Ukrainian apps broke into the top of the AppStore fitness industry

Ukrainian apps broke into the top of the AppStore fitness industry

Ukrainian fitness apps conquer the AppStore.

The market of the best applications was supplemented with products from the Ukrainian company Genesis. Our atyishniki do not lag behind the world leaders. They are aware of the latest world trends, and in some ways they are ahead of them. This is proved by two applications - BetterMe: Workout Trainer and BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts. They help people become healthier and more beautiful. In October, there were about 15 million people who wanted to be that way.

BetterMen: Workout Trainer

Download BetterMe:Workout Trainer from the AppStore

BetterMen: Workout Trainer

This app is motivating. Using it, you will lose weight and gain muscle mass. Nutrition tips and video lessons are available around the clock. The exercises are designed to get results as quickly as possible.

The app has a rather low rating in the AppStore. This is because it is only free for three days. After that you have to pay the full amount. The minimum amount is $9.99 per month. As someone who regularly attends the gym, I'm telling you it's not expensive. Usually, it's the cost of one class with an average level trainer. Once again, 250 UAH is one class with a trainer. So take a look at it, you might like it and want to work with him for more than 3 days.

BetterMen: Weight Loss Workouts

Download BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts from the AppStore

BetterMen: Weight Loss Workouts

The app is designed for exercising at home. By following the training program you can lose weight without making titanic efforts. Thanks to the app, you will be in shape in just four weeks. You only need to repeat exercises from the video and animation. A comprehensive approach to weight loss - a guarantee of rapid results, so in the application you'll find a diet and diet menu options.

Subscription is a fee, but it is justified. You will save a considerable amount of money that you usually spend on a gym, a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

Genesis, a company made up of young and ambitious workers, is not stopping there and is ready to compete for the top spot on the charts with two other apps, BetterMe: Yoga and BetterMe: Meditation. I wonder what kind of feedback they will get?


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