Rogue Wizards - review, mini guide and tips for passing

Rogue Wizards - review, mini guide and tips for passing

Often simple games about dungeon conquest are made by the ace of the game industry, and so it happened with Rogue Wizards, which was created by the famous Colin Day. The author immediately said that you won't see anything new in the game, and it is not in any comparison with ADoM, the main difference is a newer and brighter graphics. By the way, it was created with the help of freelance artists. The essence of Rogue Wizards is quite simple, because you are a hero, and the world will end without you, your pet and companion with a weapon will help you. You need to stop the evil mages that lurk on the lower floors, making your way to them through the crowds of bad guys and gals, along the way, collecting useful items. Okay, let's take a little look at the overview, and read the tips and tricks of Rogue Wizards.

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Rogue Wizards - review, mini guide and tips for passing

Rogue Wizards - review, mini guide and tips for passing

To be honest, when I first looked at the screenshots, read the description, the game did not make me want to install it. After a month or two I saw it in the top charts, decided to install it. Man, I wish I had installed Rogue Wizards sooner.

It all begins when the hero finds a scroll that transports him to another dimension. In this world, the evil wizards are at war against the good ones, and the latter have one way out - to make a secret hideout, which our hero joins. Such a story. to be honest, they could have come up with something better :). For the final and irrevocable victory over evil, you must constantly clean up the dungeons, killing the bad guys. To do this you will be given:

  • Many kinds of weapons (swords, scythes, sabers, bows, crossbows, knives, dirks, stars, and other throwing, crushing, dissecting, shooting weapons).
  • A lot of equipment and protection (full clothing set). Note that you can not use a staff and a shield at the same time, because the staff is two-handed, as well as the bow. Minus the shield - minus protection. So far the best way for me is to walk with a sword and a shield.
  • Magic. Six types of magic are available, each of which behaves differently and serves different purposes. The first is fireball, and with fireball you know what to do. Interestingly, you need shards to use magic, which you collect in dungeons or buy in the store. Use magic only on crowds of enemies, mow down single ones with weapons. Or when it's really bad.
  • Elixirs. There are two of them - health and resurrection. It is desirable to have both of them. True, resurrection is only bought for crystals and can fall out in battle. I do without it.

Rogue Wizards - review, mini guide and tips for passing

Sooner or later you will go down into a dungeon. The time there flows online, but once the fight starts, it's turn-based combat. Move around the cells, change weapons, collect useful items. On the way the hero will meet:

  • chests of gold - there is enough gold in the game, usually from the sale of items;
  • The merchants are almost like in Diablo;
  • altars are for sacrifices, a joke, a useless thing;
  • Cauldrons for potions and spells are sometimes useful.

Also, do not forget to visit a variety of houses in the peaceful world. Forge, armor merchant, storehouse (you can store not only on yourself), pump magic skills, increase the level of buildings, pumping items that appear there. You know what reminds me of Rogue Wizards? Torchlight is just as cartoonish, fun, enjoyable, and unhurried.

Rogue Wizards - unhurried Torchlight for mobile devices

If you break it down, the game's story and objectives are similar to Torchlight, only at a more leisurely pace. But the main difference between Rogue Wizards is that the hero does not need to constantly survive, keep an eye on the torch or equipment. The main tasks (there is a direct similarity) are offensives, massacres of evil wizards, and improving the hero. At first you are given a lot of enemies, quests and useful things, there is time to choose weapons, there is no need to rush. But by the middle of the game it gets boring, the routine begins and the lack of pace gets tense. Perhaps this is the only significant disadvantage of the game.

How to spend money in the game

  • three times a day to watch ads for crystals;
  • You do not need to buy anything from merchants, except potions and spells;
  • No need to pump up a blacksmith and craftsman, and buy something from him, in the dungeons are already stuffed with equipment;
  • of the services you can upgrade the tower with spells and sorcery over items.

Game Features in Rogue Wizards

There are good things about Rogue Wizards, for example, the enemies are really scary, can cause hallucinations, move silently, use deadly spells and can steal the sword from the hero in one second.

One of the genius features of the game. All equipment has a level that pumps when you use the item. That is, you pick up a sword that damage better than your current one, but it does not have any additional skills. So gradually they will appear. About this in the game will be reported. That's really cool, they've come up with that. Of course, the higher the level of the object, the more plushies you can "grow" on it, the more unusual properties in it appear - you raised your sword, and while waving, it became the same Sword of Stone.

The game design is not stressful and done in cartoon style, the content - simple, but draws for tens of hours.

Bottom line, let's recap.


  1. classical mechanics;
  2. variety of equipment;
  3. randomly appearing dungeons;
  4. improving things as you level up.


Simple gameplay and graphics for the amateur. So play or not - you decide, but it is definitely worth a try.

And to reduce doubts, I give gameplay of the game.

Rogue Wizards gameplay and walkthrough videos in Russian


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