Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: A Beginner's Guide

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: A Beginner's Guide

Recently we wrote about the emergence of such a wonderful game as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It is an excellent example of a good RPG-strategy, although not always balanced. Today is the first part of a little beginner's guide on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Get some useful tips and instructions on how to start playing SW:GoH. Also wrote a guide on how to be Top in the Arena in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Beginner's guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

will be helpful to you if you read it BEFORE you start playing! 

I highly recommend that you start the game on Sunday (Saturday night, so that the whole Sunday is at your disposal) - then you start with the maximum bonus. All Tests will be available to you as soon as you reach level 22. I advise you not to be lazy and take the 22nd lvl. Especially checked personally, it can be done in 1 day without any problems and without donation. Thanks to this, you will be able to reach and have time to pass the Tests on the same day. This will give you a big advantage right away. Prepare, the first time you start playing - to play a row of 5-7 hours to get the maximum effect. 2. in Supplies - buy (if there will be) for 10 crystals - 25 T2 learning droids. They are always there at the start of a new game.Galaxy of Heroes: Guide3. You should know this! You can buy several energy packs at once for 50 crystals (abbreviated: kri). The first pack - just buy it. During the purchase of the second (attention, cheat!) - try to quickly clicking on the energy and "agreeing to buy" to have time to buy as many energy packs as possible, as long as the price remains the same - 50 cri. When the price rises to 100 Cree - do not buy, it is not so profitable. That way I managed to buy 3-5 energy packs. To try this method - at your own risk. 4. When you reach 18 lvl - you will be available Allies. Immediately add players of 80th level to your allies. They'll help you with Tests and Cards, as well as increasing the inflow of Bromonets from which, with a little bit of luck, something might fall. 5. Arena. Starting a new game will put you in a new division in the Arena. There everyone will be your level, started playing today, maximum - yesterday. So try to get as high as possible in the arena right away! Try to climb higher and higher every day, renewing for Kree at least 1 time (on the first day of play you can immediately get into the interval above 500 place and get a good reward). What's good, no one can dislodge you from there for a long time, as there are still a bunch of weaker opponents. After all, you will have the power of the squad already about 4k. I advise you to do one more upgrade for the Cree - will be able to rise above 250 places, and then get a good reward for the arena.Here for example, what an opponent I got. Moved immediately to 1000 places forward.Arena - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes6. Dress your starting characters as much as possible at once and swing them (5 starting light characters at maximum).7. Reach and pass 3* "3-I" both for light and "2-Z" for dark, to dress all your characters as much as possible (up to blue stuff, which is the easiest to knock out in the daily Tests).8. If you did everything right - your approximate totals for 1 day of the game

  • Your 250th arena seat
  • Level 22 (and, accordingly, the maximum level of ALL characters - both light and dark - at that point).
  • Light characters are dressed FULL as far as the level allows.
  • Dark - as luck would have it, but I had them fully clothed too (except for the 2 slots at Talia).

For all this was enough bought packs of energy, as well as the one that is given to you for leveling up. Next, have fun! With such a steep start it will be very easy for you to move on, considering that now you can already add allies of level 80. To your liking. But if you dare, in the course of your development you'll be offered to buy character packs three times. In my opinion, if I ever buy one of these, I'd better buy the 3rd pack for $24.99. It will contain 3 droids (HK-47, IG-88, IG-86). A bundle that is now considered one of the strongest. (But remember, the balance in the game is constantly changing, and at the time of reading this article, this data may not be up to date). If you suddenly decide to go broke, you're better off with this Puck. Pump up these guys, they will tear up the arena everything they see, led by Poggle Jr, who you can easily knock out of the GW (Galactic Wars Guide in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) once you get to it.Buy package for $24.99 - Star Wars: Galaxy of HeroesP.S. Rock your very first character Jedi Consul on the MAXIMUM from the very beginning. He comes in handy throughout the game. He's almost the only character that you'll be able to dress up at higher levels in the top-end gear without any problems. (He'll be able to wear 5 of 6 level VII cloths). Also, he'll be the easiest to get up to 7*. Masthead, no matter what anyone tells you. Start swinging it from the very beginning of the game and don't forget about it!Jedi Consular - Star Wars: Galaxy of HeroesGood luck in the game, and I hope you find the information useful! The information was taken from the forum 4pda and agreed with the author.

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