Uber in Ukraine

Uber in Ukraine

Uber is the most fashionable and fast-developing cab service in the world and it is already in Ukraine, meet them. Uber in Kiev: The minimum fare - 40 UAH; delivery of a car - 25 UAH, the cost per km - 4,5 UAH, the price per minute - 0,4 UAH.

Uber is the most fashionable and fast-developing cab service in the world and in the near future we are waiting for the launch in Ukraine. According to unofficial data, Uber will launch in Kiev already in March - so we wrote in February 2016. And today Uber in Ukraine! It's happened!

The essence of the Uber app or service

С via application the customer reserves a car with a driver and monitors its movement to the specified point. In most cases, drivers use their own cars and that is why the cost of services is much lower than that of professional cab services. The cost of the trip is automatically deducted from the linked card - 80 % payment goes to the driver, 20 % are transferred to Uber.Not having access to the application, you can make an order through the mobile version of the official Uber website or send an SMS with the address of your location to a specific number.uberThe service has three quality classes: Economy UberX, middle class - UberEXEC, and premium - UberBlack, for which executive class cars are used. To date, the service operates on six continents, in 68 countries, in 378 cities. Paris, New York, London, Delhi, Tokyo, Melbourne, Bogota, Mexico City, Seoul, Shanghai and Moscow are only a small part of the cities where you can order the service of personal driver online. And now Uber in Ukraine as well.Reliable rides with fast delivery with Uber app: no need to pre-book a car or wait in line.Any options of rides - from economy to premium - will provide safety and comfort.

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