The chess game we've been looking for for the iPhone for so long

Due to the popularization of auto battlers (also known as auto chess), interest in regular chess has also grown a bit. Unfortunately, to find really good good quality Chess for iOS is quite difficult - often offered arcade variants like Really Bad Chess as an alternative to chess for iPhone. But just recently I found a cool phone chess app called Chess from the chess.com website of the same name. And to be honest, it's the best chess app so far.

How to learn to play chess

There are several lessons in the app, which are divided into different levels of difficulty, so Chess will be useful for players with any background. The best place to start, of course, is with the basics - to learn how and in what sequence the pieces move, there is a whole course for beginners. After that, you can either immediately start playing with hints, where the computer will prompt the best moves, or go to the "Training" section. I recommend playing with the weakest one - this way the training goes much faster, and then, when you already start to realize the lack of tactics, you have to go to "Training". There's a bunch of interesting options there - how to properly develop board advantage, mate (yes, there's such a term), and play openings. Maybe you've heard something like "Nimzowicz Defense", "English Start", and so on - all these are the names of opening combinations.

The best chess app for iPhone

Another useful section is "Challenges", in which a certain combination is played out and you have to make the right moves. As it turns out, chess is not checkers, so brazenly "chopping" enemy pieces is not always right. Because an experienced player (or an Akunin reader) knows that "it's called a gambit - giving up a piece to win the initiative. Sometimes gambits are also played in such problems, which helps to get rid of a bad checkerboard habit. Sometimes the program suggests playing the "puzzle of the day," which is the same as the problem, only more difficult because there are more pieces on the board.

And the coolest thing about the app is the ability to analyze your game. Since Chess is free, you can do a quick analysis (ready in a minute). The app will analyze your game move by move, analyze good and great moves, and suggest the best ways to develop your game. By analyzing each game in this way, you'll be able to understand what mistakes you shouldn't make (you may be able to identify systematic problems), and how best to play out such situations. For example, I have a problem with late pieces to the center of the board - the program allows you to adapt your style to the right one, but with the speed you're used to, without breaking the ground that you've already learned.

Can I play chess online?

Yes, you'll just have to register, but it's free. You can set the conditions of the game yourself - the speed and the time allotted for reflection, and then the system will choose a real opponent for you, based on his rating. I'm not sure if it's analogous to an Elo rating, but it's very similar.

How to learn to play chess

The Elo rating system, Elo coefficient, is a method for calculating the relative strength of players in games involving two players (such as shogi, go or chess). The rating system was developed by Arpad Elo (Élő Árpád; 1903-1992), an American physics professor of Hungarian origin.

And right away, if you don't play for a minute, you'll suffer a technical defeat. Therefore, it is better not to be distracted in such a "compétition".

Chess is really the best chess

You can customize the game to suit you - for example, when practicing with the computer. You can choose his strength / level, at any time include cues, cancel moves, change sides. Well, you can also apply different skins to the boards and pieces - initially there are 4 of them available. The application has a very large database of different tasks, which is very cool, and also almost everything can be played without connecting to the internet. Moreover, the app has the ability to read news and articles about chess, although they are updated infrequently. You can watch the strongest players in real time, which is also a useful feature. At the same time Chess is done very well - the interface is clear, on the smartphone screen everything is visible.

play chess with your phone online

And it's worth noting that you can get access to everything in the game for money. Chess has chosen the option of subscriptions - you buy a month or a year and use the service in full. The gold level for a month (the easiest) will cost 349 rubles, the platinum level for a year - 6,990 rubles.

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