Telegram channels about fitness and healthy lifestyle

Telegram channels about fitness and healthy lifestyle from trainers

Fitness, being a popular trend in modern life, has come to Telegram as well. Unfortunately, there are not many really useful and high-quality channels. The exception is a few channels run by people with expert opinions in this area - practicing fitness trainers and people who simply have a sufficient amount of knowledge. I present to you a selection of Telegram channels about fitness and healthy lifestyle.

You can find a lot of useful and important information in channels about fitness and healthy living. First of all, it concerns the training process - which exercises, for which muscle group, how to eat, whether you need to use sports nutrition and much more. You will learn that a perfect body is formed not only by killing workouts, but also by proper nutrition, rest and many more factors that are not talked about. I also came across book reviews, stories of great athletes and even stickers. Each channel has its own charisma and distinctive, subscribe to these channels and start finally getting to know the WHO.

Telegram channels about fitness and healthy lifestyle

Telegram channels about fitness and healthy lifestyle

@pushyourself - is the largest channel run by a fitness trainer. The channel was noticed by the publishing house MIF, so in addition to information about training and proper nutrition, the channel has book giveaways.

@wellnesspress - The guys have launched Challenges on the formation of good habits. Each new challenge is a new task and a new habit. Complete tasks, check in, and read interesting facts about healthy living.

@sdelaltelo - Another channel from a fitness trainer. The author writes vividly and interestingly about training and helping you find the perfect body.

@FitMotiv - again, the channel of a fitness trainer, this time a girl. The author discusses exercises and proper nutrition in a personal blog format.

@bezsoliisahara - fitness trainers, leading channels are over, and the list of fitness experts is opened by a wonderful girl with a great channel, respectively, for girls.

@TrainUntamed - The author of this channel thoroughly describes the intricacies of performing hard exercises, promotes hardcore training, and tries to make quality content.

@sport_girls_ru - The Sporty Girl's Channel for Girls. Everything you wanted to know about a slim waist and trim thighs can be found here.

@tskfitness - Fitness and wellness enthusiasts will find answers to any questions on this channel.










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