iPhone Modem Mode - How to Share the Internet

iPhone Modem Mode - How to Share the Internet

The iPhone can now also be used as an Internet transmitter for computers, tablets, and other phones. Transmission can be via cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although for other gadgets, you can transmit the Internet from the iPhone only through wireless networks. How to use iPhone modem mode?

iPhone Modem Mode: Where to Start?

Before you can start giving away traffic, you have to:

  • have an iPhone model of 3G or higher;
  • Set up and activate the mobile network on your phone;
  • connect LTE for faster speeds.

If the phone manages to enter the browser and download links, you can start activating the modem on the smartphone. To do this, go to settings and cellular communication: If the modem section is displayed there, then it was enabled when you activated the Internet.

Although it happens that in the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 settings are knocked down and some network functions are deleted. This happens more often with the 5s and 4s models, but sometimes in version 6 as well, since the ninth version of iOS does not cope with the problem. The modem can simply be deleted, not displayed, and if it does turn on, the phone hangs until it is turned off. There may be several reasons for this:

  • the user hardly ever uses the function;
  • there are peculiarities of the requirements of the mobile network in a particular country and city.

To activate the modem, you must manually enter the mobile network information:

  • find the mobile network section in the settings;
  • find modem mode and turn it on;
  • Fill in the fields with information about the mobile network: this is the APN line, where you enter the name in English and select the country;
  • click "Save";
  • restart the modem.

How to share traffic on a computer

As mentioned earlier, you can distribute traffic to your computer via cable. To do this:

  • Check that the mobile Internet is turned on;
  • Connect your smartphone via cable to your computer;
  • Go to the settings on your phone under "Modem Mode", then toggle the switch and select "USB Only".

Internet is enabled, you can go to the browser on your computer and check. If there is no connection, you can try installing iTunes or AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi, turn off antivirus on your computer, which often block data transfer.

iPhone modem for other gadgets

In this case, you do not need a cable, it is only important that the other smartphones have Wi-Fi. Activation is simple. First, check the activity of the mobile network on the iPhone. Then go to the settings - "Modem mode" - "Enable modem". On the other smartphone, find the desired network and connect to it.

Changing the password

Once modem mode is activated on the iPhone, you need to turn on Wi-Fi from another phone, find that network, and enter the password. To find out the password, you need to go to the modem mode settings on the iPhone and go to Wi-Fi, where you can change it.

Connecting to Windows 7, 8 via Wi-Fi iPhone

The activation scheme on Windows 7, 8 is not particularly different from the previous ones, but it is a little more complicated than with the cable:

  • turn on the modem mode on your phone, select to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  • on the computer at the bottom where the Internet icon is, click connect to wireless networks, select the iPhone hotspot, and connect by entering your password.

If the Internet does not turn on, you need to go to Wi-Fi, then to Network Control Center - manage wireless networks - delete iPhone. After that, try to find the access point again and connect to it.

When synchronizing with Mac OS the system of action is the same as for Windows 7, 8, only when selecting access points it is necessary to select the iPhone modem (two rings), then enter the password and connect.

A video can help visually:


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