Seven interesting games for the Apple Watch

Introducing seven games for the Apple Watch

Until now, there has been no information about games for the new Apple Watch. Here are seven of the most interesting, in our opinion, games for Apple Watch.Rules!B_wB9F8UYAAc57r1-216x375Without a doubt, Rules! was one of the coolest puzzle games of 2014. And as a game that requires no interaction other than tapping, Rules! looks like the perfect game for the Apple Watch.BoxPopboxpop-e1426086014321-226x375If you've never played a cool game from Freshplanet before, you'll have the opportunity to do so on your wrist. BoxPop is a great puzzle game that limits your movements to L-shaped maneuvers.Hatchihatchiapplewatch-e1426085951659-247x375Hatchi - is a virtual pet that's very popular with hobbyists. It's the same old Tamagotchi that was mega-popular in the '90s, but in Hatchi you can feed and bathe your little friend without even taking your hand out of your pocket.Zombies RunA great fitness toy. After all, thanks to its biometric capabilities, the Apple Watch produces a powerful message for a healthy society. So when you're trying to outrun a zombie, it's important to watch your heartbeat.Letterpadletterpad_apple_watch_icon1The creators of such tiny games as Tiny Towers, Pocket Planes, and Nimble Quest - NimbleBit - know firsthand how to make fantastic mobile products. But could they have guessed that their offspring would go on an even smaller screen? The word game Letterpad asks participants to make 3×3 words on a grid that must match a suggested key.BlastBall DuoBlastBall-DUO-3-watchesThe recently released game BlastBall MAX has gained a lot of popularity among App Store users, but it seems this is just the beginning. These puzzles include a 1x1 version, and you can play it right on your wrist.Elementary Minutehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRAUd0FWtZEElementary Minute from Trivia values your time by offering you phrases that you must confirm or deny with swipes up and down on your Apple Watch. How many can you answer in 60 seconds?

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