Ringtones on iPhone. Step one: how to make

Every day the owners of iPhone answer millions of calls, each time listening to the same standard ringtone. Those who are tired of it, wonder how to change the annoying sounds to your favorite ringtone.So, the order is as follows: first you need to make or download a ready-made ringtone, then upload it to your iPhone and then set the ringtone in the settings to the desired event or contact.Let's start with the first step: downloading the ringtone.To do this, you need to cut the desired part of the music track on your home computer. To do this, use any music editor, such as the free mp3DirectCut. You can also use services that offer ringtones for iPhone online.To convert this piece to AAC format you can use iTunes. To do this, first download the iPhone the music you want to use for your ringtone. Once the file is in your library iTunesright-click on it and select "Create AAC Version".rington011After that, the same file will appear in the library, only in a different format, and it will not differ in appearance from the original file.rington02You need to right-click on this new file and select "Show in Explorer".rington031This will open an Explorer with your m4a file in it. You should rename the file and change its extension to m4r. To do this simply change the last letter "a" to "r". If suddenly you don't see the extensions, select "Tools - Folder Properties - View" in Explorer and uncheck the menu "Hide extensions for registered file types".After that you will get a ***.m4r file, and the icon will change to the corresponding icon for the ringtone.rington04This is your ringtone that is ready to be installed on your device.It is better to copy the file to a convenient location. iTunes convert the file in a service folder, and it is extremely difficult to find anything there.And one more thing: make sure that the duration of the ringtone is at least 40 seconds, otherwise iPhone In the next post we will tell you how to download the ringtone to your device.

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