Telegram channels about content marketing

Telegram channels about content marketing

It's trendy and interesting to be a content marketer these days. Fashionable because "everyone is talking about it," because job sites are flooding job openings and resumes "content marketer," because only lazybones aren't talking about it. And content marketing is interesting because it's constantly evolving, it's the ever-changing role of content marketing in business, new skins, challenges and roles in internet marketing. It blows your mind. You have to be constantly learning. Constantly being in the flow. Not missing the essentials. To be on topic. The question arises how? I tell you. You need to subscribe to the right Telegram channels for content marketing and read information from there.

What's the salt? The guys are at or near the top of the food pyramid of content marketers, editors or Internet marketers. Very on-topic. So you can read news, useful changes, checklists, fashion trends and other interesting stuff pretty quickly and promptly. You don't have to scour the entire Internet to put together useful pieces of the puzzle. These guys will do everything for you. All you have to do is read this information and use it in your work.

Telegram channels about content marketing

Telegram channels about content marketing

@glvrdru - The channel is hosted by Maxim Ilyakhov, a well-known Zh-T editor who made the Glavred service, teaches editing, and much more. On the channel, you can read Maxim's opinion on various texts, tips on how to write, and other useful materials about the text. I recommend it to everyone who writes.

@content_king - Oleg Tsegelnik, a well-known Internet marketer in narrow circles, teaches content marketing. The channel contains a concentration of information about content. How to create a content strategy, create content, what to do with it next, tips, tricks, tools, and subtleties of the content marketer.

@deniskaplunov - The channel is hosted by Denis Kaplunov, a well-known copywriter and text guru. Denis is a great writer about selling texts. He writes about how the text should be, so that the person who reads it will buy your product or service. A lot of useful information, links and tips on copywriting.

@abbsol - is led by Pavel Fedorov, editor of Netology, on how to write text, problems of writing, rules of Russian language, tips for writers, and books on craft.

@redaktoru - a daily portion of useful articles collected by the authors of the day, for editors, copywriters, SMM marketers and of course content marketers.

If you think there are other channels that are worthy of being here - write in the comments.

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