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Drain your dried-up brain - play word games on your iPhone

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Word games are not just a fun activity on your iPhone, they are a simulator for memory, logic, and wit. Some of them can even develop your writing talent and imagination.

For children and teachers

Word games are useful for people of all ages. The classic board word games that we have loved since childhood are now successfully implemented in smartphones. Word games can be not only a means for interesting leisure activities, but also wonderful practical tasks for schoolchildren. Teachers who conduct multimedia lessons use such games in their methodology. In this way, they introduce children to the proper use of gadgets, transferring their interest from scary traumatic games (read about them here) for educationally useful programs.

For all adults

There is an opinion that the human brain is used only on 10%. Some people are able to use more of it, but laziness does not allow them to do so. The popular saying goes like this: "laziness of mind". The brain does not decrease its activity even in elderly people. After research conducted on a special tomograph, it was found that the neural connections in the brain of a young person are as strong and strong as in the brain of an elderly person. The main condition for the preservation of memory and brain activity is its constant training. That is why all kinds of logical games, such as word games, are important for the all-round development of human abilities.

For adults, these games are a great way to pass the time with mental benefit. They can entertain and even encourage competition with friends. Have a brainstorming session, practice and win the battle of wits against your comrade. In a word - trample your opponent in the dirt, raise your self-esteem, intelligence level and authority 🙂

Word games on iPhone


word games, Alias, Alias

This board game has been adapted for mobile devices. It has an entertaining and educational character. The essence of the game is as follows: you have to describe a word to the other participants, without naming it, without using synonyms and concordant words, translations of the word into other languages. The game is usually played team against team, but you can also play one against one.

Create your own teams with your friends, give them names: wolves, lions, and rats, for example. Have an interesting battle. Your iPhone screen will display one word that the player must explain within one minute. A stopwatch will be displayed at the top of the screen. The team gets points for the word it guesses. The one that earns more wins. You can share your successes on social networks, encouraging friends to take your challenge and fight with you. You can turn off word translation from English to Russian. Thus, practice your conversational English.

Download Alias! you can do for free. For $0.99, buy an additional second and third dictionary, as well as a pack of words with cities and countries.

Word search or Philwords

word games, word puzzles, Infinite Word Search Puzzles

This is the Hungarian answer to the classic crossword puzzle. In a field with a set of letters the player has to find the words. You can connect the letters vertically, horizontally, obliquely, with the letter "G" or even backwards. The main condition - the letter can be used only once, ie, found the word should not intersect with another. You will be fascinated and absorbed by the game completely, trying to find the words.

In the mobile version of Infinite Word Search Puzzles you can search for words from the 49 categories provided. Within each category you can choose the level of difficulty. If you like competition, play with a friend or an opponent chosen randomly by the app. Once you've beaten your opponent, post your result on Facebook and show everyone who's boss.

Develop your attentiveness and logic, free By downloading Infinite Word Search Puzzles. Customize the app by removing ads for $1.99 or buy a hint pack that will cost you from $0.99 to $9.99

Scrabble is known as Scrabble

word games, SCRABBLE, Scrabble

This, too, is an "immobilized" board game invented by an architect back in 1938. It is still popular today. There are even regular competitions in Europe and the United States.

The principle of SCRABBLE is to make words out of letters. In the board game the letters are placed on special bones, each of which has its own value. In the iPhone version it is impossible to hold the smooth bones in your hands, but still the developers tried to create the closest to the original analogue.

Open the app, start a new game. Choose how you want to play: alone, with friends, a random opponent, or play on speed. In front of you there will be a field with a panel with 7 letters at the bottom. Each letter has its value. Composed words should be read from left to right and from top to bottom. The first word must necessarily go through the center cell. If you use all 7 virtual bones, you get 50 points. If you can't think of a word even replacing some of the letter pits with other ones, skip your turn. The game ends when one of the players runs out of letters or when no one is able to come up with a new word.

Download SCRABBLE is free. Expand your options with in-app purchases. You'll spend from $0.99 to $49.99


word games, anagrams, Unscramble - Best Free Jumbled Anagrams Words Games

Unscramble - Best Free Jumbled Anagrams Words Games is an interesting intellectual game transferred to mobile format. The basis of the game are words with mixed letters, so-called anagrams. Tasks with anagrams are often used in IQ-tests.

In the mobile version you can choose the level of difficulty and the rubric, from which you will guess the words. This can be a group of anagrams, in which countries or animals are encrypted, or a group in which there are only words with a certain number of letters. After passing one level you'll get access to the next one. If you get stuck on a word, you can use the "bomb" and the "magic wand. These tools will help you unravel a stubborn word. Be smart and patient as you'll have to overcome as many as 50 levels. Get bronze, silver and gold trophies and points for correctly completed levels. Play, by the way, you can play in 12 different languages.

Become the owner of applications Unscramble - Best Free Jumbled Anagrams Words Games and increase your IQ.

The possibilities of the brain are endless. Develop yours with "Word Games" apps. Make sure that sticking to your smartphone screen will make you a thinking and intelligent person, not a degraded zombie, as some people think.

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