Top 5 iPhone photo processing apps worth paying attention to in 2022

The iPhone has a built-in photo editor, but its functions are not enough for comprehensive photo processing. In this selection we have collected applications for iOS that will help to save bad shots and quickly improve the quality of any image.


PhotoDiva can help improve your complexion, whiten your teeth, and remove small skin imperfections (pimples, scars, dark circles under the eyes). The editor also offers a range of photo filters to choose from. You can add highlights or toning and create an imitation of a film photo in a couple of clicks.

In addition PhotoDiva allows you to work with the color scheme of the image. Of course, there are also basic editing options - cropping, horizon alignment, adding a vignette, etc. After processing the photo you can send it to Instagram.

Top 5 iPhone photo processing apps worth paying attention to in 2022


All the basic editing tools are available in the app: adjusting color and exposure, sharpening and cropping photos. Afterlight also has advanced features: working with curves, gradients, blending modes. In addition, you can decorate your photos with stickers and emoji, apply stylized titles to them. And the collection of 130+ filters will help you create atmospheric shots and emphasize the mood of your photos.

Afterlight can be downloaded for free, but you have to pay to get access to the whole set of tools and filters.

Top 5 iPhone photo processing apps worth paying attention to in 2022

Lens Distortions

Add beauty and drama to your photos with natural sunlight and glare. In the Lens Distortions app you'll find textures and gradients that simulate sunlight, highlights, fog, rain, and snowfall. There are also shimmers and sparkles, frosted glass effects, and blurred edges.

The editor lets you adjust the transparency, brightness, contrast, and color of each overlay. You can make the treatment richer and brighter, or soften the overlays for a more natural result. At the same time, you can overlay presets on top of each other for more effect. The app is free, but not all filters are available in the free version.

Top 5 iPhone photo processing apps worth paying attention to in 2022


DarkRoom is a complete alternative to Photoshop for your iPhone. The application contains a set of tools for professional editing. With it you can apply stylish filters to photos, enhance the quality of images, change the background, and work with color in detail. You can also create and save your own presets.

This mobile photo editor is one of the few that allows you to work with the RAW format. At the same time it is possible to process several images in batch mode. The application integrates with iCloud, so users can import pictures directly from there. Processed photos are immediately synchronized with your account, and they can also be saved on your phone or sent to the Internet.

Top 5 iPhone photo processing apps worth paying attention to in 2022


iBeauty is a complete solution for those who want to embellish their photos before sending them to social networks. In the application, you can change the main features of your appearance: make your figure slimmer or give it an hourglass shape; increase or decrease your height; make some areas larger, for example, build up muscles; treat facial features - fix the nose, make the eyes and lips bigger, change the oval.

In addition to the appearance changing functions, the app has a library of stylish filters: color, black and white, highlights, imitation film camera and others. You can also "try on" a cool tattoo - a whole collection is available in the program. The editor is extremely easy to manage: to apply the edits, just select the desired tool and adjust the parameter with the slider.

Top 5 iPhone photo processing apps worth paying attention to in 2022


The apps above will help you quickly improve your selfies, apply filters before sending them to the internet, do professional editing, etc. Can't find the right one for you? Then check out our full review of mobile photo editors https://amssoft.ru/photo/besplatnye-fotoredaktory-dlya-ajfon.php. There you will find both universal solutions and highly specialized programs aimed at solving specific problems.

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