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The Apple Watch has long since taken a place on some people's wrist, in some people's dreams, and in some people's hearts. I can't say that it's a watch you can't do without, but it will definitely become useful for those who buy it. Often watches are delivered discharged, and life time without charging is about 2-3 days, so the question arises - how and when to charge them, so that it was good for them (for the battery) and for us to maximize the use of functionality. Let's break it down. Yes, I did all the research on the 6 series Apple Watch. But all settings and recommendations for other series will be the same.

First charge

My new watch arrived completely discharged. And even when plugged into power it didn't respond for a long time, I was even a little worried, but in the meantime I found out that this behavior of the watch is normal. If the Apple Watch smartwatch has been long discharged, but it needs at least 30 minutes to charge enough so that it can be turned on. After turning the watch on, it is better to charge it to 100% charge. At this time, you can make the first settings for the Apple Watch. After that, put it on your wrist and start using all the functionality. Charging is done using the magnet charger that comes with it. The magnet sticks to the back of the watch and charges it. Pretty fast.

How and when is the best time to charge the Apple Watch

As I have already mentioned, the battery in the watch holds a charge for about 2-3 days, and less than that if you use it actively. Therefore, you should charge your watch from time to time. When is the best time to do this? When the 10% reaches full charge. The watch itself will indicate this by lighting up a red lightning bolt on the dial. After that, the watch will go into Eco mode (more about it below). I recommend to get to the charging station and put the watch on charge. It is clear that the watch will work in Eco Mode for a few more hours. Then it may run out of power. Hurry up. Important. Do not charge the watch without removing it from your hand. You should only charge the watch when it is removed from your hand. This is a direct recommendation of Apple. On average, the 0% to 100% takes about 2 hours to charge. During charging, the Apple Watch enters night mode.

So still, how do you properly charge the Apple Watch?

If it's perfect, from discharge 5-10% to full charge 100%, and so on in a circle.

Can the watch be charged if it has not reached 10% charge?

You can. The watch has a lithium-ion battery that can withstand such charge-discharge modes. Therefore, for example, if the watch is charging 50% and you realize that you will be without an outlet for the next day or two, it is better to charge it now.

Can I charge my watch at night?

You can. The only disadvantage is that there will be no statistics on the Sleep function, if it is important for you and you have enabled it beforehand.

Can I charge my watch with the iPhone?


Can I charge my watch from my MacBook?

Yes. To do this, you need to connect a USB adapter to the standard port on your macbook. In this way you can charge your watch or iPhone from your macbook or any other PC.

Can the Apple Watch be charged without a special magnetic charger?

You can. For example, with a docking station for wirelessly discharging devices. In other cases, you can't.

Can I use a Chinese (not original) charger?

There's a twofold yes and no here. Of course Apple strictly recommends only using their charging accessories, but we all realize that's pretty expensive. So, yes, you can. But buy a good Chinese brand, read reviews on Ali or wherever you get it. If you're asking for recommendations, I got myself this charger.

How often should I charge my watch?

In general, there are no rules. Charge it the way you want to charge it. Exactly the same way you charge your iPhone. Of course, over time the battery will wear out, but not so quickly and critically that you should shiver and follow all the recommendations.

How do I check the charge level?

Sometimes the charge level is on the dial itself. If the charge level is not on the dial, swipe from the bottom and you'll see the charge level (you can also control many functions very quickly from there).

Eco Mode Apple Watch

I would like to point out that there is an eco-mode that extends the battery life of the watch. It turns off all watch functions except time display. To enable Eco mode, you need to go to Settings - Battery - Eco mode and turn it on. To turn it off, just press and hold the side button (not the wheel).

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