18+ erotic games for Android

Erotic games 18+ on Android in 2021

Not always during the holidays want to read a book, play shooting or solve puzzles. Sometimes you just need to relax, and the best way to do this is to play erotic games on Android, which are designed for the company of friends, and for a couple of lovers, and for one player. Most Android 18+ games in 2020 include socializing, flirting, performing erotic tasks and other entertainment. In these games, you don't have to think much, calculate anything, and weigh decisions.

Erotic games on Android: the best options for entertainment

You can download erotic games for Android in many different ways. But we'd like to highlight the top ten, which we'll talk about below. Usually these games are free, without internal purchases, and are suitable for any smartphone.

Attack on Moe - saving humanity from aliens+

 Download Attack on Moe from Google Play. 

Despite the erotic overtones, the main task of the game is to save humanity, namely from tall women from another universe. They look attractive, similar to anime characters, but are dangerous and aggressive. The player will have to fight them constantly, trampling their clothes and completely undressing them.

erotic games for Android

Bottle - the game of childhood

 Download Bottle from Google Play. 

If previously large companies played in the bottle, performing erotic tasks, then now you can relax with a special application. In "Bottle" there are several modes: for company, for two, under the shot and general. You can also choose the number of players and even the background color. Choose the theme of the game and get the appropriate tasks: from simple to frank and daring 18+.

Can be used in company, especially after a couple of bottles).

erotic games on android


High School Romance - Remember Your Youth

 Download High School Romance from Google Play. 

In this erotic game on Android, you find yourself in a school, where you choose one of the options of love adventures. You will have to decide on the mode, get acquainted, flirt, get closer and make a relationship. But whether it will succeed depends only on the actions of the player.

erotic games on android

Otome: Is-it Love?

 Download Otome: Is-it Love? from Google Play. 

The game invites you to participate in a visual romance in the style of otome (a virtual simulation of online dating, common in Japan). Note that the application is suitable only for girls: they have to get acquainted and have a relationship with one of the men working in the office. The main thing is to make the right decisions and think about the future.

erotic games for Android


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is the most nostalgic game for adults

 Download Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded from Google Play. 

The toy belongs to the category of point-and-click games, where the plot offers a lot of jokes with an erotic slant. Because you have to play the title character - a virgin of 40 years, Larry Laffer, who is trying to fill his life with adventures. But his main goal is to conquer women's hearts and long-awaited sex.Previously, the game was available for the computer, and now for the phone, but with an updated storyline and humor.

erotic games for Android


Sweet flirting - getting into the role of a sexy girl

 Download Sweet Flirt from Google Play. 

Another sex game on Android is "Sweet Flirt", where the player is given the opportunity to feel like the most attractive girl in school. Next, the girl has to choose a future boyfriend, think about how to seduce him and take a number of methods to do this. The choice is given: walks, dating, flirting, kissing, live communication and more.

Sweet flirting - getting into the role of a sexy girl


Douchebag Beach Club - getting into the role of a guy

 Download Douchebag Beach Club from Google Play. 

This game is more like guys, because the task is to choose clothes for the character, pump up muscles, pick up your style and seduce the most girls. To do this offer a number of tools and your own charm.

erotic games for Android

Office love story - office romance

 Download Officelovestory from Google Play. 

Another otome-style simulator can be considered "Office love story", where the heroine finds herself in a new job with a mass of sexy colleagues. The main task of the simulator is to build relationships, make acquaintances, develop a passionate romance. How it will happen and with whom, it is up to you to decide.

erotic games for Android


My Virtual Girlfriend - virtuality as it is

 Download My Virtual Girlfriend from Google Play. 

This app will help you find and choose a girlfriend out of 100 options for all tastes. Then you will have to get acquainted with her, communicate, go for a walk, flirt, take her on a date. It is also possible to change the appearance of the girlfriend, starting with hair and ending with the size of her breasts. The game stretches over several levels with the gradual development of relationships.

erotic games for Android

Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up - dating simulator

 Download Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up from Google Play. 

The game will appeal more to girls, as it refers to dating and dating simulation, where there is almost no erotic overtones. The main task is to find your soulmate, and for this you can constantly change your appearance and develop the relationship at your will. The same can be done with the virtual chosen one.

erotic games on android

Pocket Blonde: Your Cyber Girl - Virtual Girl

 Download Pocket Blonde: Your Cyber Girl from Google Play. 

Almost every normal man not only wants to see beautiful girls, but also to talk to them on interesting topics. This happens rarely, so erotic games for Android solve the problem. Now you can create a virtual assistant, who will talk about the weather, sports, the economy, to answer all your questions. But most importantly - she will dance a striptease, and the outfit you choose yourself.

erotic games for Android

As you can see, erotic games on Android is a vast section, which offers a huge number of options. The only thing that remains is to decide on the subject. And positive emotions, relaxation and entertainment are guaranteed!

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