analysis based on a study of the data, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the predictions. Games are random in nature and the results will definitely be unpredictable. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the program's predictions as additional information and make your own decisions.

Integrity and Legitimacy of the Spaceman Game

Integrity and legality are important aspects of the Spaceman crash game. Developers and operators strive to provide an honest and safe gambling environment for all customers. Unfortunately, there is a risk of hacking and illegal manipulation of results. Hacking a crash slot leads to serious consequences for all participants. Violators can make changes to the software, affecting skewed results and incorrect payouts. This can undermine players' confidence and affect their financial situation. Therefore, developers and operators of crash games strictly monitor the safety and security of the platform to prevent hack and ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the process.

Player reviews of Spaceman


Spaceman likes it. The process is exciting and fun. I've won several times in small amounts and it's always an awesome feeling. I recommend all newbies to try it.


Astronaut is a favorite game on Betano. I love the space theme and the speed of each round is amazing. I have already won several good sums and am always happy to play again.


I recommend Spaceman Predictor to all my friends who like to bet on sports. It is an indispensable tool for those who want to be successful with their predictions. I am happy with the results I get - I have won decent money three times already with Spaceman.


Cosmonaut is a very fun and exciting game. I love watching the takeoff and betting. I've managed to make two cash splits with a 15x multiplier!


Spaceman Predictor is a real game changer. I used to rely only on my intuition when making bets, but now I use this platform to make more informed decisions. The results are impressive, I doubled my investment in just half an hour.


Spaceman is really cool. I won some money, no way I dare to withdraw the prizes later. I don't have the courage to wait longer. Witnessed the 500x multiplier a few times.


Some people won't like the maximum bet amount, but the game still gives them a chance to win 5,000 times their investment. It is a promising process because it offers more withdrawal opportunities - we are talking about 50% cashouts. The anticipation of maximum winnings definitely gives a stunning gambling emotion.

Because it is a multiplayer game, everyone will be able to chat with other participants in the process. Players often discuss the available statistics and strategies in the chat room. Spaceman will appeal to those who appreciate a gambling experience that has both traditional and innovative elements. The game is now presented in many popular online casinos.


What is the game Spaceman?

Spaceman is an online multiplayer game developed by Pragmatic Play and released in March 2022. In the game, players place bets and participate in a gambling round where an astronaut flies through space. The main goal is to cash in on the investment before the astronaut crashes and earn the corresponding prize.

What features does the game Spaceman have?

Key features of the Spaceman game include a multiplier worthy RTP (96.5%) and explosion/crash mechanics. Players can also adjust volatility with the automatic cash-out feature for different payouts.

What options do players have in the game Spaceman?

When playing Spaceman, players can place bets with other online casino visitors. They have a choice of Cashout and Cashout 50% buttons to receive prizes. An automatic cashout feature is also available for the convenience of gameplay.

Where can I find the game Spaceman?

The Spaceman game is available on all casino platforms offering live games from Pragmatic Play. This also includes mobile and desktop devices.

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