Confirming a user's reality: Mamba launches verification by photo

Confirming a user's reality: Mamba launches verification by photo

After the recent launch of the live streaming service, which was positively received by users, the developers of Mamba added a new feature that made online dating even safer. As you may have noticed, there is a blue icon next to the profile picture.

What does the blue icon mean

The badge indicates that this user is a real person. He proved this by sending his photo in support. In general, such - increases the level of confidence in the person that this is not a scam, but a real person who wants to meet.

The confirmation procedure is not mandatory, but if you want to increase your credibility, the "Confirmed" icon will help you on 100%.

How do I confirm my photo?

Now to confirm the reality of his profile, the user must take a selfie with a special gesture and send it for moderation.

You don't have to worry about the quality of selfies and facial expressions in this case: such photos won't be posted to the public domain. All photos for identity verification are processed manually by moderators and then stored on Mamba's server.

According to Mamba marketing director Peter Boytsov, this solution will improve the quality of communication on the site. "Now, when communicating with a person on Mamba whose photos are checked 'confirmed,' you can be 100% sure it's him," Boytsov said.

О Mamba

One of the most popular dating services in the CIS, Mamba® has been operating for more than 15 years. More than 40 million users from 50 countries are registered here, and more than 3 million dating sessions take place every day. At any moment there are 100 thousand people online on the service, and one third of them are new users. More than 1 million people register on Mamba every month.

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That's not true. Ninety-nine percent of the fakes out there somehow manage to confirm their photos.