Top: 5 mobile games with the most beautiful design in 2015

We have compiled our top 5 games whose design, illustrations and animation were a head above the rest!

We made our top: 5 games whose design, illustrations and animation were head and shoulders above the rest! Which game in 2015 turned out to be the most beautiful for us? 1. Monument Valleymv2First place! And that's not surprising. In 2014 Monument Valley won the Apple Design Award and simply captivated the users by its beautiful graphics. Playing this game is like walking through a museum, looking at bizarre architecture and fantastic constructions, and it's probably the most beautiful game we've ever played! Godfire: Rise of PrometheusGodfireThe game was released by Vivid Games and is an action-adventure RPG with very high-quality and memorable graphics. Amazing visual effects are supported by the Unreal Engine.3 engine. Leo's FortuneleoEveryone will appreciate the hard work of the designers who worked on the unique design of Leo's Fortune. Each level of this arcade game is carefully designed and each scene looks breathtaking. Haunt the House: TerrortownhauntWant to be a ghost? Play Haunt the House: Terrortown! The game is full of creative illustrations and funny characters. The unique style of graphics - cute and creepy at the same time - is great! Rival Knightsrival_knightsWe think this simulation game should be in every iPhone or iPad. Playing it you will enjoy stunning 3D graphics, dynamic camera and realistic perspectives. Visually, Rival Knights is a masterpiece! There were several other games that we wanted to include in our top. For example, the magic, bright and colorful Chronology or addictive puzzle game Framed. But, let's leave them for later and settle on the top 5.Do you agree with our choice? Let's discuss!

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