Playing Rocketon

Rocketon is an innovative online casino game with an entertaining concept in which you can win a large sum of money. It is easy to master its rules thanks to the accessible gameplay. In the development of the slot for the first time used technology React.js. Rocketon game offers a generous bonus system, high odds and generous winnings.

📱Mobile version: Android and IOS 
💎 RTP: 97%
🔧 Developer: Digitain

Digitain is a global leader in the development of technological solutions for gaming platforms and sports betting. The company has been repeatedly awarded and certified. Digitain's Rocketon is a premium product in the online casino industry with competitive advantages:

  • Updated realistic graphics with high sound quality;
  • exciting online gameplay;
  • simple rules and an accessible interface;
  • bonus systems;
  • potentially big winnings;
  • high volatility.
Rocketon game
Rocketon game

How to play Rocketon slot

Rocketon is a game in which gamers bet on a rocket taking off into the stratosphere. The essence of the slot is to have time to withdraw money before it explodes. It is impossible to guess the time of flight, the number is randomly generated by ID Quantique.

The playing field is in the form of a spaceport, from which a rocket is launched. It moves against the background of the night sky towards outer space. At any moment the object can explode. The amount of winnings depends on how high the board went up. Before launching, the player sets the bet in Rocketon slot. The user decides for himself at what moment of the rocket flight to withdraw funds.

Rocketon Game Features

What functionality does Rocketon slot offer its customers:

  1. Double the bet in one round. In order to double your potential winnings, you have the opportunity to make 2 different bets in one round of the game.
  2. Auto bet. In the settings of the slot select the auto play mode. The system will make bets without your participation.
  3. Integrity check. Each time after the next game, the user can make sure that the outcome of the round was made in a random way. To do this, it is necessary to enter the generated code in the game interface.
  4. Bonus system. The company stimulates players with free bets and rewards in various promotions.
  5. Multichannel. The game can be accessed through the following channels: phones, tablets, web version.
  6.  Automatic Withdrawal. If you're the kind of person who controls your risk, this feature will help you withdraw money by pre-determining your withdrawal rate.
Rocketon Slot
Rocketon Slot

Sound and graphics

Digitain recently introduced the latest update to the game Rocketon. It includes a new interface with three-dimensional animated graphics and enhanced soundtrack. The developers added an ultra-realistic design with visual effects that attracts a large number of players.

Auto Cashout

The auto-cashout function is designed for those players who take responsibility for the level of risk of betting. To do this, the user must pre-set the odds at which the auto-cashout will take place. This feature allows you to minimize money losses and leaves you in the black at any outcome of the game.

RTP and volatility

As of today, the estimated return to the player in Rocketon is 97%. The game offers both big winnings and the risk of losing a bet, making it a highly volatile slot. You can maximize your returns and raise your RTP by using the Auto Betting and Auto Cashout system.

Rocketon - demo version of the game

To better understand the essence of the game Rocketon you are given the opportunity to try the slot without investing real money. The company has implemented a demo version of the gameplay with an identical set of options and settings as in the full version. Here you can bet and set volatility, use auto-cache out and practice without risking losing real money. Rocketon Demo is a free version of the game for beginners and inexperienced users, where you do not need to create an account and can get acquainted with the rules.

Rocketon Demo
Rocketon Demo

Rocketon mobile version

Rocketon slot can be used in both desktop and mobile versions, allowing users to play their favorite games wherever they are. Access to the full functionality of the club is retained. The mobile version works on Android and iOS devices. The only requirement is an internet connection. The interface is fully adapted to the screen of the device. To use the mobile version of Rocketon you do not need to download the application, just log in to the phone browser.

Play Rocketon in the casino

For Rocketon Gaming, the safest and most convenient casino is Parimatch. This bookmaker has been providing its services for more than 28 years and has more than 1 million users. The online casino gives a wide choice of ways to make deposits. At the same time, transactions are conducted under a three-level data protection system, which is a guarantee of the safety of this platform. Rocketon at Parimatch uses a random number generator for fair and honest play to its users.

When playing Rocketon, users can enjoy impressive graphics, a generous bonus system and really big winnings. With the right strategy and a solid platform, you increase your chances of making a big catch. And with the new double betting and auto-cashout features, the game will be a great break from the daily grind.


Does Rocketon have a demo version of the game?
Is there a mobile version of the game?
How to win in Rocketon slot?
What is the RTP of Rocketon?
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Does Rocketon have a demo version of the game?
Yes, users can practice in demo mode before playing for real money.
Is there a mobile version of the game?
Rocketon provides a version for both stationary devices and mobile devices. The game is available in a browser with no restrictions from anywhere in the world. All functions of the slot in the mobile version are preserved.
How to win in Rocketon slot?
It is necessary to master several strategies and techniques that will help you succeed. It is important to understand the basic mechanics of the game, to understand when it is best to bet and on what terms. Here are a few concepts for a successful outcome: the Martingale, Laboucher and D'Alembert system. With these strategies, you can make huge winnings at Rocketon.
What is the RTP of Rocketon?
The RTP of the Rocketon game is 97%. This is an excellent indicator for players, as they can count on a full return on their bets.