Lightroom update for iPhone and iPad is out

An update came out the other day Lightroom for iPhone и iPad - free image editing application from Adobe. The new version 1.3 includes some features that, according to the developers, will make editing and finding images faster.What features have been added to the application?

New Features:

  • Edit photos faster by copying image settings and overlaying them on another photo
  • Find your favorite photos quickly and easily! New segmented collection display makes it easy to browse and inspires you to share your photos
  • Want to give your device to your family members so they can take turns looking at your photos? With Presentation Mode, you can give your phone away and not have to worry about someone messing with your settings

Fixed bugs:

  • Supernormal consumption that happened when uploading photos for off-line use
  • Problems creating collections after the first run
  • Supernormal consumption when editing account settings
  • When I opened the image in other applications, it was incorrectly displayed in .ig format instead of jpeg. This only happened with Dropbox and Adobe Reader
  • Previously, it was impossible to open previews of some Fuji RAF files

Appendix Lightroom - one of the many great photo editors for iPhone. You can download the app for free at at

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