Beginner's Guide: Shadow Fight 2

Beginner's Guide: Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a chiseled mix of fighting game and RPG. Not only do you fight in the best fighting game tradition, but you also dress up your character, buy weapons, upgrade your parameters and learn new abilities and strikes. In an epic dance of deadly weapons you will fight a lot of opponents. The world has been overrun by demons - the souls of warriors of the past and their bosses. A huge arsenal of weapons, many blows and techniques will help you to fight evil and close the Gate of Shadows. Kick, punch, cut and smash your way to victory. Of course these are all words and it's not always the blade and steel that wins on the battlefield. Sometimes it's cunning and guile. And to make sure that you are stronger than the enemy in this component - we publish the guide for beginners on how to pass the game Shadow Fight 2.

Download Shadow Fight 2 game for free for iPhone и for Android.

Beginner's Guide: Shadow Fight 2

Game walkthrough - a guide to Shadow Fight 2.

  1. Act I Rebirth
  2. Act II The Long Hunt
  3. Act III. Blood trail
  4. Act IV Revenge
  5. Act V The Greatest Temptation
  6. Act VI The Iron Heel
  7. Gates of shadows!
  8. Interlude
  9. Act VII Revelation, Chapter 1
  10. Act VII Revelation, Chapter 2
  11. Act VII Revelation, Chapter 3

Beginner's Guide: Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 game guide and manual.

Act I Rebirth

This is the very beginning of the game, and here I also recommend that you play without donating, that is, train yourself. I'm not forcing anyone to do this, I'm just advising you as an experienced player who has gone through the interlude.
To fight Lynx's first bodyguard, Sheen, you have no choice. You will use knives. And here we are on the Brick.
How to fight the Brick. Yes, I know you'll have knuckles, but personally I'm not comfortable with them, and I strongly recommend taking knives into battle, although the complexity will increase, the chances of winning are much higher.

Regarding tournaments. You will come across such individuals (the second version of the name, from the earliest versions, will always be in parentheses):

  • Monkey - unarmed
  • The stinger - to be honest, I have not met such a weapon myself
  • Joker, Vulture - knives
  • Madman, Iron - brass knuckles
  • Velvet - sai.
  • Bandit - batons
  • The Eruptionist is a machete

The battle with Needle (Sr. Ray). Quite interesting, you both have sai. There's not much to advise.

Battle with the Phantom. He has a ninja sword, which you can also buy. If you are lucky enough to win the Trickster's nunchakus, take them. I also advise you to take the riveted jacket and the kabuto soldier in the battle.

The battle with Shegol. He has swords, from the next act. I strongly recommend to take the slash, not the machete, it has the property of increased critical damage, which increases the chances of victory, as well as a snake mask and leather jacket.

Battle with the Lynx. I strongly recommend taking the bloody reaper snake armor and ritual mask in battle. And in no time you will get his seal.

Act II The Long Hunt

Continue on to the gate. And sprazhu I advise you to pump blood reaper and ritual mask, for a long time, but the armor throughout the act buy any.
New opponents in tournaments and challenges:

  • Prophet - daggers
  • Bully (old Predator) - crescents
  • Lucky (sr. Jack) - tonfa
  • Serpent (sr. Shaved) - pole
  • Utes (old Bear) - cris
  • Hellcat - swords

Battle with the Dragon - he has a pole. I advise you to pump blood reaper and ritual mask, use any armor.

Battle with Buffalo - he has crescents. I advise you to pump blood reaper and ritual mask, use any armor.

Battle with the Mantis (old Monk) - he has oriental sabers, you will meet them in the next act. I advise you to buy hammers imhotep and pump ritual mask, armor use the curse of the raven, in the battle take throwing daggers.

Battle with the Tiger - he has claws, you will meet them in the next act. I advise you to buy ruber hooks and pump ritual mask, armor use raven curse, in battle take shuriken.

Battle with the Crane - he fights without weapons. I advise you to pump ruiner hooks and ritual mask, buy a reaper of souls, armor use the curse of the raven.

Battle with the Hermit. I advise you to pump ruiner hooks and ritual mask, armor use raven curse, pump soul reaper.

Act III. Blood trail

We are approaching the gate of shadows, but our way is blocked by the Butcher's bandits.

There are new opponents in trials and tournaments:

  • Fortune Teller (old Rose) - steel nunchakus
  • Pickpocket (old Neon) - stilettos
  • Knut (sr. Mandarin) - a heavy pole
  • Exile (old Ugar) - axes
  • Raven's claws
  • Cutthroat (sr. General) - Eastern sabers (sr. Chinese sabers).

Fight the bird - it has knives. Upgrade everything you have and fight.

Battle with the rhinoceros - it has crescents. I advise you to pump all the things you already have.

Battle with the Bull - he has clubs. I advise to buy destroyer, those who do not have that opportunity to try to knock out a katana from Rosa, pump the ritual mask and the curse of the raven and the reaper of souls, buy fireball.

The battle with Red - he has a tonfa. I advise you to pump everything you have.

Fighting with the Reaper - he has kusarigama, you will meet her in the next act. I advise you to pump everything you have.

Battle with the Butcher - buy a sapphire fang, and pump up the rest.

Act IV Revenge

In the harbor on the way to the Shadow Gate, we meet Wasp, but she disappoints us by saying that her seal has been stolen. After this conversation the Weasel (old Johnny) comes to us and says that he knows where and who has the seal and that someone agrees to give the seal in exchange for Shadow ridding the harbor of Wasp's crew. And so begins a new act!

New opponents in tournaments and challenges:

  • Mongoose (sr. Hikaru) - yari
  • Lily (sr. Lara) - butterfly swords
  • Lumberjack - Labrys
  • Fox (old Bestia) - golden katana
  • Pestilence (sr. Thunder) - paired sticks
  • Old Man (Old Veteran) - Glaive

Battle with the Kraken. He has a dadao, you will meet him in the next act. I recommend just to pump and beat him, the more so he just swings it, and super strike rarely applies.

Battle with the Shark (Medusa) - she has kris. In battle I advise to take labrys, because convenient, the rest pump, or at your choice.

Fighting with the Bosman - he has a glaive. I strongly advise against taking a two-handed club into battle. Yes pumping knives will be smarter than buying this dreary thing. But it's up to you. Armor of your choice (take the dark blast)

Fighting with the Palash - he has big swords. Pharaoh's hopscotch is what we need to defeat this insidious man, and the style of the hopscotch and the big swords are the same.

Battle with Whaler - he has a trident, you will meet him in Act 6 (those who have 1.5.3 and below it will not meet at all). I advise pumping hopscotch, the rest is at your discretion.

Battle with the Wasp - I recommend to take in the battle spikes coral (those who have 1.5.3 and below do not have this), if this is not possible or you have 1.5.3 and below, feel free to buy kusarigama. She is like a bloody reaper, but without the bleeding.

Act V The Greatest Temptation

We're close to the Shogun, but we need to break the Widow's (old Huntress) seal.

New opponents in trials and tournaments:

  • Viper - Kusarigama
  • Claw (old Plowman) - sickles
  • Ataman - lunar sabers
  • Thunder (old Desperate) - two-handed mace
  • Squirrel - magari yari
  • Tesak (elder Blacksmith) - dadao

Separately, I want to talk about the 3rd test of this act. It's very hard, it took me a week to complete. I want to tell you the tactics of battle - try to be in the center of the ring, and from there hit the Tin Man, and slowly stuff Brutal. The rest is up to you.

Battle with Irbis - he has clubs. Take sickles - they are very powerful and effective. The rest is up to you.

Fighting with the Wolf - he has swords. In combat I recommend using moon sabers, and if you knocked out the Heavy Kusarigama from the Outcast, use it. The rest is up to you.

Battle with Tours - he has a silver spear, you will meet him in the next act (those who have 1.5.3 and below it will not meet at all). Upgrade the heavy kusarigama, or the staff of the night.

Battle with the Bear (start Surt) - he has the northern hammer, you will meet him in the next act (those who have 1.5.3 and below it does not meet) - pump staff of the night and then all you will show fate.

Battle with the Puma - I do not know what she has, something like kusarigama. In battle take the silver glaive, and the rest to your liking.

Battle with the Widow. I recommend taking the harbinger sai, they bleed. Dark armor, dark helmet, star blade, fire pole.

Act VI The Iron Heel

And here at last is the Shogun. Soon we will close the Gate! But don't get too excited, we have to defeat the Shogun, and his military!

New opponents in tournaments and challenges:

  • Gypsy (old Needle) - combat hammers
  • Savage is a northern hammer
  • Arrow is a silver spear
  • Vortex - heavy nunchakus
  • Thief - Cathars
  • Nomad is a sharp tonfa
  • Furia - ceremonial jian gow

The battle with the corporal - he has some kind of Yari-style weapon. He's easy enough to defeat, especially the chances of defeating him with a harbinger sai.

Fighting with the Captain - he has some kind of Dadao style weapon. The northern spear will help you a lot, as it is very good to hit from a long distance.

Fighting with the Major - he has swords. Here I recommend to take the harbinger sai, because heavy nunchakus are inferior to the harbinger sai.

Fighting with the Colonel - he has a Yari-style weapon. Here I advise you to take the trident, it's a great thing!

Battle with the General - he has a Silver Globe-style weapon. You are advised to use the trident again, or if you won the dadao ronin.

Battle with Shogun - sharp tonfa works great in combat, and emerald incisors are great stuff! Watch out! Helped by bodyguards!

Gates of shadows!

Warning. Weapon, armor, helmet, throwing weapons (preferably at least three shuriken) and magic level 37 are required before engaging in combat!

Types of fights and work with them:

  1. No legs. In this fight we are deprived of our legs. It's not that hard, just try to hit with weapons and throwing weapons as much as possible.
  2. Don't get out of the ring. It's harder here. Try to be in the center of the ring and don't go into the red zone (especially since in the Shadow Gate the red zone is very short), and don't hit your opponent if he's there - you might accidentally stumble.
  3. Does not show the health scale. The easiest kind of combat :sveta: . Fight as is - you will see who won by the red square in the characteristic.
  4. Intermittent darkness. In my opinion, the most interesting view. I was just hitting, and I could see where I was hitting. By the way it helps metalka and magic. The only good thing - the invisibility of the lynx does not interfere :rofl:
  5. Regenerating Enemy. Don't let your opponent out of your blows, and he simply won't have time to regenerate.
  6. Enemy kills with a single blow. It's very rare, but it does happen (I've only had it once). Don't get caught by the enemy, use shuriken and magic (jian-goo is a great weapon here!)
  7. Red-hot ground. Every 7 seconds try to make jumps, or hits with jumps, otherwise you will burn }-)
  8. Bonus zones:
    8.1. bleeding zone. Push the enemy into this zone, but don't go there yourself - you'll lose a lot of health).
    8.2 Regeneration Zone. In this zone you and your opponent can regenerate. Here, on the contrary, try to be in this zone, but do not let your opponent in.
    8.3 Damage Enhancement Zone. In this zone, your damage increases.
  9. You and your opponent transfer the bleeding effect. When you strike each other, you and your opponent transfer the gift of bleeding.
  10. Reduced Location. Rarely encountered, but it does occur. No comment.
  11. Inversion of control. The main thing here is to get used to it - it's a matter of principle. Left is now right, down is up. That's it.

Watch out for the lynx - can become invisible.
Watch out for the hermit - lots of magic and needles.
Watch out for the butcher - his weapon can bleed.
Watch out for the wasp - sometimes returns damage.
Beware of the widow - her fans can fly, crushing magic.
Beware of the Shogun - occasionally helped by bodyguards, pulls out a second sword.


Oh, no! Not May! Now we have to break all the seals to open the gate! And once again, we have to defeat all the demons!

New opponents in tournaments and challenges:
A knuckleball is a two-handed club, but only with longer spikes and in the Dadao style.

I will briefly describe the weapons:

  • Leeches are the same as tonfa
  • Dragon Fangs are the same as a machete
  • Dongsho is the weapon of the Shogun.
  • A sharp katana is the same as a ninja sword
  • Spiked knuckles are the same as brass knuckles

Act VII Revelation, Chapter 1

So Shadow gets behind the gate of shadows and meets Savannah, and he has to lose the fight and succumb to him. But you will be saved by Kali, she will take you to the refuge, to Cypher, who will tell you everything. Money can be earned in the tournament in the asylum and survival in the factory.By tradition, I will tell you about the rivals in the tournament:

  • Cygnus is a techno-check
  • Aqua - electro-glef
  • Risk - technoji
  • Predator - pieocos.

Go through the tournament to stage 17, fight Cypher, then find Kronos, and that's it, chapter 1 is over.

Act VII Revelation, Chapter 2

As a reminder, after you defeat the robot Kronos, you go to the Stone Forest, where you meet the Ancient One, a one-of-a-kind creature who can help us find the Titan. He does not believe Kali that the Shadow has the greatest prowess. He offers to defeat all his strongest warriors. Sixteen stages. Challenge-style battles. You will meet:

  • Golem - pneumokulaks
  • The maelstrom is the piercer
  • Mephisto is a plastic sword
  • The Harpy - Shocker Claws

After the passage you must defeat the Ancient One. Next, he refuses to help Shadow find the Titan, only disguising him as a warrior from the Titan's army.

Cypher offers you to win the hatchery tournament, the winner gets a place in Titan's army. In this way you will be closer to Titan.

Tournament of 8 stages.

After the tournament, you are contacted by Cypher, who informs you that Savannah has found a safe haven, and everyone is trying to stop him. That's where the connection ends. We must defeat Savannah immediately! After defeating him, the referee takes him, and tells you that your technique reminds him of someone. And then May shows up, you won't believe it. We found her. But she's not the same girl anymore. She got mean and said:
-Hello there, buddy.
That's the end of chapter 2.

Act VII Revelation, Chapter 3

And here's chapter 3! The Stone Forest Tournament and the Battlecruiser Trials are available to us. The Titan's bodyguards are very interesting: they are all dark doppelgangers of Shadow, for example one of them, Assassin, tells us that he killed Sensei and Mei, took over the Order of Assassins, which belonged to Lynx, but the second, opened a better school than Hermit, Guru, the third, took control of the Butcher's children, and the fourth, took over the Wasp's Wharf. The fifth, the Emperor, conquered the realm of the Shogun. The Titan is not easy to defeat, his favorite trick is to use his throwing weapon by pulling back a long rope with a hook, so he catches his victim and pierces through his torso. Creepy? Not to me.

I don't know how much more I can help. It ends with Shadow and May going away. But there is a new evil - Vulcan.

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