Telegram channels about style, fashion and inspiration

Telegram channels about style, fashion and inspiration

A woman is a constant pursuit of perfection. She wants to be the most beautiful, likes to bother with trivia and long search for a dress that no one else has. She also wants to be a good wife, mother, friend and sincerely wishes to have more time in the day, to have time to do everything. In such a frantic rhythm, there's often not enough time to keep track of what's in fashion today, find a new hairstyle before the hairdresser or see reviews of cosmetics you've been eyeing for a long time. So for the lovely girls, we've made a great selection of Telegram channels about style, fashion and inspiration!

In them you will find answers to questions and tips:

  • How to look like a million and not spend all the money in the world on it?
  • What to be inspired by today?
  • What cosmetics to choose?
  • What's fashionable today?
  • How to decorate the house with your own hands?

Telegram channels about fashion and style - ideas and trends for every day for your bright life. Choose the one that's closer to your heart!
Telegram channels about style, fashion, clothes and beauty

Telegram channels about style, fashion and inspiration

Channel @svojstil is a designer of women's clothing. Currently working on the fall and winter collection of women's knitwear. Tells all about clothing styles:

  • The history of each style
  • Best bows
  • Characteristic features
  • Combination with shoes
  • Patterns
  • Celebrities

@womanschannels - This is a catalog of only female channels on Telegram. All the most interesting and useful for women.

@theWorldOfHandmade - a place for people in love with creativity! The world of handmade in one channel! The best masters of the planet, announcements of events and master classes.
It does not matter whether you are a needleworker or an outside observer, a master or a novice amateur. What is important: the desire for beauty and the desire to be a part of this huge community.

@moda_still - Fashion, style and beauty in one bottle!
Channel for modern and beautiful girls ✨

Sewing for children and want more ideas and communication with like-minded people? Author's Handmade Channel @Sewing_for_kids shares with needlewomen MK, tried out patterns, schemes, finished works.

@smallbeauty will teach you how to save money on beauty! Proven reviews of budget cosmetics, scientific articles, life stories, and secrets of how to look great without spending half your paycheck.

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