Nonstop Knight walkthrough

Nonstop Knight walkthrough: tips, cheats, strategy

Nonstop Knight is an intriguing mix of clicker and RPG. That's on the surface, but if you take a broader look, you'll find a lot of interesting things in this slasher. Our tips and tricks will help you not only to pass the game, and enjoy the process and the result of passing Nonstop Knight.The essence of the game - in endless passing through dungeons, collecting gold, raising the characteristics of the Hero and... in a circle. It seems to be boring, but the developers brought a lot of interesting and new to the game. Firstly, you don't need to click on the opponents, the hero can do without you, especially when he has a a whole army of pets with unique skills, you control only special skills. This greatly simplifies the game and the time to play it, on the one hand. On the other hand, every time you are tempted to see how much money has been collected and to raise the level of weapons and armor.

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Nonstop Knight Basics

Nonstop Knight walkthrough

  • Go Down - The lower you are in the dungeon, the more money you earn. The main money will be earned without direct participation. But to spend it only you can - to upgrade weapons and armor (cloak and armor). Your hero can't kill the boss by himself (every third dungeon), he needs help. If you don't help him, he'll scurry around the same dungeon and crush the enemies.
  • Play without pause - more often use the essence of "Frenzy Potion", it teleports the Hero in a bunch of enemies, and therefore does not waste time running through dungeons or "Boss Ticket" - it teleports directly to the boss, 3 times in a row (this is the passage of 9 dungeons at once). Convenient to use at the initial levels, when the monsters are killed with one poke.
  • Upgrade armor and weapons - all the money spent on upgrading weapons and armor. This is simple, the better, higher level of armor - the better. Do not forget to sell weapons and armor that you do not need, and exchange it for a better one, if it fell out of the trunk.

Ascend - ascent from the depths of the dungeons

Nonstop Knight walkthrough

  • In addition to gold, there are two currencies in the game - tokens and crystals. Tokens - Accumulated for completing dungeons, the lower, the higher. A very good currency that allows you to permanently increase the characteristics of the hero - total damage, damage by a skill, defense, the amount of grazing gold or tokens. А crystals - currency that can be bought with real money. We don't need it much, so we don't have to buy it.
  • If you use Ascend - you will lose all gold and uniforms. Everything. But you won't lose tokens and crystals. And you will start with the first dungeon, but upgraded. After all, for tokens you'll pump your hero, and gold for future upgrades of equipment he will accumulate himself.

Skills or Skills

Nonstop Knight Skills and Skills

  • Use skills in tandem. For dungeon battles, you may have one skill set at light levels and another at higher levels (e.g., using healing or freezing).
  • Use skills wisely and in time. For example, the same freeze, you need to fix the boss (and not to get damage from it) and to have time to roll skills with the treatment.
  • Don't worry about skill rolls before the boss - they will be reset at the beginning of the battle.

Nonstop Knight tips and tricks

Nonstop Knight walkthrough

  • Don't neglect to watch the promotional videos. They give good prizes in the form of gold or elixirs.
  • Keep your equipment (weapons, armor, and cloak) level. There is no need to skew to one side or the other.
  • In our opinion, the best features on things should be these:
    • Arms
      • damage increase ( 50% maximum)
      • damage increase after using the skill (25% maximum)
    • Armor
      • armor increase (50% maximum)
      • armor increase when using the skill (25% maximum)
    • cloak
      • damage increase ( 50% maximum)
      • armor increase (or attack speed increase) ( 50% maximum)
  • One last thing. From chests sometimes fall out things with three stars - they have additional characteristics, there are really cool, for example:
    • every third hit will be blocked
    • the hero is surrounded by the cold and it slows down the enemies
    • extra revival after death by boss
    • mass murder update skill kooldowns
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