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In addition to I have several other projects on the Internet, which I develop and make money from them. In addition, I consult on the subject of internet marketing. I read and listen to quite a lot of information on specialized topics to keep up to date. A great treasure trove of information on making money online are chat rooms and Telegram channels. I get a lot of useful and not so useful information from there. I am sharing with you a selection of my Telegram channels and chats on the topic of earning online and internet marketing: SEO, arbitrage, manimaking, targeting, for copywriters and editors, Youtube and so on. It turned out to be 59 channels and chats. Unexpectedly 🙂 At first I wanted to separate who I read more and who I read less, but I decided that everyone has their own preferences. Subscribe to each one, read a couple weeks, months, then decide whether to keep it or not. If some channel/chat is not here, write in the comments or personally to me in the cart (@tsegelnyk), if the channel or chat is cool, I will include it in the selection.

Telegram Channels and chats on making money online and internet marketing

Manimaking, creating sites for earning money, author channels and clicks. Talking about AdSense, Facebook and other trivia. Reader. A daily digest of posts and videos on the topics of making money online, websites, SEO, entrepreneurship and investing.$ for a content project. Initially the project was conceived as a House 2 about the demonstration of how for 1000$ you can create an informational site from 0, which almost immediately starts to earn money. Now it is more of an informational site for webmasters. Affiliate, SEO, webmaster, work with affiliate programs in bourge and runet. | The thoughts of a seoshnik and webmaster about websites, crafts of life., moneymaker! Site grids, lidgen, business integration, experiments and affiliate programs.

Chat'm a mommaker, mom. Discussions on topics for making money online. Affiliate programs, lidgen, sites, arbitrage, traffic. Fuckin. Instamodel.'s no money in websites. Interesting channel of a girl who builds websites and makes money from financial scams. Major. Author Alexander Ovsyannikov's blog about making money online. Always worked only online. There was not a single day of working for an uncle. I create websites, work in SEO, with SEO, on SEO, on SEO. I am engaged in Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) to improve the position of the site in search engines by optimizing On-Page, On-Site, On-Yandex.'m gonna buy this site! Selections of good sites to buy according to Artem Vysokov

Copywriting and text editing Tips and articles about text, editing, informational style, and advertising. Advertising is not for sale.'s Tools. Content director Alexander Marfisin's channel about product editorial, brand media and technology., seduce. How to attract and hold the reader's attention. The author is Maxim Ilyakhov. to read for the editor. A daily selection of the best articles for the editor. Kaplunov Copywriting School. A channel where you'll get fresh and hot first-hand information on how to turn words into money with copywriting and get stronger results. Only practice. Only relevant. Only applicable. We give you a tooth. of the short meter. Nata Hare's channel about the hard work of a proZayka.Notes writer about how to write notes, run a TG channel, be an editor of a big blog and a writer for money.

SEO Talk - White SEO. Up-to-date materials and news on SEO and internet marketing. Specialist. Must-read news and manuals for optimizers, webmasters and website owners from private SEO specialist, Rinat Haisman. Free palyu topics and chips. Practical SEO cases. Things that can be replicated. Solutions for different budgets. No water, simple words about complex things. channel Interesting stuff from the world of SEO. - author blog about making money on the Internet. Creation, optimization, promotion and monetization of websites. Author's articles on internal optimization. SEO news under Google for the week with conclusions. SEO - promotion and earnings. SEO and earning money on websites SEO Kanalovich. Internet marketing, sEo, life SEO. SEO. It's a good one, but there are very few updates.

SEO Burge Community for promotion in Western markets SEO. Useful materials on English-language SEO

Chat BURGE chat.. SEO promotion in the west. I share my experience on how to make websites for English speaking audience.

Amazon and other affiliate programs Working with Amazon affiliate program. The channel features super interesting content about working with Amazon affiliate program, and in the chat room you can ask questions, get answers on the same topic.

Chat chat. affiliate. Theory and practice of working with reviewers under amazon. Real Talk, No Bullshit.

PUB, Domains and Links - drops and domains for PBNs. Picks of drop domains to create PBN or other sites. News, articles and Q&As on the topic of PBNs. Rudnyk. 8 years in SEO, linkbuilding, and marketing (Crowd-Links, cases, examples). Crowd Expert. Linkbuilding, crowd-marketing, vital marketing, links, cases, examples Quite an interesting service channel about SEO, marketing and SaaS product development. - about SEO and links.

Contextual advertising

No such chats in my space yet, but if you throw some savvy ones at me, I'll add them.

Targeting in Facebook ads & School. All about social media advertising: news, articles and cases. on Telegram. All about buying traffic to Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and more. Tips on creating ads.

Arbitrage and making money from it after the plant. About earning money on the Internet and freedom from financial slavery of the XXI century

Chat | RU. Welcome to PropellerAds in Russian! Ask any questions on the topic of working with traffic, customizing campaigns and improving conversion.

Youtube YouTubeHive. A channel about YouTube and video marketing. Too bad it's not updated.

Chat | YouTube Promotion. YouTube channel promotion and monetization 2019. For beginners and established bloggers.

Chat YouTube chat. Pro Youtube Channel Chat.

Chat chat. - PRO YouTube. Good YouTube Blogger YouTube channel YouTube channel People PRO.


Chat discussion, sharing experience. Discussing work in adsense


Chat chat. Chatting about tough questions on Figma.

Website builders: Tilda, WordPress's. An informal and independent community of Tilda lovers

Chat's chat room Premium plugins and themes for WordPress

Internet marketing in general - Digital masons. Author's channel about digital marketing and communication in Ukraine. - We tell you about Internet marketing trends, share research results, and publish expert recommendations.

Podcasts PRO. Business on the Internet | SEO and SMM | investments | startups

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