Caring parents - sticker pack for iMessage

I want to tell you about the stickers I developed specifically for the Russian AppStore. Sticker-Pack - Caring Parents - contains the most popular frequently used messages that parents usually send to their children. Parents, often overdo the amount of attention and control over their children. The stickers I have designed are designed to relieve tension between parents and children. The stickers allow parents to get on the same page as their children.

Download Caring Parents stickers for iMessage in AppStore for iPhone.

Caring parents - sticker pack for iMessage

The sticker store is still very young. I like to make stickers with meaning. And I will actively develop it together with the sticker store. Inscription stickers are not a common phenomenon in the AppStore, especially in the Russian AppStore. I tried to make the stickers as interesting as possible, putting a rather deep meaning into them.

I hope, thanks to my stickers, parents and children can start communicating in a new way and reconsider their relationship in a better way.

Caring parents - sticker pack for iMessage

In the future I am going to develop kits for communication between children and parents. I am going to develop the topic of parent-child relationships.

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Developer of iMessage stickers and author of the post: Askerov Tamerlan

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