Boom Beach: base setting

Boom Beach: base setting (5 - 15 HQ)

To become a winner in the game Boom Beach, it is necessary to pay special attention to the arrangement of defensive structures of the headquarters, the base for the defense at all levels. Start thinking about it from the fifth level, because before that no attacks are expected. We publish the best tips for deployment in the game Boom Beach, which can be used both to defend and to attack. The optimal formation depends on your playing style, we show and tell you in the article Boom Beach: base setting about trends and important, sometimes obvious, options. Let's go!

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Level 5 HQ

Boom Beach Level 5 HQ

The HQ levels open up the following structures for players: three sniper towers, one mortar, and one machine gun. Thus, five defensive structures are available to defend the base, although there are also civilian units: three residences, a vault, sawmill, gold storage, sculptor, stash house, armory, and radar. In doing so, try to:

  • Do not place buildings too close together, because if artillery strikes, absolutely everything will suffer.
  • eliminate the possibility of attacking buildings from either side. Therefore place structures within an accessible radius of at least one defensive structure.

Base placement on the sixth level of HQ

Boom Beach Level 6 HQ

At the sixth level appears and cannon for defense, and an additional machine gun. Then the defense complex is as follows: cannon, three turrets, two machine guns and a mortar. And from the civilian buildings becomes available and stonework. So in this case the defensive structures must be close to all other buildings to reflect the strike. But even here there will be one weak spot - it's a sawmill, which can be attacked from the rear. This rarely happens though, because the flare is too short-lived, and it's almost impossible to make a good upgrade at these levels. The enemy can only enter from the rear if he uses all the energy, and no one can afford that.

Base placement on the seventh level

Boom Beach Level 7 HQ

At level 7, only one new mortar appears to complete the base, while the civilian buildings include one more gold storage facility and a quarry. Follow the same principles as in the previous two levels to complete your base.

The eighth level of headquarters

Boom Beach level 8 HQ

In Boom Beach: Base Deployment, new structures continue to appear on level eight, namely the cannon and the sniper turret. In addition, the civilians get a new treehouse. And in addition, together with the headquarters, more than 25 buildings are available. Here it is important that the defensive ones are near the civilians, sometimes among them or on the sides.

Boom Beach: base setting - level 10

Boom Beach Level 9 HQ

The HQ upgrade at level nine gives its players the following advantages: four sniper turrets, two mortars, two cannons, two machine guns, one flamethrower. All in all, it turns out: 11 defensive buildings and 17 civilian-type buildings. There are several things to consider when placing them.

  • On the first line it is better to put a few civil structures to distract and attack the opponent.
  • Try not to locate other structures close to each other, as a hit from the gunboat will destroy each of them.
  • And also place tasks within range of your defensive structure to make it harder to destroy your units.

Tenth Level Boom Beach

Boom Beach level 10 HQ

At this level you can count on a greater number of guns and machine guns, in total we get four turrets, two mortars, three guns, three machine guns, one flamethrower. When placing, we use the same principles and tips. But remember that the vulnerable point is the attack of civilian buildings from the rear. But since it is not yet possible to use a smoke screen, it will not be possible to enter unnoticed to attack the opponent.

Level 11 HQ

Boom Beach 11 level HQ

At level 11 of Boom Beach we can put another cannon and flamethrower, and a residence appears from the economic structures. So on each flank we put two residences, which will divert the attention of the opponent when attacking. Afterwards reinforce the flanks with mines, because they are considered the most frequent place of attack.

Base level 12

Boom Beach level 12 HQ

At level 12 the players have at their disposal almost 39 buildings, which is joined by a cannon, mortar and sniper turret. We place them in the same way as at level 11.

Level 13 HQ

Boom Beach 13 level HQ

After a major upgrade, the 13th level HQ opens up several new defensive structures: boom cannon, four cannons, three mortars, four machine guns, two flamethrowers, and five sniper turrets. Together with the civilian buildings you get more than 40 units. Therefore, when placing the base for defense, take into account that

  • The rocket launcher is better placed in the center, because it will be able to fight back regardless of the direction of attack.
  • Place two flamethrowers near the headquarters, as there is a high probability of attack by warriors.
  • The boom cannon will be most advantageously placed in the center, near the rockets for the same reason.
  • As for the mines, place them evenly all over the island, not in one area.

Level 14

Boom Beach Level 14 HQ

When moving to level 14, another boom cannon and flamethrower are added. Therefore, you should follow the same tips for deployment as before. The new cannon is better to send to the center of the island, and flamethrower to the headquarters. Several mines can be hidden behind the contours of the buildings, especially near the sniper towers and radars.

Level 15 HQ

Boom Beach Level 15 HQ

The more structures you open, the more you develop your island, the more visible it becomes to your opponents, so there are more attacks. The main structure available at this level is the weapons laboratory, which produces prototype weapons. So to defend the headquarters we get: a rocket launcher, two boom cannons, three flamethrowers, three mortars, four cannons, four machine guns, six turrets.

When deploying, try to move the other buildings slightly away from the missile launcher. Because it will often be attacked, it will damage the neighboring units. But to damage the enemy, place mines near the missiles. Also, to make it harder for the enemy to attack, you can stretch the base, as they will have to cover a larger chunk between the buildings.

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