Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design

Questland is a new game that recently appeared on the App Store. It's a turn-based RPG, which you play as the hero. Frankly speaking, the game is not a hit, but it's worth a look. The game session takes nothing that will help you to pass the time in the bathroom or in the transport. Let's find out how to play Questland, and at the same time write a review of the game. Maybe there are some secrets or subtleties.

Download Questland free from the App Store.

Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design

Start of the game

At the very beginning of the game, as in any "human" desktop RPG, you have to choose a hero. There are a lot of face settings, and you can't choose anything else. Here and the color and jewelry, hairstyles are different. You can even choose gender. But I did not bother - randomly determined the appearance of the hero, which we will see only on the avatar when we go to the profile of the hero.

Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design

How to play Questland

The game itself is pretty primitive. Third-person view, hit with skills, and that's it. Increase the level of weapons. Good thing they made auto-fighting, otherwise you could not run the game at all.

Let's walk through the game menu.


We get to the territory from which the hero makes his raids. It has a city, an arena, a boss test, a tower (not yet available) and some inserts (it seems that the translation is in trouble) - this is another way to earn game currency, but without participating in battles at all.

In the city you can find a bank, stats in the hall of fame, blacksmith shop, market and tavern.

В bank gold accumulates and drips nicely from time to time.

Marketplace - As always, there's a new delivery every three hours. What's worth buying are the epic and legendary parts, the rest is not worth your attention at all.

In the tavern. you can play luck on the wheel of fortune, get jems (the main game currency) for watching ads.

В barbershop you can change your appearance if you have changed since the beginning of the game.

But in the Forge You'll have to visit more often. First, to disassemble the gray and green stuff into orbs, which you will then use to create more powerful armor and weapons. To re-shackle (improve) armor and weapons. Create, retrieve and disassemble.

There is a very well done internal guide, if you read everything they write and do, it takes a penny to get acquainted with the game. You can already write your own guides and instructions.



Profile of our hero. His armor. Items he finds during the journey, immediately he collects weapons or armor from the shards, once he reaches the required amount.

Number of fragments to collect armor or weapons:

  • 10 - green
  • 15 - blue
  • 30 - epic
  • 30 - legendary

Collections allow you to collect several assemblies - mage, warrior. I recommend to collect the warrior.

Character Equipment

Character Equipment.

Things from good to rare can be found in the store for gold, it also sells fragments of the legendary things. Whole legendary can not buy anywhere, epic - only in the shop for the special currency "barrels" (the second opening store in the game).

The game has new equipment and old equipment. It's pretty easy to tell the difference. The new one has not yet been translated into Russian. And the potential of the new equipment is much higher.

The potential of new clothes in the game


Built fairly standard. Location in which there are 5-6 points, to pass the location, you have to win. To pick up the maximum reward, you need in each battle to gain 3 stars.


I recommend looking at the quests rather than just playing the campaign. There are very good prizes and easy quests, but again, I didn't see anything supernatural. Pump up the defense and you'll get through any quest.

Tasks are divided into daily and throughout the game.

In order to get one quest star, you must pass the location in less than 999 turns, and since the location is limited to 100 hits, you will get that star anyway.

At the initial stage of the first thing to get orbs and plug holes in their equipment, after - look at the quests with the resources - will be useful to exchange for the legendary orbs in the events.

Don't forget the daily assignments. This is the only way to get such currency as stamps - and only once a day. For 14 stamps you can buy an excellent legendary orb with a potential of 19-30, matching the set you need.

Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design


Of the most enjoyable - the opening of chests from which can fall out of the legendary and epic.

Well, and you can buy gems (green stones).


It's something you should do regardless of your level. The weekly battle event is important because not only does it give you a lot of ethereum in addition to collecting trophies, but it also gives away a fixed list of Iceberg & Hellgate keys as rewards.

Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design

  • Tickets are your everything. No tickets - no battles and no gold, ethereum and trophy collection
  • The maximum number of tickets is 12. You can have dozens of times more (by completing a chain of crafting, calculated for 5 days, thanks to my hoarding I got about 400 tickets), and they are stored until the end of the event after which they are burned. Spending is a must.
  • When you reach the number of less than 12 tickets in hand, they begin to regenerate (like energy). 1 ticket every 15 minutes. So every 3 hours you can have two battles, even if you had no tickets and nowhere to get them.
  • Pass battles on auto-attack. Your character will in any case go farther than the perfectly passed three-star stage that you can activate with autobattle. As long as you don't have many tickets, pass those stages on auto-attack that your character can handle. A small increase in trophies will probably prove crucial in getting you the rewards in the first stages! Just open the game and go about your business, periodically sending your character into battle. Don't try to go any further by yourself (even if you manually pass a few stages further, which you can't do on auto-attack) - no trophies are worth going through the same stage 50 times in a row and getting bored immensely during that process. The game should entertain, not torment.
  • Periodically leave the morning ship for a time after 13.00 Moscow time (plan your last three-hour voyage to end after this time). You might get lucky and a quest with 50 tickets for completing all voyages will appear at this time.
  • If you get stuck and don't go any further, try to put the collected ethereum into action. Sometimes it is enough for 1-2 more steps.

Boss Battle - Tip

If your sword strike is stronger than your magic attack, I recommend following this algorithm:

  1. Sword strikes x9, skipping bonuses the first 2 times (select one), on the third time go to point 2
  2. Select a bonus to the spell, if there is one. If not, choose first bonus and sword strike x3
  3. +45% to spells? Wonderful! Change tactics to 1 fireball + 2 sword strikes. Wait for the next spell bonus. If they're not there, take Action Point.
  4. Once the boss began to deal damage, stop taking bonuses other than ones (if we have less than 7 points bonuses, then once can take a five or two threes), in any case, keep the defense and looking for a hit - for him and leave all 5 points bonuses just in case.
  5. Finally, we die and get our reward.

Questland game tips

I would love to give advice, but the game is so simple and unsophisticated that there is no advice.

  1. Complete the dailies
  2. Don't forget to send the ship to explore
  3. Improving weapons and armor is a sure way to move through the campaign
  4. Potential on a weapon or armor is a level to which an item can be improved
  5. in the Tavern you can get free game currency - diamonds, hems, gems, green stones
  6. To enter or find out the Secret Code, go to the "More" menu and click the "Secret Code" button. Mine is upx hbg nhj. If you enter, I will get 600 diamonds and you will get the same amount, specify yours in the comments.
  7. The maximum level of the hero in the game is 65.
  8. The main characteristic to pay attention to in the game is defense. Why? Damage absorption from attacks is realized by the difference between the enemy attack and your defense, multiplied by a modifier. So once your defense begins to exceed the attack of the enemy in the arena / event / quest, you stop receiving damage.This will not allow to pass quests in 3 stars, but it is definitely possible to pass. Plus you can pass quest chains with great rewards, which will eventually lead to you a great shmootu. And you can replay the level to 3 stars if you really want to 🙂
  9. If you are taken out to 50% life on the first wave of enemies, We need to strengthen the defense, not the maximum amount of health.
  10. The hero's health is the easiest to pump. Health orbs give the maximum boost compared to orbs for other characteristics (15 thousand vs. 3-4 at level 130).
  11. Green "good" things should be bought up in any quantity from the store, as soon as your gold reserves will allow you to do so - they will be needed for crafting.
  12. The store is updated every 3 hours after the last entry.
  13. What is a thing's potential? It is the amount of stat that is randomly distributed when a thing is improved by 1 level.
  14. Each item can be pumped up to level 130 and spend about the same amount of ethereum.
  15. There are division chips in the game - large and small - that allow you to roll all improvements to things and get back your ethereum, gold, and re-forging dust. The crystals spent on re-forging are not returned by it, so don't think about rehashing epic things!Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design
  16. In the events you can meet the exchange of small chips for large, for 100 crystals. Do not hesitate!
  17. There is no way you can get back the gold you spent to improve the sphere
  18. Upgrade spheres depending on their potential. Up to level 70, only epic spheres. Up to level 50 - only rare. Hook the green does not make sense, except by pouring 30-40 thousand gold (maximum).
  19. Try not to invest resources in legendary items and orbs of the old order.
  20. Look not only at the quality of the thing, but also at its potential and what kind of set it comes in.
  21. Get big splitting chips as soon as possible so you don't lose resources when you change things
  22. In a mixed set of epic and legendary items, look at how many characteristic points the improvement will give you for the same amount of resources.
  23. Do not open the ethereum chest for crystals! Only old legendary items fall out there! (You will collect dozens of keys to this chest as you play.)
    Questland: a beautiful turn-based RPG with a flat design

VIP levels, DONAT and crystals

Crystals - the second and most important currency for the player in the game - are pouring down on the newcomer like from the horn of plenty. They're just like to spend them on fun buttons to open chests, energy, or other things.

Don't. Believe me, it won't last long.

  1. Advertising gives 2, sometimes three views per day for 75 crystals each. In most cases, the view will be two, so count for 150 crystals.
  2. Another 50 will be the reward for daily tasks.
  3. Arena gives 50-80 crystals daily
  4. Roulettes have a chance of adding an average (average of the week divided by days) + 35 crystals.

Total we will collect about 280 crystals a day, not counting rewards for events and achievements. And that's more than enough!

Write your secrets and tips in the comments, I will add them to the article. And of course codes are welcome, write them in the comments.


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