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  • Interactivity with players.
  • Wide range of rates.
  • Autorun.
  • Lots of cryptocurrencies to bet on.
  • Understandable interface.
  • Cons
  • There's no double betting.
  • There is no demo version on the official portal.
  • Dice is the most popular in-house game in crypto casinos. Every day a huge number of users roll the die to get the coveted prize. The mechanics of the game are clear at a glance, which allows you to jump straight into the fun without spending a lot of time studying the rules. Below is a review of Betfury Dice game, as well as the entire functionality of the process.

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    Betfury Casino is one of the most advanced and innovative platforms in the cryptocurrency betting market. The promise of a meta universe integrated into real life is evident in many elements of the site. Brands that have in-house developments, such as the Betfury Dice game, stand out in the cryptocurrency market. The user gets an experience that no other casino can provide. Dice allows you to connect with a community of players who share their strategies in real time via chat rooms. The RTP of the process is an impressive 99.02%.

    betfury dice crypto game

    betfury dice crypto game

    How the game works Dice Betfury

    For those new to the Betfury Original Games betting site or app, it is important to remember that developing your own strategy can take time. However, many lucky players share their methods that have worked and everyone can use them to create their own approaches to the game. So, let's say a gambler sets the mark to the number 58 and indicates that the number will be lower than stated. In that case, if the die falls within that radius, the bet will be a winning bet, even if it falls on a distant number, such as 13.

    bitcoin dice game

    However, if 59 appears on the screen, the bet will be lost. Therefore, the conclusion follows - the higher the value chosen for the bet, the greater the chances of winning.

    How to play Dice on Betfury

    Dice was one of the first crypto casino games launched by online betting site Bitcoin. During the game, Dice randomly throws a number from 00,00 to 99,99. The goal is to guess whether the number thrown out will be lower or higher than the result. Players can select a target payout with a simple slider, up to x9800 of their original bet. High payouts mean big wins, but they also reduce the chances of winning.

    Play betfury dice

    Launching Betfury Dice btc, the gambler will see a die, numbers and prize odds, and a slide that can be moved. All that needs to be done is to select a range. Dice online game rules:

    1. Move the slider left to right, adjusting the number.
    2. Select over/under. What the player bets on is highlighted in blue.
    3. This choice affects the probability of winning - the larger the range, the higher the odds.
    4. The position of the slider also affects the multiplier - the smaller it is, the higher the multiplier, i.e. the more the bet will increase.
    5. After selecting a specific value on the scale, the bet is made. The sites can play dice with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, be it ETH, USDT or the site's own BFG token.
    6. The minimum bid for Dice is 0.00000001 in all cryptocurrencies.
    7. After performing all actions, you should press the "Bet" button, which will launch a crypto-game with randomly generated numbers.

    Game mechanics

    Autoplay dice is an option that helps experienced casino players to make larger bets faster and use advanced strategies such as Martingale, Parolli or Dalembert systems.

    betfury dice strategy

    The Dice's automatic betting feature allows you to set simple rules such as:

    • initial bet amount;
    • number of predictions;
    • behavior when you win a bet;
    • tactics for losing;
    • stop when you make a profit or when you lose.

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    Setting these rules gives casino players control over their bankroll and the advantage of making more Dice profit during their betting sessions. There is an option that allows you to start playing dice online and try your luck to hit the big jackpot. All you have to do is make a series of 8 outcomes starting with five: 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x - 5x. For example, a winning sequence would be 57, 50, 52, 54, 55, 59, 53, 56. The percentage of winning a large amount depends on the smallest bet. The distribution of the prize pool can be seen next to the Jackpot icon by pressing "?".

    Graphics and Sounds

    Live chart Dice allows you to track the profits of the gambler. Statistics are "live" while the player is in the gambling process. New stats are updated every time the slot reopens after a break. Like other proprietary games, crypto slot Dice has hotkeys. This simplifies the process with a few tabs on the keyboard.

    betfury dice tips and tricks

    FastMode - the feature allows you to skip animations during the game to save time for wins. For miners, this option is a favorite. The soundtrack is dynamic and spurs you to place bets. But for those who want to play in silence, there is an option to turn this feature off.

    Betfury Dice Registration

    To enjoy the gambling process, first of all you need to create a personal account on the site.

    • Open the Betfury Dice game at Betfury.io.
    • Click on "Login in" in the upper right corner of the home page.
    • Enter personal data: e-mail address or phone number and generate a password.
    • Verify by providing the necessary documents to confirm your identity and residential address.
    • After successful identification, the player can start betting at Betfury Dice and receive winnings.

    How do I deposit my account?

    If a gambler wants to play with great excitement and chase high winnings in Betfury Dice crypto, it is necessary to make a deposit in cryptocurrency to replenish the balance. There is no minimum and maximum deposit amount. If bitcoin is used to deposit, the balance will be credited instantly.

    Play dice crypto

    Player can also fund their account with other digital coins such as Ethereum, Tether, USDC, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Tron, Solana, Ripple, Shiba Inu, Tezos, BNB, Avalanche and many more! No crypto? Players have access to buy their own tokens with a credit card anytime on Betfury. It's fast, easy, and secure. The site even supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. It takes minimal time to get the digital coin using Visa and Mastercard. Crypto simplifies the deposit process so you can start winning faster in Dice.

    Bonuses and promotions for Betfury players

    The BetFury referral program is a great offer for players. Each member can earn up to 15% per month through BetFury referrals. If a gambler invites someone to the site through his unique referral link, he will be rewarded with 15% of casino profits every time the friend makes a winning bet. The system guarantees lifetime bonuses. This option also provides a commission for tokens mined by referrals. As for the usual BetFury promotions, there are plenty of them too. Newbies are provided with free BetFury boxes in the welcome bonus package. They are a unique tool with which you can get free BTC.

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    It is possible to activate boxes with higher amounts by completing tasks and using promo codes. The platform hosts tournaments and contests that last for a certain period and have significant prize funds. Participants compete with each other in different games. But to participate, you need to follow the casino's announcements on social networks to catch such offers.

    betfury dice game for money

    For beginners, bonuses for registration are prepared. It also offers slot races, weekly competitions in which players get prizes depending on betting activity during a certain period. BetFury also runs special promotions and chats at Telegram. The site recently offered a prize puzzle (0.5 BTC), which was recently solved. A similar promotion may appear in the near future. Some of the proprietary games have a jackpot option. The amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet. Regular players can also profit by being active in the chat BetFury.

    Where to find the game Betfury Dice for real money

    Include Dice Betfury real money game is an exciting entertainment that attracts a lot of gambling participants. However, to enjoy the slot to the fullest and ensure the safety of your data and funds, it is important to choose the right online casino.

    dice betfury.io

    Below are some important factors to consider when choosing a gambling site to play Betfury Dice for real money:

    • Before registering with a gambling site, make sure that it offers strong data protection. Use sites that encrypt personal information and secure financial transactions.
    • Make sure that your chosen casino has a license from the relevant regulatory body. This ensures that the site meets fair gaming standards and is subject to strict controls.
    • Before registering, read the reviews of other players about the chosen institution. This will help you understand what kind of experience they had and will give you an idea of the reliability and quality of services.
    • Make sure the casino provides access to the Betfury Dice game.
    • Explore bonus offers and promotions. This can help you increase your bankroll and get additional chances to win.
    • It is important that the site provides players with 24/7 support ready to answer questions and solve problems.

    Crypto casino Betfury meets all the requirements, so you can safely play craps here.

    How to win money in Dice Betfury

    Guarantee a win on 100% will not be able to any utility or tactics, but auxiliary tools bring the winnings closer. There are certain strategies and postulates of gambling behavior, which will not only increase the chance of winning, but also save the bankroll and protect the player from gambling addiction.

    The most effective strategies win the game

    The most popular strategy for playing Betfury Dice strategy is Martingale. If the odds are 50:50 in each round, then you should follow this algorithm of actions. Always double your bet until a win occurs. This is similar to a zero-risk prediction strategy and the player will always have a profit.

    betfury dice hack

    The Martingale strategy works fine in theory, but in reality, a gambler can not always increase the investment twice, building on the previous one, unless he has an infinite bankroll. Unfortunately, funds are not infinite. In addition, each casino has a maximum betting limit. Is Martingale useful in real dice games? Sure, but you need to start with fairly low bets to be able to win. Other useful tips for playing Dice cryptocurrency online are offered below.

    Andar Bahar Tricks

    In addition to the popular Dice Betfury strategy described above, there are recommendations for behavioral tactics while betting.

    crypto dice strategy

    dice strategy

    This applies not only to dice games, but to absolutely all gambling offerings.

    • The first steps - when a player is a beginner, you should make smaller deposits, and then increase them until the adaptation takes place. This way you will be able to feel the atmosphere of excitement and not lose money.
    • If the player uses a strategy and is sure that it will help, it is necessary to remain calm and do not deviate from the plan. Although casino games are also a great entertainment, giving unforgettable pleasant emotions. But it is necessary to turn off emotions when a gambler seriously plays the strategy, and turn them on when the stakes are minimal or there is training in the demo.
    • When making a deposit, set limits that are within the reach of finances. It is possible to record all profits made in casino machines to keep track of expenses and the return of money spent. In this way, it will be possible to find out whether the strategy followed by the player is useful.
    • When strategizing, a player should always remember to limit his bets before he starts making them. This way, he will not lose more than the set amount. There is a certain amount of money that is available to spend - and that's it. By setting these limits, the player will come out after the gambling session with winnings or will not lose more than what has been stipulated.

    Calculator Dice Betfury

    A tool that is designed for gamblers who want to improve their odds is the Betfury Dice calculator. The utility allows players to use calculations to determine the optimal bet parameters, such as size and multiplier to achieve the desired profit or risk management. Using previous rounds data and statistics, the Dice Betfury calculator helps players make more informed decisions while playing, which can increase their successes and reduce losses.

    Free demo version of the game Betfury Dice

    On some sites, it is impossible to play for free because there is no demo version of the machines. Include Betfury Dice demo is certainly useful. So you can easily develop your strategy, check the tactics used by other participants, as well as prepare for a paid launch, having thoroughly understood the rules.

    betfury dice demo

    To figure out where free crypto game Betfury Dice will be launched, it is available only through the study of casino sites. The original developer's portal does not provide such an option. Here it is available to bet only in crypto.

    Play dice betfury.io

    Mobile App Betfury Dice

    At the moment, it is not possible to download Betfury Dice. There is no separate mobile application (APK) to download. However, a player can still play Betfury Dice on his smartphone, without an app, by following a simple algorithm:

    • On the device, run any installed browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
    • Type "https://betfury.io/" in the address bar of your browser and press "Go" or "Enter". This will take you to the official Betfury website.
    • If the player already has an account on Betfury, the player logs into their account using their credentials.
    • If there is no account for Betfury yet, the player registers by following the instructions on the website. The registration process is usually simple and requires a minimum of time.
    • On the Betfury home page, locate and select the Betfury Original Games section. It is usually available in the navigation menu and on the home page.
    • After selecting Dice and depositing real money, everyone can start playing. place a bet, select the parameters and start the game.

    Betfury Dice on a mobile device also gives you the option to use the auto mode and other features that are available on the desktop version of the site.

    How do I download the game Betfury Dice?

    For starters, it is important to note that Betfury Dice cannot be downloaded as a standalone app, as is the case with mobile games. However, it is possible to install the official application of the casino itself Betfury, which provides access to a wide range of gambling games, including Dice. To install the utility on various mobile devices, instructions like these are provided. For devices on Android:

    • Open the browser on your smartphone.
    • Visit the official website of Betfury Casino by going to https://betfury.io/.
    • On the home page, select the "Mobile App" section.
    • Click on the link to download the APK file.
    • You may need to allow installation of applications from unknown sources in your smartphone settings.
    • Install the application by following the on-screen instructions.
    • Once completed, the app launches, the player logs into their account or registers and start playing Dice and other games.

    For devices on iOS (Apple):

    • Open the App Store on the device.
    • Type "Betfury Casino" into the search and find the official app.
    • Click the "Install" button.
    • After installation, launch the application.
    • Log in to your account or register and start playing.

    Note that for these mobile platforms, to play Betfury Dice or other slots, you will still need a Betfury account, so if you don't already have one, it's important to register on the official casino site.

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    Betfury Dice Predictor

    Player predictions for the Dice game are provided by the Dice Betfury bot. This tool analyzes previous game results and uses sophisticated algorithms to predict future outcomes. Players can use these predictions as additional information when deciding on bet size and strategy. However, it is worth remembering that gambling always remains random and the results cannot be predicted with absolute certainty. Information about the current state of play and recommendations on the platform Betfury Dice provide signals Dice Betfury.

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    They can include various aspects such as current multipliers, statistics from previous rounds and strategy recommendations. Signals can be useful for players who want to get more information about the current situation on the platform and make more informed decisions about their bets. There is also a Betfury Dice telegram group where members share their experiences and give each other tips on the game.

    Integrity and Reliability Dice Betfury

    As mentioned earlier, every dice roll is random. The platform does not affect the "luck" of the player, and this can be easily checked on the "Fairness" page. The procedure of checking the results of bets allows you to make sure that each move is fair. One has to copy the hash of the next round, place a bet and check the match. Thus, the player can be sure of the transparency and fairness of the BetFury crypto gambling system.

    Play dice betfury.io

    Player reviews of Betfury Dice


    I heard about Betfury Dice and decided to give it a try. At first I played for small amounts to understand the mechanics. With the help of demo mode I got used to it and developed my strategy. When I started playing for real money, I already had a plan of action, and I could confidently make decisions. I am glad that thanks to this preparation I have already managed to make a profit.


    Dice Betfury is great fun for those looking for adrenaline. I started with small bets and slowly increased them as I gained experience. It was important to realize that sometimes luck is on your side and sometimes it's not. So I always stuck to the strategy and stayed within my budget. In the end, I reached the plus side within a week.


    I am new to gambling and Betfury Dice was my first experience. Understanding the mechanics of the game was an important step for me. I watched a lot of instructional videos and tested different strategies in demo. When I started playing for real money, I felt more confident thanks to my prior training. Yes, there were some losses, but they didn't suppress my excitement and I keep learning.


    Dice Betfury is a great game for relaxation and entertainment. I didn't play too much, but it became a fun way for me to pass the time. I didn't make big bets and just enjoyed the process. Even if you lose sometimes, it's important to remember that it's fun and not a way to make money.


    Playing Dice on Betfury was a real challenge for me. I tried different strategies and methods, and sometimes I managed to win large sums of money. But there have also been losses. It is important not to get into bigger bets than you can afford.


    I have been playing Dice Betfury for a few months now and it has become my hobby. I prefer to play with small stakes and keep a record of my results. For me it's not only a gamble, but also an opportunity to relax and distract myself from everyday life. Even though I lose sometimes, I stay on the plus side.


    Dice is an exclusive game from Betfury Casino. Dice is one of the most popular entertainment available on the site. It is the perfect crypto game for any casino member. Dice Betfury is simpler in rules than any other slots with dice game such as sic bo. The process involves betting on the outcome after rolling the die. Advanced strategies are also possible using the auto feature. As with all Betfury crash slots, players enjoy provably fair games with a high player advantage. With a return to player (RTP) of 99.02%, it provides an exclusive online leisure gambling experience.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is Dice Betfury?

    Dice is a gambling game on the Betfury platform, giving players the opportunity to place bets and try to guess the outcome of a dice roll to win money.

    Is there a demo version of the Dice Betfury?

    On the site itself Betfury demo version is not provided. But on other gambling portals usually available demo version Dice, which allows you to play for free without the risk of losing real money. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game and its rules.

    What currency are the bets made in?

    Most of the betting on Betfury is done using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and others. It depends on the player's choice.

    How do I play Dice Betfury on my phone?

    To play Dice Betfury on your phone, you need to register on the Betfury platform and log into your account through your mobile browser. The Betfury website is adapted for smaller devices, making the game convenient and accessible on the go.

    Are there any bonuses for playing Dice Betfury?

    Yes, Betfury offers various rewards and promotions for players. These include deposit bonuses, cashback and other rewards. Check the Bonuses section of the site to find out about the current offers for playing Dice.

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