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People who want to experience excitement go to online casinos. It is very convenient, no need to go anywhere, just have a gadget and a stable Internet connection. Crash games are popular, one of them is Betfury HiLo. The round does not take much time. The user's task is to guess the cards. Betfury Hi-Lo is a game that will not leave indifferent.

How the Hi-Lo Betfury game works

The automaton is simple and straightforward. In HiLo Betfury the player has to make a bet. After that, the deck is shuffled. Then one card is left lying face up, the second card is turned over face down. The gambler needs to determine whether the closed card is higher or lower. If he made the right decision, the next round begins. If there is no desire to continue, you can take the winnings. If the player lost in Betfury Original Games, the bet goes to the casino.

Winning the game depends on the ability to make the right choice. If intuition does not fail the gambler - he can quickly become richer. The game is very simple, but it should be remembered that the probabilities of winning and losing are equal. The volatility of the apparatus is 99.02%.

How to play HiLo Betfury

To bet for money, you need to register at the casino. This process does not take much time. Then you need to make a deposit. You can bet in Betfury HiLo BTC and other cryptocurrencies. To start, you just need to click the "Bet" button. The minimum amount that can be bet is 0.00000001 for any cryptocurrency. Besides the fact that you can bet bitcoin, Hi-Lo is a game that offers a chance to get a jackpot. To do this, you just need to collect four sevens of different suits. If they are opened in turn, the player will become the owner of a large winnings.

Game mechanics

The game is characterized by simplicity. Rounds end quickly. The user needs to do only a few actions. He must choose whether the open card will be higher or lower. To do this, it is enough to press one of the buttons of the machine. The game mechanics are simple, but fascinating.

The game has a number of additional features that make it even more interesting for the user. Thanks to the live chart in real time it is possible to analyze the game activity. The obtained data will help to make the gameplay more efficient. To perform various actions faster, gamblers can use hotkeys. The gameplay becomes faster and the chances of success increase.

Graphics and Sounds

If necessary, you can turn on animation in the machine. The cards in this case will move more smoothly. The sounds are very simple. The player hears how the card is removed. There is no other musical accompaniment.

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Betfury Hi-Lo: Registration

To place bets, a player must register at the casino. To do this, it is enough to enter an e-mail address and come up with a strong password. A letter will come to the mail, which will contain a link for confirmation. On it you need to go, after that the registration will be completed. Users over 18 years old can create an account. It should be taken into account that it can be only one. If the player is found to have additional accounts, all of them will be blocked.

How do I deposit my account?

In cryptocasinos, you can deposit funds in different ways. They use not only bitcoin, but also other crypto coins:

  • ETN;
  • Tro;
  • Tether;
  • Sun Token;
  • BAT and many others.

Betfury Hi-Lo Crypto Casino has its own token available. The BFG is based on the TRC-20 smart contract. You can play for crypto coins and fiat money. Account replenishment is instant, there are no commissions. There is a deposit limit for some currencies: VTS - 0.00015, ETN - 0.005, USDT - 25.

Bonuses and promotions for Betfury players

The casino offers users a variety of bonuses, thanks to which the bankroll increases. Welcome bonus - 100% of the deposit amount and 200 free spins. At the same time, the deposit must be at least 0.001 VTS. The incentive can not exceed 1 VTS. The registration bonus must be wagered within 30 days with a wager of x40. If the user will deposit funds on certain days, he will receive 50% of the amount. The size of the incentive should not exceed 0.5 VTS. It also needs to be wagered. The conditions are the same as in the case of the welcome bonus.

Claim your bonus

10% cacheback is available on some days. Players can get back up to 0.1 WTC of lost funds. Wagering is required and the multiplier is equal to one.

Gamblers take part in the VIP program. It consists of four levels. During the game, coins are accumulated, the number of which depends on the player's rating. The loyalty program allows you to enjoy a lot of benefits: receiving weekly bonuses, cashback, increased withdrawal and deposit limits and others.

On specialized sites you can get a promo code. Usually after its activation there is an accrual of free spins or bonus funds. Also codes can be obtained during promotions, in social networks. It should be taken into account that in each case the conditions of use may change. They must necessarily be taken into account.

Where to find the game Betfury HiLo for real money

You can play an exciting fast game at Betfury crypto casino. Registration is very simple, it will take a few seconds to deposit to your account. HiLo Betfury is a game that does not require any special skills. It is based on the intuition of the user. The online casino has a license, complies with the rules of the regulator.

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Hundreds of machines developed by well-known providers are presented in the catalog. They are based on a provably fair, absolutely safe and legal algorithm. Gamblers can independently check the fairness of bets.

How to win money in Betfury Hi-Lo

There is a lot of fun to be had at the casino. But in order to increase the chances of winning, players use a variety of strategies and tactics. They can be invented independently, for this it is enough to use the demo mode, which is available in almost all machines. To be sure that the winnings can be withdrawn, it is worth paying attention to licensed casinos.

The most effective strategies win the game

Despite the fact that online gambling is based on a random number generator, strategy will not be out of place in Betfury HiLo. Popular favorites are:

  • Martingale. A well-known strategy that is used in slots and card games. The gambler makes a minimum bet. If the round ends in a loss, it must be doubled. This should be repeated until the user wins. Then the rate is again reduced to the minimum, the game should be played in the usual mode. It should be borne in mind that with a large number of losses, you can quickly lose money.
  • Parlay. Strategy, the opposite of Martingale. The bet is doubled after a successful spin. In case of a loss, the amount does not need to be changed. Usually this tactic is used during a short period of unsuccessful rounds. If pursued by failure, it is necessary to change the strategy, as you can spend the entire bank.
  • Wave. The technique has been used for a long time, enjoys popularity. After the gambler receives a winning combination, he increases the bet. Professionals recommend betting five or more times. If there is no winnings for a long time, the amount is reduced by half.
  • Zigzag. The strategy is based on the principle of maximum chaos. In order to get a win, you need to make different sized bets. The order is chaotic. If you can not win for a long time, you should give up the game. The effectiveness of the strategy is difficult to determine.
  • Umbrella. It is based on increasing and decreasing the bet through a certain number of rounds. Increase the amount should be gradually. For example, after 5 sessions put twice as much. Then the amount remains at the same level for the same number of rounds. The player necessarily sets his own maximum. If it is reached, and there is no winnings, the rate is reduced. In this case, the same principle is applied. The strategy helps to save the bank.

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It should be taken into account that no mathematical calculations do not guarantee a win. Thanks to them, the gambler stays focused, does not spend money thoughtlessly, controls the course of the game.

Tips and tactics

In addition to strategies, you can also take advantage of certain rules that help increase your chances of winning. Professionals recommend:

  • Choose your online casino carefully. It should be reliable, licensed, with an excellent reputation. You should also check the terms of games and payouts.
  • Set limits. There should be a maximum amount that can be spent. It should not be exceeded. It is also worth setting a winning limit, once it is reached, the game should be stopped.
  • Learn the strategies and rules. Before you bet money, you should read the rules carefully. You can try the demo mode. In this case, virtual coins are used to play. It gives you the opportunity to learn the rules without losing money.

You should not give in to emotions, decisions should not be hasty. Actions should be controlled. Playing in the casino is always a risk, no one can guarantee a win. Strategies should be used prudently, observe the limits on finances. The game should be responsible. The main thing is to have fun and get pleasure. If the gambler considers the casino as a way to get a permanent income, he may be disappointed.

Free demo of the game Betfury HiLo

Betfury HiLo can be played for free. For this purpose use the demo mode. Betfury HiLo demo allows you not to risk your finances, learn the rules, develop your own strategies. For bets use virtual coins. If they ran out, just refresh the page and the balance will be replenished.

The free crypto game Betfury HiLo looks exactly the same as with real money betting. The user can use all the features, so the environment for learning and practicing turns out to be risk-free and safe. Demo mode allows beginners to improve their own skills before placing real bets. It should be taken into account that virtual coins cannot be withdrawn.

Mobile application Betfury HiLo

Many gamblers prefer to use mobile devices. Especially for them developed a casino application. You can download the app or apk file, and then install it on your phone or tablet. The mobile version does not differ from the full version. You can download it, Betfury Hi-Lo start and enjoy the gameplay. The app interface is intuitive, it features easy navigation and fast loading.

How do I download the game Betfury Hi-Lo?

To download the application, you should use Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After downloading it, the user logs in, replenishes the game account. This can be done as quickly as on a computer. Next, it is necessary to find the game. In this case, it is worth using the search bar. After that, you can play.

Integrity and reliability of HiLo Betfury

The casino cannot influence the results of the game. Each visitor can check the institution for fairness. To do this, just go to the "Fairness" page. It is possible to be sure of the fairness of the bet thanks to the procedure of checking the result. To do this, press the button, copy the hash of the next round, make a bet and check if the hash matches. Such a method of verification allows gamblers to become confident that the casino is honest and transparent. The most important thing - you can not change the data, if they are recorded once, will remain in the system.

Player reviews of Betfury HiLo

Paulo Andreas

The game is famous, I like it a lot. Tried it in different casinos, but Betfury is the most convenient. The process is simple but addictive. I like the way my intuition works.

Renato Aragon

I like to play Betfury HiLo after work. I am a very gambling person and this is where I win. The amounts are small, but constant. And you do not need to remember any conditions, the rules are very simple. I recommend it, for recreation is great.

Rodrigo Cunha

I love this game. It's not complicated at all, but it's very addictive. My goal is to hit the jackpot, but I haven't hit the cherished sevens yet. Winnings happen often, I stay with profit. Nothing superfluous, my head rests during the game.

Eduardo Sanchez

I recommend the Betfury HiLo to everyone. Excellent option, especially for beginners. The rules are not complicated at all, you do not need to memorize anything. You can start with small bets. I like it, my intuition doesn't let me down, I'm always on the plus side.

Marcelo Vilanova

Great game, great online casino. Bets are available to everyone, winnings are frequent. You can replenish your account very quickly. And on the withdrawal of winnings I also did not spend more than a few hours. I use simple strategies, winning, although small, but there is constantly. I recommend!


An exciting game in which gamblers will have to use their own intuition. Characterized by high RTP and volatility. Incentives from the casino can increase the chances of winning.

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