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  • The high quality graphic design provides aesthetic enjoyment
  • The ability to choose the level of risk makes the game attractive to a wide range of players
  • The game offers a variety of strategies and tactics, which adds depth to the gameplay
  • The possibility of big winnings attracts experienced players
  • Cons
  • The high level of risk may discourage novice players
  • The need for a deep understanding of strategies can be a barrier for newcomers
  • The Stake Dragon Tower game is a proprietary development of the Stake casino, which is one of the best gaming establishments working with cryptocurrency. Its activities are conducted under a license issued by the Gambling Commission of Curacao, which is a guarantor of security and transparency of the casino.

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    By registering with Stake, you will not only get to play the exciting Dragon Tower game, but also many other benefits such as:

    • impressive assortment of all kinds of gambling entertainment;
    • intuitive and concise interface, which is important for new visitors;
    • advantageous bonus offers and a well thought-out loyalty program allow you to stay in the game, even without a large bankroll;
    • reliable payment methods for deposit and withdrawal of funds using popular types of cryptocurrency;
    • guarantee of secure storage of personal data through the use of SLL encryption;
    • 24/7 customer service.

    The Stake platform will give each of its guest an excellent gaming experience in high-quality and interesting games for money. The casino collection contains almost 3,000 gambling entertainment from 35 providers.

    Play Stake dragon tower

    The pride of crypto-casino Stake can be safely called the section of exclusive games Stake Originals, where the entertainment is developed by casino specialists. Stake Dragon Tower is a bright representative of this section and has already earned popularity among gamblers around the world.

    dragon tower at stake originals

    dragon tower at stake originals

    Game Collection Stake Originals

    Unique games from casino developers are in a separate section Stake Originals. Now there are 17 of them, but the company does not stand still, so the number is regularly increasing. Games of the Stake Originals collection:

    • Dice;
    • Plinko;
    • Mines;
    • Crash;
    • Limbo;
    • Blackjack;
    • Hi-Lo;
    • Dragon Tower;
    • Keno;
    • Wheel;
    • Scarab Spin;
    • Diamonds;
    • Roulette;
    • Blue Samurai;
    • Slide;
    • Video Poker;
    • Baccarat.

    All of them are based on legendary games that are globally popular and loved by gamblers. The only difference is that all of them are provably fair and designed for betting with cryptocurrency. In this article, all attention is turned to the fascinating game Stake Dragon Tower, as it really deserves it. Find eggs on the way to the dragon and get an impressive reward. And for the game to be even more exciting and profitable explore all its features and use them.

    RTP and Volatility Stake Dragon Tower

    Before you start playing, you should always assess your chances of winning and learn the main indicators that point to this. These include RTP and volatility.

    Play Dragon Tower

    In simple words, RTP means return on investment and volatility means the level of risk in the game. Considering these indicators for Stake Dragon Tower, we should note the high level of volatility. This means that winning in this game is a rare event, but its size will cover all expenses and even increase the game balance. Therefore, for a successful session in Stake Dragon Tower you should prepare an impressive bankroll and be ready for a long series of defeats.

    dragon tower game from stake casino

    dragon tower game from stake casino

    If we talk about the payoff of Dragon Tower, its RTP is 98%. That is, the advantage of the casino is only 2%. This is not a bad indicator for such a risky game.

    How to Play Stake Dragon Tower in the casino

    The main advantage of this game is its simplicity. The player should climb the dragon tower and in parallel find eggs. The more eggs found, the higher the winnings. The game has additional features:

    1. Possibility to choose 1 of 5 levels (easy, medium, hard, expert, master). The size of the multiplier changes accordingly to the level. The function allows the player to customize the game to his circumstances.
    2. You can cash out your income immediately after opening 1 egg. Of course, this will deprive you of the opportunity to win the prize, but it will eliminate unnecessary risk.
    3. To avoid racking your brains over which plates to open in search of eggs, you can use the autoplay feature.

    How to play Stake Dragon Tower:

    • enter the amount of the bet;
    • select the difficulty level of the game;
    • proceed to pass the first stage by opening the cell where you think the egg is located;
    • if you guessed, go higher or withdraw your bet;
    • the closer you get to the dragon, the bigger the multiplier will be.

    Play Dragon Tower

    If the selected cell is empty, you will lose and have to start climbing again, while making another bet.

    Game interface

    Like all other creations of the company Stake, the cryptocurrency game Dragon Tower has a simplified interface. This gives it a special advantage, as you can simply enjoy the process, instead of spending time on learning the functions and searching for buttons.

    how to play stake dragon tower

    how to play stake dragon tower

    The playing field is a tower divided into sections. At the top of the tower is a formidable dragon. The player's goal is to climb up to the dragon. This can only be achieved by collecting all the eggs that are hidden in the cells.

    Play Dragon Tower

    To the left of the main playing field are:

    • manual control and autoplay tabs;
    • window for entering the bet amount;
    • "1/2" and "2x" multiplier buttons;
    • pop-up boxes for selecting the difficulty level;
    • big green button "Make bet", which after pressing becomes red and acquires the function "Withdraw funds".

    The game screen changes slightly depending on the selected difficulty level, without changing the general concept of the game. In the easy level, the tower will consist of 4 pillars. You can bet on a combination consisting of 3 eggs, which can be made in such patterns:

    • line;
    • diagonal;
    • L-shaped.

    In the medium and hard levels the number of poles decreases, and in the expert and master levels the 4 poles return, but the risk of not guessing the egg section increases. The beauty of Stake Dragon Tower is that the lobby of the game is very simple and even a completely new person in gambling will be able to understand it.

    payout table in Dragon Tower

    Calculator Stake Dragon Tower

    The Stake Dragon Tower calculator converts the amount of cryptocurrency you want to bet into US dollars so you can check exactly how much you are betting.

    Calculator Dragon Tower

    Bonuses for Stake Dragon Tower players

    Like most other crypto casinos Stake does not provide a welcome bonus for new players. But the posh loyalty program compensates for this drawback. Every visitor of the casino after registration and replenishment of the game account becomes its participant and can claim generous rewards.

    Get Bonus

    Even if you are on the first level, you can get a reward for its achievement and the opportunity to participate in daily and weekly drawings of pleasant bonuses. To do this, you will receive an invitation to the Telegram channel for VIP players, where every Saturday you will receive a link to the drawings. In addition to this, 10% rakeback is activated, the return of which can be requested every half an hour.

    best strategy dragon tower by stake

    Loyalty Program Levels:

    • bronze;
    • silver;
    • gold;
    • six steps of platinum;
    • diamond.

    Starting from the 1st step of the platinum level the player gets a personal manager and access to daily reload bonuses. In this case, the amount of cash reward for moving to the next level can reach 25 000$. To get regular bonuses, keep an eye on promotional offers and tournaments, which are time-limited. Up-to-date information can be found in the same name section "Promotions" of the main lobby of the casino Stake.

    Stake Dragon Tower play

    Another bonus offer is promo codes. They can be sent out to email, broadcast in the casino's telegram channel. You can find out the promo from the tech support operators. All additional funds and other bonuses received through the above sources can be used to play at Stake Dragon Tower.

    What you need to start playing Stake Dragon Tower

    To get the opportunity to play for money at Stake Dragon Tower you should follow some steps:

    • Register on the gaming platform Stake. To do this, go to the official website of the casino and click the "Registration" button in the upper right corner. Fill out the questionnaire with truthful personal data.
    • In order to place bets and claim winnings, you need to fund your gaming account. The casino offers to make a deposit using different types of cryptocurrencies. All information about payments can be found in the "Deposit" section.
    • Go to your own development section "Stake Originals" and find the game Dragon Tower.
    • In case of luck, you can request a withdrawal. To do this, enter the "Cashier" section and select the desired withdrawal method. For the security of the operation, you may be asked to confirm your identity and provide other documents confirming the legality of the withdrawal.

    stake dragon tower registration

    Let's take a closer look at the registration procedure:

    • In the lobby of the official Stake website, click on the "Register" button;
    • enter your E-mail;
    • come up with a strong password;
    • provide your date of birth and country of residence;
    • select your preferred currency;
    • read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy;
    • finalize the process by clicking the "Create Account" button;
    • confirm the operation by clicking on the link you will receive in the e-mail;
    • log in to your account with your email and password.

    Quick registration

    You can take a shortcut and use your Facebook, Line Chat, Google or Twitch account to log into Stake. Once you have created your profile, you should fund your account. Now you become a full-fledged player of Stake crypto casino and can qualify for the loyalty program and bonuses.

    How to deposit Stake casino account with cryptocurrency

    Stake Casino uses cryptocurrency for betting. To find out the deposit address and QR code for the cryptocurrency you use, go to the "Deposits" section. Here you will also find out the minimum deposit amount, which depends on the digital currency you have chosen. Even if you are not yet familiar with such payment methods, it is not difficult to understand them. Your task will be to perform the actions required of you step by step.

    Play cryptocurrency

    The online casino Stake allows transactions with these types of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum, lightcoin, binance coin, tether, bitcoin cache, ripple, TRON and EOS. If you don't already have an open e-wallet, the casino gives you the opportunity to purchase your preferred cryptocurrency through its trusted partner MoonPay. The purchase can be made in dollars and euros. Algorithm of actions when depositing a game account at the casino Stake:

    • log into your casino account;
    • open the "Deposit" section;
    • select a payment method to replenish your account;
    • enter the deposit amount and all requested e-wallet details;
    • confirm the operation.

    In most cases, the game account will be replenished instantly. If there are any difficulties, please contact the support service.

    Strategies and tips for winning at Stake Dragon Tower

    The most popular strategy among players at Stake Dragon Tower is the Martingale betting system. This strategy appeared back in the 19th century in France. Its essence is to increase the bet 2 times after each loss and return to the original position after winning. Since the demand for this strategy is recognized by the developers of the game, they added to the main menu buttons to increase and decrease the bet twice. Although the use of this system in Stake Dragon Tower is obvious, it is not the best option for long-term bankroll building.

    Stake Dragon Tower play

    The dynamics of the game is very active and each round lasts an average of 5 seconds, so you should not lose your bankroll on them. For this purpose, we advise you to make bets of minimal size. Thus, you will stay in the game as long as possible and the chances of winning will be greater.

    strategy dragon tower stake

    dragon tower stake strategy

    Another good way to save your gaming budget is to get bonuses, build up your bankroll by participating in tournaments and promotions, use promo codes that can be found on the websites of partners and social networks. Thus, you will have the opportunity to bet at the expense of free rounds and prize money. Do not lose the chance to get a nice addition to your bankroll.

    No strategy can guarantee 100% winnings, as all games from Stake are based on the work of a random number generator. But using a system makes the game organized and greatly increases the chances of earning. In order to use the strategy effectively, do not deviate from its rules.

    Managing your budget in Stake Dragon Tower

    Stake Dragon Tower is a game of pure luck, so the degree of risk is high. Whatever tactics you use, set a spending limit and never violate it. This will make the game not only interesting, but also safe.

    dragon tower strategy

    When embarking on gambling entertainment, you should approach the management of your gambling budget with all responsibility. This ability will allow you to have fun and at the same time will save you from unnecessary stress and frustration.

    Stake Dragon Tower play

    First, your only motivation for visiting a casino should be to have fun, as gambling is not the best way to make money.

    Secondly, you can only play with your own free money, spending which will not bring trouble.

    How to manage your budget:

    • As soon as you enter an online casino, establish a clear bankroll management;
    • divide the entire gaming budget into smaller amounts that can be spent in a single gaming session;
    • won funds are not included in the bankroll amount;
    • Withdraw most of your winnings so you don't pay them back to the casino by being gambled away;
    • do not change the tactics of the game trying to win back, this approach will only hurt;
    • Keep a log of your game sessions, which will allow you to analyze the game.

    These tips will help you manage your money responsibly and not regret the time spent playing.

    Autoplay function and its advantages

    Enter the automatic game settings and they will be saved throughout the game session. You won't have to change anything after each round. Just relax and watch what is happening on the screen. The automatic mode, as well as the manual mode, allows you to set the bet amount and difficulty. You can set the bet size to change by a certain percentage after losing or winning. That is, you can apply strategies such as, for example, the Martingale system.

    Stake Dragon Tower play

    A very convenient feature is the ability to set a limit amount of winning or losing, after which the game will stop. This will help you to quit the game in time and not to lose the whole pot.

    dragon tower multiplier

    By choosing autoplay, you don't have to control the process. At this time, you can go about your business, as no more interference from the player is needed. But this will deprive you of all the fun and enjoyment. After all, games are made to be enjoyed.

    Alternatives Stake Dragon Tower

    The game Dragon Tower is one of the new creations of casino developers Stake, so there are no alternative versions of the game yet. If you still want to try to play a similar slot, you will definitely like another game from the Stake Originals collection - Mines. The interface and rules are different, but the game principle is very similar to Dragon Tower.

    How to download the mobile app to play Stake Dragon Tower

    If you want to be in the game always and everywhere, you don't have to clog the memory of your mobile device with arp or apk files. Crypto-casino Stake offers its players a perfectly adapted mobile version of the official website for devices running on operating systems Android and iOS. To enjoy your favorite gambling entertainment, including the game in Stake Dragon Tower directly in your gadget, you need:

    • access your familiar browser on your mobile device;
    • enter casino Stake into the search box;
    • click on the crypto casino site;
    • log in to your account with your email and password.

    Download Stake Dragon Tower

    From now on, you can enjoy all the features of Stake crypto-casino on your device. And to avoid wasting time searching for the casino on the internet, display its icon on the home screen of your gadget. To do this:

    • log into account Stake;
    • click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen;
    • Select "Add to Home Screen" from the pop-up window.

    This way, your favorite casino will always be at your fingertips.

    Free demo game Dragon Tower at Stake casino

    Crypto Casino Stake gives you a great opportunity to get to know the Dragon Tower game for free by using the demo version of the game. You will be able to experience all the features of the game and at the same time, without betting real money. New players using the demo mode can:

    • Evaluate the graphics and soundtrack;
    • to probe the interface;
    • familiarize yourself with the rules and features of the game;
    • try different strategies and tactics;
    • Develop abilities and gain gaming experience without risk.

    Demo mode is very useful for Stake Dragon Tower players, as this slot requires the selection of game strategy. And to avoid spending money on skill training it is better to spend time on the simulator in the demo version.

    Stake Dragon Tower DEMO

    Demo version is not limited by attempts and time. You can play it as much as you want and as soon as you feel the desire to compete for the winnings - switch the mode and make a bet.

    Stake Dragon Tower Predictor

    The Predictor tool is designed to predict the next multiplier in a game. It uses advanced machine learning techniques to predict game failure depending on API data.

    stake dragon tower predictor

    stake dragon tower predictor

    The operation of the Predictor program is based on:

    • analyzing existing data;
    • Machine learning models;
    • real-time monitoring of bets.

    The developers of this technology assure that their predictions come true in 95%. But we do not advise you to use such methods in the game Stake Dragon Tower, as it is based on a random number generator and it is almost impossible to predict the results of rounds. Do not indulge in illusions, but rather think over the tactics and strategy of the game. These steps will give you a better chance of winning than using prediction programs.

    Safety Stake Dragon Tower

    One of the main criteria for evaluating an online casino is that it provides a safe gaming space. After reviewing Stake, it is safe to say that it is a safe and secure gaming platform.

    stake dragon tower win

    Firstly, because the site is licensed from the reputable Curacao Gaming Commission, which implies that the casino abides by some sort of rules, such as:

    • Availability of official content from providers;
    • protection of visitors' personal data;
    • interference of the issuing authority in a dispute between the player and the casino.

    Crypto-casino uses SSL encryption technology, which guarantees reliable protection of personal data and financial transactions from hackers (hack). Another action to reduce the risk of fraud is the use of two-factor authentication. That is, only an authorized user can access the account.

    Dragon Tower Play

    As for Stake Dragon Tower, like the rest of the casino's developments, it is provably fair play, thanks to the use of Provably Fair's cryptography-based technology. This means:

    • with the help of a random number generator, a value is created, which is hashed and transmitted to the player until a certain bet is made;
    • the player's browser randomly generates an initial number, which is then hashed and used by the casino in the bet processing;
    • so that the player can check the results of the game himself, he receives an unencrypted version of the initial number, which allows to decipher the data on the bet generated at the moment of its making.

    dragon tower win

    The use of cheat (cheat code) for the game Stake Dragon Tower will not bring any results, as the outcome is determined by the random number generator. So, playing this slot, you can only rely on your luck.


    Accurate graphic effects and exciting gameplay have made Stake Dragon Tower one of the best casino creations. The advantageous feature of Dragon Tower is the ability of the player to choose the degree of risk of the game. Slot Stake Dragon Tower - a wide field for the verification of all kinds of game strategies and tactics.Play Stake Dragon Tower and get a great gaming experience and dizzying winnings.


    What are some strategies for playing Stake Dragon Tower?

    Players are encouraged to experiment with different strategies, varying betting levels and choosing the number of levels they want to complete to maximize their potential winnings.

    Are there any bonuses in the Dragon Tower game?

    Information about current bonuses and promotions for the Dragon Tower game is updated regularly, so it is recommended that you keep an eye on the Stake Casino website for updates.

    What is the minimum and maximum deposit to play?

    The minimum deposit depends on the chosen payment method, but generally starts from a small amount, while the maximum deposit can reach thousands of euros, which also depends on the limits set by the casino.

    Can I play Stake Dragon Tower for free?

    Many online casinos provide the opportunity to try the game in demo mode, where you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game without real bets.

    What are the odds of winning Dragon Tower?

    The odds of winning depend on the level of risk chosen and the player's individual strategies. High levels of risk can increase the potential winnings, but also the risk of losing a bet.


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