YouTube launches a video app for kids

YouTube launches a new version of its mobile service for kids

YouTube The app will initially be available for devices on Android and exclusively in the U.S., but there are reports that the company plans to develop its service beyond this operating system to become the largest online video storage facility in the world.YouTube launches a video app for kids The children's app will only show content that is appropriate for children, and will include a number of controls for parents, such as a time limit for each session, a mute switch and more. The app will be marketed alongside content from entertainment industry partners, including Jim Henson TV, DreamWorks, National Geographic and the YouTube.In addition to accessing suitable content, the app will present manageable options for easy video search. Specific channels and playlists, various lessons and studies, and music and books will be available.The children's app from YouTube has every chance of becoming a real hit, which parents will especially appreciate.Source

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