Trollface Quest: Have fun with your free time

Trollface Quest: Have fun with your free time

The Trollface Quest series of games is specifically designed for fans of trolling, and since this process is loved by almost every Internet user, the new game is waiting for everyone who has not had time to get acquainted with it. The basic gameplay concept of this game space is to pass obstacles or complete tasks under the constant control of trolls. Playing Trollface Quest is not just interesting and entertaining, but also banal fun.Trollface Quest: Have fun with your free timeLaughter prolongs life, the developers of the game Trollface Quest decided not only to agree with this, but also to create an environment where you can really extend life. Players who have already tried this gaming space guarantee - it is simply impossible not to laugh while passing the tasks and levels. Trollface Quest is a real opportunity to improve your mood even in the most difficult life situations and just maintain a great mood.

Trollface versions: to keep a smile on your face

So the developers invite everyone to taste a healthy dose of laughter, for this purpose already developed 7 versions, as well as various thematic additions. Join the army of hilarious. There are versions for all tastes, the variety of themes allows you to play constantly and change the stories, making your game original.Trollface QuestThe following versions of Trollface Quest are currently offered:

  • The game Trollface Quest: Video Games is a parody and intellectual trolling of famous video games that you can play and see them in a whole new quality;
  • trolltube game is an interesting version with world-famous memes, like Miley Cyrus, that infects with a healthy dose of wackiness;
  • game Trollface Quest 3 is a version of the tasks that the player must complete, accompanied by the most famous troll of the world, a portion of ultra-good mood is provided;
  • The game Trollface Quest 4 is a trolling version of the Olympic Games, just for those players who appreciate sparkling humor;
  • the game Trollface Quest 5 is a championship, as you think who (or what), trollface soccer and 15 other types of this entertaining game.

The most interesting stories that will make you laugh

If you want to laugh till you drop, start playing with Trollface Quest, regardless of your choice, a set of great experiences are assured. On the site gamelayer There are 20 kinds of this series, which is constantly expanding.

The site has the ability to play the games sequentially, so you can enjoy the laughter, constantly changing plots. It must be said that the versions are distinguished by a professional selection of fun music, combined with a zany trolling plot and excellent graphics - it is a good option for a complete break from work, problems with the family or while spending time on the road.

Immediately after selecting a game, you can set the game level of interest, as well as go to previous versions without having to search for games. For example, the first level of the third quest is dedicated to stealing the Mona Lisa from the museum. The task is to drive along the road, despite all sorts of obstacles. The car constantly stops, makes funny noises and bounces, different sound options add to the drive.

The previous version is an interesting troll quest, which is known to many. The player's task is to find the right solution, in some ways this quest resembles the intellectual version, which makes you rack your brains, but it's not easy enough to do under the constant laughter of the troll. On the first level you have to let the bird out, on the second level you have to get into the night club bypassing the guard, it must be said that already with the second level you will have to suffer.

What to do with the next ones is up to the player, but the positivity is hard to refuse and very offensive kick in the ass. And so not only at each level, but at the end of each game Trollface Quest, you really want to continue to enjoy the positive, simple and unobtrusive games that are available for free. If you're not alone, come play with your family - find out who's smarter you or your little ones.

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