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All about PUBG New State: Release Date, Details

According to an announcement made by Krafton and PUBG Studios, a new game will be launched, which is a sequel to PUBG: Mobile. The game will be called PUBG: New State. It will be released for mobile devices only. The creators have confirmed the launch date, gameplay details, system requirements, about weapons and personalization, drones, new vehicles, new maps and all about the seasons, etc. I'll tell you about it for you.

If you are a fan of the game PUBG, I recommend you read this article to the end. You will not be disappointed.

PUBG: New State release date

Creators have confirmed a global release date for PUBG: New State November 11, 2021. Although the release time for ALL regions is not confirmed, I think November 11 is the same release date worldwide.

Pre-registration for Android and iOS is already open, and the number of registrations since the game was announced for Android and iOS is currently 50,000,000+. Hurry up if you haven't re-registered.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pubg-new-state/id1542727626

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pubg.newstate&hl=uk&gl=US

PUBG: New State review

Trailer of the game from which you can see a lot, I recommend it.

Game history

  • PUBG: New State allows players to enter the world of the future with futuristic elements of the game - the action of the game takes place in 2051. The universe, however, is the same as in PUBG: Mobile.
  • The town around which the game is set is a fictional town called Troy, located near Lansing, Michigan. The game's plot revolves around a civil society that has disintegrated and in which certain hunters have emerged. You, as the player, will find yourself in such a chaotic atmosphere.
  • Because the game allows you to explore a post-apocalyptic world, you get to use futuristic vehicles and weapons from the not-too-distant future. The creators of the game did not aim to make it strongly sci-fi, but wanted players to enjoy it.
  • Although the game was designed as a battle royale, you will have access to additional game modes and links to the entire PUBG universe.
  • Game modes include co-op, squad, and single-player battle royale. You can play the game in either first or third person.

Features of PUBG: The New State of Graphics

The creators promise increased realism and richness with Global Illumination rendering. The game will be compatible with Vulkam, Metal and OpenGL APIs.

The environment in the game will be self-destructive, and you will have the opportunity to run over fire hydrants, blow doors off cars, shoot from shelters and more.

Frame rates of up to 120 Hz or even 144 Hz are expected. But for that the devices have to be high-end. Therefore, it is urgent that you read which phone for this is needed.

It is also reported that the game will become more responsive, faster by reducing latency during data transfer.

System Requirements

According to Krafton's confirmation, PUBG: New State will run well on Android devices with 2GB of RAM or more.

The game will also work well on the iPhone 6S and later models.

About Weapons and Personalization

In PUBG: New State will have a wide range of weapons, including modern and traditional like knives, axes and pitchforks (just kidding) :). As for the shooting, expect a dynamic recoil, at the same time this can be controlled in the settings. And of course you'll be able to add different elements to your weapon.

You'll be able to customize all the weapons in PUBG: New State and even get new features thanks to the updates that will be coming to the game. By customization or changes we mean both cosmetic changes and how the weapons work. And this is already curious, will it be possible to build an RPG that shoots like an AK 🙂


Drones will play a huge role in the game PUBG: New State. You'll be able to earn credits on drones and ask for resupplies to supply you with what you need most. Drones must be used tactically, however, as enemies can spot them, shoot them down, and loot your supplies.

Reconnaissance drones allow you to find out what is happening elsewhere. If one squad member is killed, you can bring him back as reinforcements with a signal flare.

The game also allows you to recruit teammates to your squad.

New vehicles

In PUBG: New State you can drive both silent electric cars and noisy motorcycles.

Electric cars provide fast acceleration, but be careful with the battery because it drains faster.

It will be possible to carry additional weapons in cars, as there is a trunk.


When you start the game, you will have four cards available to you, and The main card will be Troi.

There will be 10 landmarks and places on the map, such as shopping malls, the stadium, bridges, houses, and others.

There will also be a proprietary PUBG Erangel mapwhich will be developed through updates and become something like a New State map.

The game will also have a small map called Station and a training map where you can test your weapon.

The game will also feature time-limited cards that arise through cooperation.


The game will have a season system and a level system consisting of eight levels. When the game comes out, each player will be in a preseason play period.

The duration of each season is 2 months, after which you can start the game all over again.

At the end of the season, top tier players will fight in major tournaments, earning major awards. The creators have not yet given details about these rewards.

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