MINTIFREE and FAVBET project "Digitalization of libraries" has become the best practice of cooperation between business and government according to Ukrainian PR experts

According to Ukrainian PR-industry experts, the "Digitalization of libraries" project of the International Monetary Fund and FAVBET has become the best practice of cooperation between business and government.

The MInzifri and FAVBET project "Digitalization of Libraries," which will provide 5,000 computers to libraries around the country, has moved on to the annual Anti-crisis PR marathon in the nomination "B2G. Best Practices of Business and Government Relations.

In the framework of the national project on digital literacy Daya.Digital Education 5,000 computers will be provided for the digitalization of rural libraries throughout Ukraine. The goal is to transform libraries into modern digital education hubs and give everyone the opportunity to learn digital skills free of charge.

What problem does the project solve?

There are over 15,000 public libraries in Ukraine, most of which are village and community libraries. Only about 30% of them are computerized and connected to the Internet.

Access to free use of computer technology in libraries will speed up the digital divide. Availability of technology in libraries will allow them to keep up with the times, digitize archival holdings and be relevant to visitors.

Project partners

Favorit Foundation is a philanthropic partner of the project. The project is supported by the Office of the President and the Ukrainian Library Association.

Project progress

Currently, 6 regions have already received more than 2,000 computers, which the charitable foundation provides.FAVORIT FOUNDATION". Budgetary funds are not spent on this initiative.

Completion of the project will be a real milestone in the large-scale transformation of libraries across the country into modern digital education hubs where learning takes place during a lifetime (life-long learning approach).

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