Wild Rift LOL - the most comprehensive guide to the game, cool tips for beginners

Wild Rift LOL - the most comprehensive guide to the game, cool tips for beginners

Wild Rift LOL has been in open beta worldwide for a few weeks now. And of course we. the entire editorial team is in full swing to study the game, get used to the new characters and mechanics. I should say right away that it is not easy, despite the fact that everyone has extensive experience playing for various MOBAs. As they say - there are nuances. So on January 3, I decided to write a beginners guide on Wild Rift, to ease the entry into the game, and at the same time to share tips and tricks that we have acquired over time playing the different characters.

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Wild Rift guide - tips on all lines

On the one hand, Wild Rift is a regular MOBA, which we have seen and played quite a lot, but on the other hand, there are significant differences. Let's break it down.

Of the totalMap, game 5 on 5, creeps, mobs in the woods, buffs.


  • Fog of War - i.e. to see where the enemy is, it is necessary to leave and launch special "fireflies", which would reveal the location of the enemy. This element is very important, especially at the higher ranks, but at first all newcomers forget about it.
  • Quite a slow start. Almost 5 minutes of the start of the game you have to stand your "line" and engage solely in stuffing money and levels.
  • The purchase of equipment exclusively at the base. This takes the dynamics out of the game, on the one hand. On the other hand, the game becomes more strategic and team-based. There is a certain twist to it.
  • Gold affects the hero quite a lot. My point is that it's important to finish off a creep - you get more gold. It's important to drive the enemy hero away from his creeps, then he won't get any gold at all.

It's important to understand that whatever I wrote here is my subjective experience, and you will have your own. So no guide will not make you a super player, but it will help you learn the game a little faster. So don't look for the Grail here, but use these tips to win 🙂 Moving on.

Tips for the forester

The proper movement of a forester through the forest should be like this:

Tips for Standing Single Line

  • As a rule, this line is worth a fighter.
  • Take the creeps with the last strike.
  • Be aggressive in moderation.
  • If you have 2 people standing against you, and this can happen easily, play from the tower, but remember, towers hit incrementally, i.e. the enemy hero may well withstand 2-3 tower hits and pick you up under it. If anything, it's better to go under the second one or into the bushes and teleport.
  • Don't forget to put "fireflies" in the bushes on the right and left to spot approaching enemies.

Tips for standing in pairs

  • Usually paired with an ADC (shooter) and a Sapper or tank.
  • Against you will stand the same pair, but there are skews and against can stand 1 hero. Your main task is not to let him farm, ie completely seize the initiative and not let him breathe easy, but carefully.
  • Be sure to put a firefly on the side of the possible attack forester, to be able to see the enemy in advance.

Game tips for taking a rank

  1. Do not buy heroes until you take a level 10 account. Even if you hear from all the holes that this is a meta character and that it is necessary to take, I recommend to get the hang of it and only then take the style of the game.
  2. At the beginning of the game will be given free characters with which you can drag quite up to gold and even a little higher: it Garen, Jinx, Master Yee, Blitzkrang, Darius (receive for completing the Corsican Brothers event).
  3. The game is quite sensitive to the recruitment of characters per team. But at the lower ranks it's not that important. It's important to play the character you're good at. And yes, having a tank is highly desirable, as well as a fighter. But ideally, the team should be like this:
    1. Tank
    2. The Magician
    3. ADC
    4. Fighter
    5. Support
  4. And, of course, the initial heroes are more than enough to close any position.
  5. Don't try to figure out the gear early on. It will come with time. In the early ranks, the standard builds that the developers have provided for each hero work just fine. And if you're losing, it's definitely not about them.
  6. Up to the 5th minute of the game everyone does his own thing: stands on the line, creeps bosses, takes the forest. And it's quite important to mind your own business, not running along the lines, not to take other people's creeps or forest (we are not talking about the opponent) and most importantly - do not die stupidly. I had on the first was exactly this mistake, I started playing very aggressively, literally raiding the enemy and the tower under it and constantly dying.
  7. Don't try to kill the other character in the first few minutes. It's practically unrealistic, even with just the two of you. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I encourage you to play quietly at first, standing on the line.
  8. When you made someone else teleport player to the base or he decided to procure himself, then be sure to get under his tower, where the first thing, pick up "Hilka" - a berry (a flower from which fall berries for healing), thus you deprive him a good support, but here is your take away only when the health fell below 50%.
    The berry restores not only health but also mana.
  9. But after 5 minutes, especially with the support of the forester, you can already do ganks and drive the enemy hero under the tower. Let's face it - that's what you should do.
  10. Be sure to use quick commands with icons: attack, retreat, I'm coming.
    With them you can very quickly indicate on the mini-map what is happening, for example.
    1. If you notice enemies who have gone to the allied line and an ally is breaking their tower, you press the "Retreat" button, point it at the player you want to warn and release it. By doing so, that player will be notified on the mini-map that his area is about to become dangerous, and if the player is not stupid, he will retreat under his tower.
    2. Or when you don't have enough mana and an allied player wants to attack, you immediately press "retreat. This tells you that attacking now is a bad idea.
    3. Works great when you see an enemy standing alone that you can zagank. You press the "Attack" button, point at the enemy hero on the mini-map, and release it. All allied players see your offer and those nearby are sure to respond to it.
    4. And so on.
  11. The main game in Wild Rift falls in the middle and the leit of the game. Although the leit can be all fast-moving: when the whole team is taken and just on midlane (in the middle) under the creeps come all the towers and take the base.
  12. Don't go alone. Just cut it out. Just the two of us and more.
  13. If ambushed - try to avoid the fight and run away, this is the best tactic. Of course, there are options when 1 hero can stand up to two, but it's a straightforward case of both magic and skill (but that's in platinum).
  14. It is very important to kill dragons and Baron Nashor. Do not neglect it. And call the team for help (attack icon, press it, point it at the Baron/Dragon), otherwise there is a good chance that the enemy team will steal it.
  15. How do you win in Wild Rift? It's very simple. The team wins. Few battles are won by a single player. As a rule, the victory is a credit to the whole team.

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