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  • simple mechanics;
  • demonstrable integrity;
  • the presence of constant winnings;
  • possibility of replenishment in different currencies.
  • the game lacks thematic variations, so for some gamblers over time it can become monotonous

Online casino Betfury stands out among competitors not only with a large catalog of games, but also with its own developments. One of them is Betfury Stairs. It belongs to the category of crash games that are popular. First of all, you can become a winner very quickly.

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 How the Betfury Stairs works

The online casino offers to take gamblers on an exciting journey. In Stairs Betfury they need to step from one level to another, using a ladder. The higher he rises, the greater will be his reward. But on his way will appear stones, meeting with which leads to a loss. As in other Betfury Original Games, you can check the fairness of each round.

betfury stairs game

When evaluating games, gamblers look at RTP and volatility metrics. In Betfury Stairs RTP is 98,2%. This parameter is quite high, the payoff is very favorable for players. But it doesn't mean that every session will be winning. The game is characterized by medium volatility, respectively, the level of risk will be balanced. Winnings will be moderately frequent, not very large.

How to play Stairs on Betfury

Before launching the game, the gambler needs to choose a bet. This takes into account the maximum and minimum amounts set by the casino. You can bet in Betfury Stairs BTC and other currencies. Next, it is necessary to set the target. Players have the opportunity to choose the desired payout. The higher it is, the more levels will have to be overcome. Next, you need to install ladders to get to the next floor.

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If the user reaches the selected level or goes higher, he will become the owner of the winnings. Before you start playing on bitcoin, you need to go to the site and register. Then it is enough to search for Betfury Stairs. You can do this through the search bar. It is important to remember: the bigger the potential reward, the higher the risk and the longer the climb.

Game mechanics

In a game of chance, winning depends on the strategy chosen by the gambler. It is he who must decide whether he will act carefully, choosing a smaller number of stones and receiving small payouts, or risk for the opportunity to get a big prize. Management is very simple, you can understand it in a few minutes.

How to play Betfury stairs

Graphics and Sounds

The interface is visually appealing and intuitive, players love it. Thanks to simple graphics, the gameplay will be smooth even in case of slow internet connection. The sounds are simple and unobtrusive. They will not distract the gambler.

Betfury Stairs: Registration

In order for the visitor to have the opportunity to bet for real money, he needs to go through the registration process at the casino. To do this, he enters his e-mail address and comes up with a strong password. Next, you need to go to the post office and open the letter, which will send a confirmation link. On it, you need to go to the casino to complete the registration. Users over the age of 18 can register. Only one account can be created for a player. If additional accounts are detected, they will be blocked and winnings will be confiscated. Citizens of the following countries are not allowed to register:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Denmark;
  • Algeria;
  • Iran;
  • Australia;
  • Iraq;
  • Austria;
  • Norway;
  • Belarus;
  • Belgium;
  • Congo;
  • Brunei;
  • Cubes;
  • Croatia;
  • Italy;
  • Iraq;
  • DPRK;
  • Estonia;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Norway;
  • Israel;
  • Latvia;
  • Italy;
  • Pakistan;
  • Ukraine;
  • Romania;
  • Turkey;
  • Serbia;
  • Russia;
  • Switzerland and others.

A full list of states can be viewed at the casino in the terms and conditions section. At any time, the casino may require verification. To do this, usually provide a copy of an identity document. The security service may also require a copy of utility bills, which serve as proof of residence.

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How do I deposit my account?

You can use different methods to make a deposit. Various cryptocurrencies are offered, not only bitcoin:

  • Tether;
  • ETN;
  • Sun Token;
  • Tro;
  • BAT and others.

Deposit to the game account is instant, the casino does not deduct any commission. For betting in Betfury Stairs crypto you can use your own casino token. BFG is based on the TRC-20 smart contract. After receiving the token, the gambler is entitled to a portion of the platform's profits.

betfury stairs registration

Bonuses and promotions for Betfury players

Casino Betfury gives its users various incentives, thanks to which you can play even more. After registration and the first replenishment of the game account, gamblers receive a welcome bonus. It amounts to 100% of the deposit or 200 free spins. It should be taken into account that the bonus amount should not exceed 1 VTS. The bonus is wagered within 30 days, the wager is x40.

If the gambler did not receive an incentive immediately after registration, he has seven days. If the bonuses are not received during this time, they are burned.

There are minimum and maximum bets that are included in wagering. The minimum is 0.1$ and the maximum is 10$. If a user has an active bonus, they cannot wager more than the maximum amount. When depositing on certain days, players receive 50% of the amount. But the incentive should not be more than 0.5 VTS. Wagering it in the same way as the registration bonus.

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Also gamblers are offered 10% cashback. It is possible to return the amount up to 0.1 VTS. When wagering incentives apply wager x1. It should be borne in mind that the accrual of cashback is made only on the deposit, it does not apply to bonus funds. The calculation does not include amounts spent on live, table games and sports bets.

Regular active players are rewarded with participation in the VIP program. They receive coins, their number determines the position in the rating. Thanks to the loyalty program, players receive weekly bonuses, cachebacks, enjoy increased limits on deposits and withdrawals. You can become a member after reaching the 10th rank.

Play online casino betfury stairs

New members of the program are contacted by a personal manager. If VIP players transfer from another casino, they can apply for special status. All they need to do is fill out an electronic form. If the candidacy is approved, a message will come. In this case, the gambler will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the club at once, without waiting.

Gamblers who visit specialized casino websites and social networks can find promo codes there. They are offered to activate them at the casino. As a rule, promo code Betfury Stairs can be exchanged for bonus money or free spins. Each time the conditions can change, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules in advance. Casino promo codes Betfury are unique, they can not be used several times.

Where to find the game Betfury Stairs for real money

In order to spend time gambling, it is enough to visit the crypto casino Betfury. The catalog presents not only machines from the best providers, but also their own developments. Stairs Betfury is a game with simple rules. In it you can use a variety of strategies or trust your intuition. To bet for real money, it is enough to register and replenish your account.

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The game is based on a provably fair, completely safe and legal algorithm. If desired, users can check if the bets are fair.

betfury stairs online casino

How to win money in Stairs Betfury

Casino offers to try your luck, have fun, replenish the budget to play for money and activate simulators for free. To win more often, gamblers use a variety of tactics, develop their own strategies. During training there is a chance to use the demo mode. It will help to understand the rules of the game.

The most effective strategies win the game

At the heart of online gambling is the use of HST. But in Betfury Stairs strategy does not hurt. You can use one of the most popular ones.

  • Martingale. The well-known strategy is used in different games. Initially, the user needs to make a minimum bet. In case of a loss, it is doubled. This is repeated until there is a win. The next bet is again made minimal in size, continue to increase when losing. The main danger of the strategy is the rapid loss of bankroll.
  • Wave. The methodology has been used for a very long time. After getting a winning combination, the player needs to increase the bet. In the next round it is recommended to bet at least five times more. If there is no winnings for a long time, the amount is reduced by half.
  • Umbrella. The bet increases or decreases after a certain number of rounds. The increase of the amount is gradual. For example, five rounds you need to bet the same amount, then increase it twice and bet the same number of times. The most important thing for the player is to set your own maximum. When it is reached, but no winnings, it is necessary to reduce the bet. Thanks to this strategy, the bank is saved for a large number of rounds.
  • Parlay. The methodology in this strategy is the opposite of Martingale. The bet is doubled in case of a win. If the gambler lost, the amount bet does not change. This tactic is used when there is a short series of failures. If it is prolonged, you should change tactics, otherwise you can lose all the money.

Be sure to take into account that online casino machines are based on HSC, so mathematical calculations can not guarantee a win. They help to concentrate, better monitor the game and the bank.

Tips and tactics

In Stairs Betfury strategy can be used, but you need to rely on your own intuition as well. Professional players recommend setting clear goals. Before starting a round, a target multiplier, or the number of steps to be taken, should be determined. With a clear goal in place, the player makes decisions that are in line with his risk tolerance and desired reward.

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You should familiarize yourself with the relationship between the step and multiplier. This will help you decide how to proceed, whether to risk your bankroll or to proceed cautiously. Special attention should be paid to bankroll management, which was originally used by traders and poker players.

Professionals recommend setting limits to avoid making big losses. You should focus on games with lower stakes and favorable odds. You should not run risky machines, in which the bankroll will be quickly depleted.

betfury stairs strategy for winning

Online casinos have bonuses and promotions for visitors. They should definitely be used, but preliminarily study the terms and conditions. In some cases, wagering will be required before withdrawing winnings. Betting should not be impulsive, and decisions should not be emotional. One should stick to a strategy that has been developed in advance. If you approach betting in a consistent manner, you can avoid large bankroll fluctuations.

Short-term and long-term goals will need to be set. It is necessary to determine how much gain or loss is planned or allowed per week or month. Clear goals and limits will ensure that there are no distractions. The gambler must understand when it is time to finish in order to preserve the bankroll.

A stop loss helps to plan. You need to decide what percentage of the bankroll can be painlessly lost. Usually this amount does not exceed 10%. If after a few games the bankroll has grown noticeably, the stop-loss should be adjusted.

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It is also necessary to remain calm and reasonable. Even with a small bet, it is important to control emotions and not let them influence your decisions. It is not necessary to wait for victory at any cost, sometimes it is better to pause and wait. You should test different strategies, try to get different multipliers.

Calculator Stairs Betfury

To make it easier to calculate the probable winnings, you should use the Betfury Stairs calculator. You can find it on the Internet. As a rule, the program does not need to be downloaded, it is enough to open the site in your browser.

Free demo version of the game Betfury Stairs

Like other games, Betfury Stairs can be played for free. To do this, it is enough to run it in demo mode. In this case, the gambler does not risk money, he can study the rules, develop a strategy. In Betfury Stairs demo for betting use virtual coins. You can play an infinite number of rounds, to restore the bankroll it is enough to refresh the page.

To play in demo mode you do not need to register in the casino. The most important difference from the standard game is the automatic accrual of virutal coins. As a rule, their amount is quite large.

Play for free

When the free crypto game Betfury Stairs is launched, visually it looks the same as with real money bets. The gambler has the opportunity to use all the features, so he learns in a comfortable and safe environment. In demo mode, beginners can improve their skills before betting real money. But it should be taken into account that the winnings in demo mode remain virtual, you can not withdraw them.

betfury stairs demo

Demo mode allows you to:

  • to learn the rules of the game;
  • to test strategies;
  • set limits;
  • to experiment.

If a visitor comes in for the sake of playing and gambling, they will feel the excitement, but they won't spend their budget.

Mobile app Betfury Stairs

Most users prefer to use mobile gadgets to visit online casinos. Thanks to them, they can launch games at any convenient place. To download Betfury Stairs, you don't need to download anything. It is enough to open the casino website through the browser. Separate app and apk files are not required. The site is specially adapted for devices with small displays. The mobile version is launched in any convenient place. With its help:

  • deposits and withdrawals;
  • running their favorite games;
  • are registering on the website;
  • are logged into the private office;
  • communicating with tech support;
  • customize personal information;
  • activate the bonuses.

The design differs from the full-featured version. The mobile version is correctly displayed on the screens of mobile gadgets. A stable internet connection is required from the user. In the mobile version you can run games in demo mode. In this case, you do not even need to register.

You will also not need to replenish your gaming account. Video slots and other machines are presented in the same assortment as in the full version. Their launch will not cause any difficulties. Replenishment of the game account and withdrawal of winnings is fast. All won funds are instantly credited in the personal cabinet of the gambler.

Play in the app

If you have any questions, you can always contact the technical support service, it works around the clock. You can do this in several ways, the user chooses the most convenient for him. There are no differences in functionality.

How do I download the game Betfury Stairs?

To enjoy the gameplay and get decent rewards, there is no need to install additional software. The casino site is convenient to use the adapted version. In terms of functionality, it does not differ in any way.

Betfury Stairs Predictor

Some gamblers use special programs to predict results. Usually, Stairs Betfury signals are transmitted with an accuracy of 95%. These programs can be downloaded on the Internet and can work for several games at the same time. Gamblers also use a bot to play Stairs Betfury. It is able to replace the actions of the player, but in this case you are unlikely to experience excitement.

Users can also subscribe to the Betfury Stairs Telegram group. It contains news about casinos, top players, promotions and bonuses.

Integrity and reliability of the Stairs Betfury

Like most online casino offerings, Betfury Stairs is a provably fair game. This means that a visitor can check every round and ensure that the results are determined fairly, there has been no manipulation. This level of transparency means a lot to build trust in the casino community. The game is provably fair.

Gamblers using cryptographic methods can get confirmations of no manipulation. For transactions, modern encryption technology is used. All transfers are completely safe, personal data of users can not get to third parties. Determination of the result in the game is carried out with the help of the HSC. It can not be configured to give out numbers that are favorable to the casino. As a result, all games will be unpredictable, each round - independent from others.

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The casino maintains transparency of operations at a certain level. Users can get detailed information about the RTP, the game mechanics and any third-party audits performed to check integrity are also detailed. If a gambler suspects they are developing a gambling addiction, they can utilize the self-exclusion feature. To do this, just contact a support specialist, he will tell you what steps to take. The user will not be able to log in to his account. This should be taken into account, since the balance from the game account during the self-exclusion period, he will not withdraw. The gambler can block his own account for a certain period or forever.

Also in the casino there is a function Time Alert. Thanks to it, the gamer has the ability to control the time spent in the casino. Once the time alert is activated, the user will receive a message when the selected period is over. It is possible to choose different settings, from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Such a mechanism is very useful for players who periodically have problems with gambling addiction.

Player reviews of Betfury Stairs

Luciano Barreiro

Even though Betfury Stairs is a fairly simple game, it's addictive from the first round. I managed to make good money on it. At first the amounts were small, then I started to take risks. But the risk was justified. I am very satisfied.

Eric Aragon

I've never written casino or game reviews. But Betfury Stairs has won my heart. The game seems simple, but it is incredibly gambling. I like the casino itself too, I get constant encouragement, bonuses are awesome. Money is quickly withdrawn, everything is convenient. I recommend!

Osvaldo Cruz

The Betfury Stairs game is the best find for me lately. Very simple, wins all the time. They are small, but the increase in the budget I noticed. Withdrawals are fast, I have never had any problems. Once I had to contact support, my question was solved in a few minutes. Great place!

Ronaldo Silveira

Great casino! I like many of the games here, but Betfury Stairs - especially. Simple game, but I'm willing to spend hours a day on it! Winnings appear quite often, I'm very happy with them. Yes, I use a few different tactics and they all work!

Nicholas Mirandela

I never thought that such a simple game as Betfury Stairs would be so exciting and gambling! The casino gives generous bonuses, with them to play even more interesting. Problems with the withdrawal has not arisen once. All absolutely satisfied. Tried a lot of machines, in their honesty I have no doubts.

Big Win!


Betfury Stairs combines strategy and chance. Gamblers have the opportunity to test their luck by taking risks and going higher and higher. The game is quite simple, but each round is exciting thanks to the combination of the balance between risk and reward. The distinctive feature is the high RTP and medium volatility, so a favorable environment is created for gamblers. You can play with confidence as the casino guarantees safety and proven fairness.


What is the RTR in the Betfury Stairs game?

The indicator is 98.2%. This means that gamblers will have a favorable return during a long period of play.

How can I fund my account to play the game?

Replenishment of the game account is instant. You can use fiat money and cryptocurrencies. You can do it in various ways.

Is it possible to use strategies in Betfury Stairs?

You can use popular strategies or develop your own. The result is determined by the GSC, so no one can predict it.

How do I wager my welcome bonus?

Bonus amounts must be wagered with a multiplier of x40. It takes 30 days, otherwise the incentive will be lost.

What do I need to register?

To register at the casino, you need to enter your email and come up with a password. An account can be created by gamblers over 18 years old. You should also familiarize yourself with the list of countries whose citizens can not play at the casino Betfury.

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