Warlords of Aternum: Tips, Strategy and Guide

Warlords of Aternum: Tips, Strategy and Guide

A great game - a turn-based strategy. Warlords of Aternum - the granddaughter of the very Warlords, which 20 years ago was played with the owner of personal computers, but now ported iOS and Android. The essence of the game is pretty standard - the orcs attacked our land. We need to clear them. The game has a very clear tutorial, in which you will need to release the first city - Dunmar. There you will also be told about simple truths and rules of Warlords, and I will tell you a little more about Warlords of Aternum. I'll give you some tips and tell you what strategies to use.

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The foundation of any strategy is movement and proper positioning.

Warlords tips, strategy and guideEven if you have never played turn-based strategy, you will still be clear and understandable. From the name it is clear that the steps you and your opponent will make in order. Having made your own, you press the "End of move" button, then the opponent moves and so on, you like in chess, move the pieces on the playing field.

To make a move on any of the characters - highlight it (click on it). The green light hexagons show the places where your character can move. Each character has its own number of moves. Also, the number depends on the terrain (about this below). To tell your character where to move, point your finger, and again to the same point to confirm your move and movement.

If the end of the move is near the enemy players, your character can also make an attack. Importantly, characters that attack in close proximity must be close to the enemy cage to attack, but characters that attack with ranged weapons can be located at a distance. Take advantage of this. To attack an enemy, simply click on his cage, then your character (highlighted) will start attacking the enemy.

When your army is a higher level, it will have special abilities. To activate them, just press the button on the left side of the screen - a hint about the ability will be written, indicate on whom the ability is directed and the ability will be activated on the enemy.

Warlords of Aternum tips and strategy in combat

Warlords of Aternum tips and strategy in combatAt the most basic level there is a number below each character's icon that indicates the number of squads in the team. Indirectly, this can indicate the strength of the entire squad. But do not focus on these numbers, because the game Warlords is much broader than just numbers, there are many factors, which we will now consider.

  • Certain types of troops get an advantage over others. It's like in that counting book - stone - scissors - paper. And the game is like this: guards do higher damage to pikemen, pikemen to horsemen, and horsemen to guards.
  • Taking advantage of the terrain is a winning battle. Attacking from the top - you do more damage, and hiding in the woods - you get less damage. For example, the same archers are better placed in the woods.

Obviously, the AI (artificial intelligence) of the game will use the same tricks and maneuvers against you, but you, as a human, are more cunning. So do not run cavalry against the guards, better wait and take control points in the woods or on high ground. Other special types of terrain are also worth noting. Swamp cells - stop your movement, water cells - you can not pass, only through the bridge. And the troops on the bridge can only be attacked from two sides, not from six, as usual.

Warlords tips, strategy and guide

There is no special need to take care of your army. They can find their own place to eat and fondle the girls, all you have to do is to equip them with excellent equipment, and properly manage the battles.

  • Your troop level only grows in battles. So the more battles, the higher the level of your army. And what's important. The level of each character is personal, not the average for the pharmacy.
  • Update your troops. Gathering troops grows through shards, which on the way it is implemented in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Shards are obtained after clearing some maps, as well as in merchant chests, which you can find after clearing the first city - Duport. Merchant's chest is updated every 1.5 hours, but the more interesting smuggler's chest - every 48 hours, or 190 crystals if you want more often. There is also an imperial frigate chest, which costs 1800 crystals, but it's unlikely that someone will be interested in it for such a lot of money.
  • Improving the equipment of your army. The equipment is divided into 3 types - armor, weapons, and certain banners. Each of them has three blocks, when it can be filled - it has a plus light on it. Each improvement first costs money, and second, it must be found on the battlefield or knocked out of a chest.
  • Keep your losses to a minimum. Each loss has to recover before you can use it in combat again. And that's time. On the other hand, it's an opportunity to attend to other daily activities. Of course, you can speed up this process by watching a video or paying crystals.
  • Use the Forge to improve your equipment.

That's all for today. If you have any comments or additions to the tips - write your comments to the article Warlords tips, strategy and guide

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