Simcity Buildit: arranging buildings and houses

Simcity Buildit: arranging buildings and houses

One of the main tasks in Simcity Buildit is to build buildings and provide resources for the city. To do this, it is important to calculate the location of each area, so that the houses belong to the service area of city services, police stations. If this is not done, the houses will cease to be profitable. It is better not to place houses on the corner of the block, otherwise they will fall into a dead zone with no coverage. As for the industrial buildings, new buildings, they should not interfere with the life of the rest of the citizens, so they are usually placed a little away. But the main thing is to understand how to place buildings and houses in Simcity Buildit on iPhone, android.

Simcity Buildit: arranging buildings and houses

When you start building, don't forget to switch between Land Value mode and Forecast mode, then the houses will be highlighted with a blue hue. The more saturated it is, the more profitable you can buy land and locate a building, which the rich townspeople love. Next, it is worth checking the upgrade possibilities with the weather forecast and the yellow helmet button.

Simcity Buildit: arranging buildings and houses

You can also use these tips on the layout and placement of buildings:

  • To build, you have to drag a residential neighborhood onto the map, and the buildings must not overlap with others. Therefore, players can twist, resize the block until they find the right one. Afterward, they can click the green checkmark;
  • The building plans will tell you about the materials needed, the number of occupants, and the experience after construction is complete. If you don't want to create the materials, you can buy them;
  • If you do not find the materials you need, you can order them by requesting new drawings and waiting for the architect;
  • As for moving buildings, it is easy to do. It is enough to click on the desired house, hold it, and then move it to a new location. Then click on the green check mark to confirm the choice, but remember that all buildings must be near the road;
  • If you want to remove a building completely, then you have to hold the house with your finger and then press the bulldozer button and then the confirmation button. It should be understood that you will not get monetary compensation, but only a reduction in population, but it is sometimes necessary when there is a small amount of space in the city;
  • there is no need to turn the house, because the builders themselves turn it toward the road;
  • Do not forget to upgrade buildings when a yellow helmet sign appears above them;
  • If the neighborhood turns out to be abandoned, then it is urgent to reconnect it to city services, to make repairs. Otherwise the tenants will permanently move out of the house;

These rules are equally relevant for Android, iPhone, as the control is carried out by the sensor, phone buttons, and the application itself is free, even for the computer.

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