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Wheel of Fortune or ‘Big Six’ (also called ‘Wheel of Money’ and ‘Wheel of Plenty’) is a variant of the popular carnival game of the same name. In Wheel of Fortune, you bet on the expected outcome of the next spin. The wheel, which rotates on an axis in a real casino, is usually six feet (183cm) in diameter and sits vertically on a wall or special stand. It is divided into fifty-four sectors. The winning sector is identified by an arrow at the bottom of the fixed or rigid at the top of the wheel. Each sector is indicated by one of six symbols. They are usually: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and Joker (jackpot). In front of the wheel, there is a table with betting boxes and a sign explaining the symbols and possible winnings.

Rules of the game

Learning to play Wheel of Fortune is easy. You simply bet on the character you think should go into the next rotation. To bet on that character, place your chips on the table in front of the wheel in the appropriate box. Once all participants have placed their bets, the dealer spins the wheel, and the sector the arrow points to when it stops turns out to be correct. The dealer then takes all the losing bets and pays the winners. But that’s in a real casino, but you play against the computer in a virtual one, and either you win or your money goes into the house. The payout varies depending on the winning sector. Below is a list of possible payouts:

  • $1 is the amount of the bet or 1 to 1;
  • $2 is 2 to 1;
  • $5 is 5 to 1;
  • $10 is 10 to 1;
  • $20 is 20 to 1;
  • Joker is 40 to 1 (47 to 1 in online casinos).

As noted above, the wheel has fifty-four sectors. Of these, twenty-four have the $1 symbol, fifteen have $2, seven have $5, four have $10, two have $20, and the Joker (which can be two wilds in online casinos).
With each spin, you can place as many bets as you like. But remember, only one symbol wins. Unfortunately for players, the casino has a huge advantage, ranging from 11.1% to 24%. This means that for every $100 you invest in this game, you will get back an average of $76 to $88.90. By comparison, slot machines have a casino advantage of 10% or less.

Remember that the “big six” can be a lot of fun to play and nothing more… Usually, in real casinos, you won’t see crowds of players around this entertainment, probably because the house has a significant advantage. However, this entertainment does not require any knowledge, rules, or special skills. Anyone can participate and play without hesitation, taking a break from other, more challenging games. To win on the wheel, you just have to be lucky.


In fact, no unique strategy is required to play Wheel of Fortune. It is a game of luck. However, as with all casino games, some bets may be better than others. Better bet your money on a sector that is $1, where the house edge is lower – 11.1%. The worst symbols are $20 and wilds. The casino’s advantage on these bets is 24%. In other words, the higher the possible payout, the greater the house advantage.

Because of the casino advantage, limit your investment in this game to a few spins. Predicting where the wheel will stop is very difficult. In a real casino, you can have fun without betting and watch other players rejoice when they win or groan when they lose. From a practical point of view, it is better to save your money for another game, although, as they say, he who does not risk…


What are the basic rules for playing Wheel of Fortune?

In the Wheel of Fortune game, players take turns spinning a large wheel that is divided into sections, each of which denotes different amounts of money or prizes, as well as penalties. After spinning, the player can guess a consonant letter, and if it occurs in the riddle, he earns the amount indicated on the wheel multiplied by the number of repetitions of that letter. If the player guesses the letter correctly, he can repeat the spin, buy a vowel letter or try to solve the puzzle.

What is the purpose of buying a vowel letter in Wheel of Fortune?

Buying a vowel for a price can help the player solve the words in the puzzle faster, since vowels are frequently used letters. However, buying a vowel is a risk, because if the vowel does not appear in the puzzle, the turn ends.

What happens when a player hits the Bankrupt or Lose a Move segment in a Wheel of Fortune game?

If a player hits the Bankrupt segment, he loses all money accumulated in that round and his turn ends. If a player hits the Lose a Turn segment, he does not lose any accumulated money, but his turn ends immediately.

Is there a specific strategy for playing Wheel of Fortune?

Strategy in Wheel of Fortune is often about managing risk. Players must balance the potential rewards of guessing correctly against the risk of losing a turn or incurring a penalty. Experienced players usually try to fill in common consonants first, and when they have enough money, they buy vowels that will help them solve the puzzle.

Can the strategy in the Wheel of Fortune game change depending on the type of puzzle?

Yes, the strategy can change depending on the category of the puzzle. For example, if the category is Person, it is possible to guess different letters than in the case of Phrase or Thing. Knowing common phrases, names, places and words can give the player an advantage.

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