AnimA ARPG - Guide, instructions, game playthrough

AnimA ARPG - Guide, tips, walkthrough

In April on iOS released an update to the game, which for a while became an alternative to Diablo Immortal, and which is very similar to the legendary Diablo 2 - it's about AnimA ARPG. The game I noticed a long time ago, but only now I got to the guide, or rather a pack of tips on passing the game.

In the latest update 2.0.8:

  • opened the second season, and with it the new exceptionally seasonal legendary items and kits,
  • added two new characters Paladin and Necromancer, in addition to the existing Warrior, Archer and Mage,
  • They added gender selection to the character (wow!),
  • new level "Mimics event" (dungeon Mimics),
  • Introduced skins to characters for real money.

I won't dwell on all the updates in detail, they are understandable, especially for those who are addicted to Anima. And for newcomers it's more interesting to listen to tips on the game.

AnimA ARPG Tips, Guide and Walkthrough

Let me mention that my main character is The Magician. And this season I decided to master Necromancerso I'm basing it on that experience. For other classes, these tips will be just as useful.

Which class/character is better?

By the conclusion of the game, and now, the most imbalanced class was and remains a mage. Purely because he takes out everything at a distance + pump him only need intelligence, due to this all the skill points are only there. So if you want to carry - take a mage.

If you want to play for the soul, then any character you like to play will do. I'm on Necromancer now, I like it a lot. I got to R7 with my eyes closed. My 22 Padawans are taking out everything and everyone.

But in general, the way I see the characters in the game is this:

  • Warrior - a lot of wild damage, but because of the close attack can quickly die,
  • The mage is imba, period,
  • Archer - similar to the Mage, but he needs to distribute the stats between strength and dexterity, a little worse,
  • Necromancer - you do everything for you summoned skeletons, so far normal, then we'll see,
  • Paladin - as far as I can see, less damage than the warrior, but can spike himself, which is convenient.

How to quickly level up a character to level 150?

There is such an achievement - to pump all the characters to level 150. Now there are five of them. For this is given a unique emblem, which increases the characteristics of the character, if you carry it in your bag. About the emblems later. And here about the swing.

The main way is through the Arena.

  1. You can just farm the arena at the level that allows the character. I started at level 30 to go to 1 arena. At the same time, in the case of the Necromancer, you can even leave without personal involvement - skeletons themselves disassemble enemies. On Android you can set the autoclicker, then this happiness I do not know.
  2. And a more proper option. Passing the quests, you can get a blessing, which increases the experience. Immediately teleporting into town and run to the arena. In this way you can raise up to 10 levels at a time.
  3. Why else would a mage be so imbovy? Because he's the only one who can farm an arena much higher than he is. How? You enter the arena and run around the enemies, pouring them with the "Storm" skill. Hit the hero they can not catch up, too, the main thing you do not stumble. Use it.

So you can not only swing to level 150, and beyond.

How do you properly pour things and weapons into each other?

For the best effect, a level 40 item at 0 is poured in.

And then swings to level 40.

As much as we've tested it, it's the best option.

How to properly pump astralium?

With the new patch increased the number of blue bosses in the location, so kach astralium will be faster. Let me remind you that for killing blue mini-bosses you get astralium, for which you can quite effectively pump your character. So, for each round:

  1. We pump the most necessary stat (intelligence, strength, dexterity) + later will need to pump the chance of falling out of things and gold.
  2. Crete damage, not chance, damage.
  3. Careful here, it depends on the main kill skill - solo targeting or AOE + melee / ranged.

How do I reset the astralium?

Sometimes it happens that you made a mistake and pumped the astrorium wrong. How to correct the mistake and reset the astralium? The developers have taken care of this - it's a paid service, alas. It costs $1.99. You can buy it in the in-game store.

How to farm or quickly get kabalits?

The scheme is as follows:

  1. Farming oboli in the arena,
  2. We redeem the chests on the Black Market for 1,000 wallets,
  3. Open them - with different probability a cabalite falls from them. Roughly, for 10 openings can fall from 1 to 4 kabalit. It can also be 0.

This way is clearly faster than farming legendary things and then repalalate them in the cabalits.

A short video about the same thing:

How do I reset my skills and abilities?

During quests and quests, the hero will perform certain achievements. For some of them will be given a Stone of Memory, which gives the opportunity to reset skills and abilities. You can also buy in the store for real money or for domestic gold, a total of 25 million and $1. With a small chance you can find just like wood.

How do I get wings in the game?

Wings can only be bought with real money. Their main function is for beauty.

How do I get a skin or look?

Sold in the store for $5. There are 2 skins available right now:

  • The face of the knight of light
  • The look of an armored skeleton

They add 5% to the main skills.

How do I get a pet?

Buyable with real money or in-game gold. There are only 2 pets available for gold:

  • Raven, which increases the speed of movement by 10 points. Price 75 million.
  • Scorpion, which increases damage from spikes. But it doesn't say by how much. So if you play warrior or paladin through spikes, it makes sense to take.

I recommend taking a raven. Increased movement is very good. The rest of the pets only for money.

Where can I find Mimic's dungeon - Reign of Greed?

With a rather low probability, the entrance to the dungeon may appear after killing Mimic. Mimic is a chest that comes to life when approaching, and from which 99% drop legendary things. Now this drop has been increased and often drops 2-3 legendary items. Or even 4:

AnimA ARPG - Guide, tips, walkthrough

What's good about the dungeon? In it each mimic can give you up to 5 legendary items, and their King Chest can even give you 3 enchantments at once. Video of the mimic dungeon:


Necromancer Guide

First, use all the advice above.

Second, write the approximate figures for the passage of R10 for Necromancer. There was a hitch on the "dog", resolved by increasing armor to the below, and then it's up to skeletons - stuffed to make them 24 +1 golem, go to the boss, run, so he did not get skilami, and skeletons at the same time it devour. So far this tactic works with the necromancer.

  • 126k life,
  • 122k armor,
  • 368k mag resistance,
  • unit 12%,
  • mag damage 823k.

How to dress a Necromancer

Immediately I will say that I do not agree with a lot of things and dress a little differently, but the benchmark can keep this. It strongly depends on what skills are basic. I have skeletons, golem + shard of bone.

And it is important to remember that in the first thing on the list we pour the second one sharpened to 40. And the resulting sharpened to 40:

  • Head: Skull + Spectrum
  • Armor: Chest + Lich Cage
  • Weapons: Eternal Rest + Eternal rest (so far it has never fallen)
  • Shield: Hippo + Eternal Rest (or Sacred Curtain + Eternal Rest if playing through Bersa)
  • Necklace: Clavicle + Spectrum
  • Ring 1: Phalanx + Eye of Shajar
  • Ring 2: Vera Lehander + Eye of Shajar

Bug on Necromancer (for the latest version as of April 27, 2021)

The bug increases the damage of the Annihilation skin. As it is written in the description of the skil - we sacrifice our minions to inflict huge damage. Thus, the more active skeletons we have, the higher the damage when used. Fixed.

  1. Set active skills: Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Mage.
  2. We enter any dungeon and stuff 12 skeletons.
  3. We queue up for the joint dungeon. We wait for a hole, enter and immediately leave the group.
  4. So you won't have any skeletons, but your skeleton count will be at 12. And then you can score new skeletons to the number 24. So around the circle several times.

Necromancer Anima 60 packs

You get a huge amount of damage from the Destroy ability. At the same time it will hit from the "minimum" amount you score.

How do you use the bug? Stuffed skeletons and go to the arena to swing a level or in a difficult dungeon, which you can not pass. At death - all is NOT zeroed, which is nice. But the counter drops a bit, but you can raise it through the same trick.

Of the disadvantages - the phone can get warm.

Paladin or Cleric Guide

I decided to give a little background on this hero as well. The first thing you need to know about this hero is that it's a damn boss killer. For example, watch this video, where the player in a pretty average outfit, without sweat and blood kills Snake.

Did you check it out? In general, Patrick also gives some advice on the Paladin in there. They're smart, you can use them.

How to dress a Paladin

  • Head: Deehee Helmet + Ezvah Flame
  • Armor: Champion of Heaven + Ezvah Flame
  • Weapons: Hand of God + Ezvah Flame
  • Shield: Sacred veil + Ezvah Flame
  • Necklace: Confidence + Dragon Slayer
  • Ring 1: Chaos Ring + Dragon Slayer
  • Ring 2: Chaos Ring + Dragon Slayer

Games similar to AnimA ARPG

Diablo Immortal

The very game that everyone is waiting for (Collecting information about it). I signed up for the beta test, but I haven't gotten it yet.


Very good game (our review), which is constantly evolving. I haven't checked it out in a year, in that time there are simply hundreds of changes. The backbone remains the same - 3rd person view, classes, a bunch of dungeons, rewards, litha. Of interest, there's a curious gesture control system.

Pascal Wagner

A paid game in a very dystopian atmosphere. I didn't buy it, but it looks very decent. I recommend it, they praise it!

Raziel: Dungeon Arena

Another attempt to replace Diablo (our review). The game will definitely find its connoisseur. I recommend to try it.

On the outside it looks like this:


Add your games in the comments to pass the time until Diablo Immortal is released.

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